She Is Diva: Nicole Scherzinger Releases ‘Boomerang’ Cover

Published: Wednesday 26th Dec 2012 by David

Diva HQ:

“Peep this fierce snap of our girl Nicole Scherzinger, positively working it out for her new single ‘Boomerang’.

Serving face and sweet blend of bland and bright, the artwork is the latest teaser for the hotly anticipated single- which is taken from her second studio album- which we hear hits the charts next year.

Check out a teaser for its video right here!”


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  1. Touché December 26, 2012


    • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

      Hmmmm my ass

      • Touché December 26, 2012

        Well I’m not gonna lie and say this low budget labor camp pic looks good.

    • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

      Mariah is the last person to tell somebody no with her fat self

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 26, 2012

        Don’t worry about mariah. K b****. Nicole is a flop and ur stressed ass best be dealing.

      • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

        i dont have any faves b**** kiss my ass matter of fact suck my asshole yuck mouth c***

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 26, 2012

        @Titanic Navy

        Since you have “Titanic Navy” as a username and that’s used to shade the Navy so I’ll place you in the HIVe category. Lets not go there dear.

      • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

        eat my s*** b****

    • aryo December 26, 2012

      seems like u forgot about triumphant

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 26, 2012

        Nope, still a good song but have you forgotten that this post is about……..who’s this tread about again? I guess we’re on the same boat; forgettable b****** are the worst.

  2. TheCreat1veOne December 26, 2012

    I’m so done with her graphic design team making such terrible covers for her! Nicole has tremendous talent, but these terrible covers, got to go! And the sad fact is the promo photos that have premiered for Boomerang on the internet are so great, the colors in them are so nice! It’s just the design format that went with this cover is terrible, and presents the single and very childish in my opinion. Hope better covers are to come for her and the future singles and album.

    • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

      how is 2/11 doing on the charts oh ok thought so

      • TheCreat1veOne December 26, 2012

        Brandy’s album has nothing to do with this post now does it? What we are discussing here is Nicole’s single cover, and I just wish her team would present her better. No where in my comment did I say “Nicole is just terrible, this is a flop, she is a flop, etc.”, I clearly said she has great talented, but her graphic design team needs to step their work up. I swear with some of you stans you can’t even give positive criticism anymore. I may be even more of fan for Nicole than you are just for admitting when things aren’t good instead of being delusional. Plus I’ve been down with Nicole since “Whatever U Like”, so you can really fall back on that note.

  3. bibi93 December 26, 2012

    Ridiculous cover…

    • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

      Hush kermit before i get big bird to step on yo ass

  4. King B>Rihanna December 26, 2012

    Why did she use those first set of pictures.they were everything.

    • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

      why dose beyfake keep bleaching her skin?

      • Touché December 26, 2012

        How come Rihanna doesn’t know how to cover up her big ass forehead?

      • King B>Rihanna December 26, 2012

        b**** please ur are beneath me just like your fave is below Beyonce

  5. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 26, 2012


    Poor baby LMAO. She still thinks people are checking for her. I bet Nelly Furtado’s “Big hoops” will outsell this boomerang.

    Your career is like a boomerang sweety, no matter how much you throw your mess to us, we’ll always throw that mess back. Stick to judging singers who’ll be bigger than you on these talent shows, this music thing just isn’t going to happen for you.

    THANK YOU FOR THE LAUGH Davidina, I needed that.

    • aryo December 26, 2012

      ur mom is an h**+ h**

      • Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 26, 2012

        At least my Mom knows my Dad, same can’t be said about you.

      • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

        Actually your dad is also your grandfather

  6. aryo December 26, 2012

    i think im the only on that likes the cover lol
    but the original picture was way better

  7. aryo December 26, 2012

    im not here for interscope making her flop again this time

    • Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 26, 2012

      Honey, Interscope isn’t making her flop, she is doing that all by herself.

      • Titanic Navy December 26, 2012

        how is your dad/grandfather doing?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 26, 2012


      • aryo December 26, 2012

        @titanic i love u
        @teenage dream
        f*** off u ratchet ass h**, stay pressed cuz ur fave can never sing like nic + look as good as her
        the only thing nicole cant outdo katy is at giving blow jobs to her label manager

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 26, 2012

      Part of the reason for flopping is that NO ONE is here for this girl. She has the beauty, talent, appeal, etc but NO ONE seems to care about her outside of PCD.

  8. SLAYRIAH CAREY December 26, 2012

    The struggle for this girl is real. Poor thing.

  9. CHUDDS December 26, 2012

    Poor Nicole. She can’t seem to get it right since PCD disbanded. Maybe PCD should reunite, because no one’s checking for her.

  10. Mary-Ann Tatum December 26, 2012

    OMG did she spend her net worth on this cover? The whole $2 of it?!!!

  11. Pop Royalty December 26, 2012

    she’s too s*** to be treated like that .

  12. Big Boi December 26, 2012

    I Like Nicole But KELLY ROWLAND Music Career is BIGGER then hers….

  13. Honesty December 26, 2012

    Two words: HOT MESS

  14. aryo December 26, 2012

    people say an artist is s*** when they havent even listened to their album and just look at their sales

    • CHUDDS December 26, 2012

      We’ve heard her music. Very boring. Sorry.

      • aryo December 27, 2012

        well u have a bad taste or u havent listened to all of the songs on killer love

  15. aryo December 26, 2012

    mariah fans sit the f*** down, what on earth has nic done to u guys that yall keep shading her smh

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 26, 2012

      There’s no hatred. Nicole is a beautiful, s***, talented woman bu there’s no need to deny that she is struggling. She can make it, she just needs to believe it and pray. A woman with such talent shouldn’t be flopping this hard.

      • aryo December 27, 2012

        yeah, true

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 26, 2012

      You are the same pathetic b**** as @Titanic Navy, who COINCIDENTALLY appeared here at the SAME time that you did. There are only two Mariah fans on this post (@slayriah and I) and the rest of the 40+ commentators are Navy, Beyhive, etc and you pin point only the lambs? Your dedication to Mariah is very flattering.

      • aryo December 27, 2012

        f*** off im not that navy guy lol
        and its becuz i can never take rihanna and katy’s fanbases serious, they are dumb af

  16. TheCreat1veOne December 26, 2012

    Some of these angry stans can just stop with the attacking. I personally want the best for Nicole, as I love her music, style, creativity, just everything about her as an artist is amazing! She truly deserves to have all the success she can get. My opinion still stands though that this cover represents her and the song as childish and cheap. Like honestly, people who haven’t heard her music may look at this cover and turn the other way. With her trying to have a successful comeback, she needs something more s***, elegant, and grown. This cover just isn’t it for me, and really wish her team would’ve made a better cover for it.

    • aryo December 27, 2012

      well said

  17. Lolax December 26, 2012

    Omg so exited for her new single shes so talented

  18. Nay nay December 27, 2012


  19. KC December 27, 2012

    This looks like something done on photoshop!

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