Tamar Braxton Announces Album Release Date

Published: Friday 14th Dec 2012 by Sam

Tamar Braxton is riding the wave of success with new single ‘Love & War’ and will no doubt be hoping the track’s housing album enjoys an equally warm reception.

Having drummed up ample buzz for the set on WE tv hits ‘Braxton Family Values’ and ‘Tamar & Vince’, the budding diva has whipped her “Tamartians” into a frenzy today with confirmation of the project’s release date.

Find out when the as yet untitled LP hits stores after the jump…

During an interview with Power 99 this morning, Braxton announced her album will be released on…

February 12th 2013

Needless to say, roll on 2013!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Monstarebel December 14, 2012

    Omg so soon…I CANT wait I’m honestly so happy for her…I just hope she doesn’t have that bad attitude as on the show when she’s doing interviews & things of that nature….

  2. phillydoinit December 14, 2012

    She better HOPE & PRAY the QUEEN, “King Bey” is not releasing that day as well.

    • Biting Truth December 14, 2012

      Beyonce wouldn’t release an album in February. Albums don’t sell during those months because it’s too close to the holiday season aftermath, when people are staying away from spending. January/February are when labels release albums that they don’t have strong commercial expectations for and/or aren’t planning to promote. Major acts who’re anticipating big sales, don’t start releasing their albums until March.

    • mr.m December 14, 2012

      Who’s Beyonce? Tamar slayed her career .. bye

      • BABY T December 14, 2012

        *Looks at Tamar’s flop discography* Oh.

        You tried.

      • skintightjeans December 14, 2012

        Mr. M, you serious or are you playing??

      • remy December 14, 2012

        lol so true she sounds way much better the bey and I’m a bey fan. I’m not that obsessed to not give credit where credit is due she had released one album and that was around the time toni was on her high so of course people wasn’t looking for tamar they wanted toni. so baby t sit down and skintightjeans obviously your career has failed honey have several seats.

      • remy December 14, 2012


      • Conscious December 14, 2012

        How is it that Tamar will disrespect her sister who has paved the way for her by saying that she “..dont want to sing doo op pop pop with Toni Braxton and debut her big sister’s same style and dress and doo op pop pop sound (so she calls it ) She reslly want tha o be Toni. Toni is truley a great big sis because on tweeter she tell all to support the lil sis who dogged her in the first episode of The Braxons”. No one can replace Toni. Tamar never made clear her respect for her sister. Toni use to drag her a__ __ everywhere with her which means that is where she learned her style of delivery of a song. She trained off of Toni.

    • Santa Bey December 15, 2012

      @remy Girl lay off the bath salts, did I really just read u say that tamar sings better than bey? LISTEN! How can she sound better than bey when she sounds like Toni? I can’t listen to an album that I have to wait for the choruses and bridges to hear “tamar”. (THAT’S ONE) and ( TWO!!) when tamar sounds flawless in AND out of an chair or running around a stage THEN state “false facts” til then SIT!

      • Santa Bey December 15, 2012

        “SideBar” I love Tamar, just don’t compare her to some one who’s Seasoned in the game. Y’all new Stan’s be killing me with that.

  3. LIKEDBYMANY December 14, 2012

    Perfect not expecting a #1 album. But this will give it time to gain sales over the year.

    Its also good because she wont get overlooked because of BeyFRAUDce is coming back.

    Snatch a wig & good luck Tamar.

    • LIKEDBYMANY December 14, 2012

      Now she just has to perform on “Good Morning America & “Todays show” and Jimmy Fallen & she will be in the door with solid sales

  4. Aynon December 14, 2012

    Watch when beyonce releases in the same week.

    • mr.m December 14, 2012

      Who’s that?

      • BABY T December 14, 2012

        Your mother!

      • Santa Bey December 15, 2012

        Oh you know EXACTLY who that is…….she’s in your iPod as we speak. Now sit!

  5. J. Vryheid December 14, 2012

    Way too soon.

    Love & War still has to get spins on the radio and a video.

    We haven’t got a taste of what the album will be like.

    If you know best, you’ll release in late March.

    Let people anticipate you!

    • Chile Please!! December 14, 2012

      How is that way too soon…..WTF are you smoking? Then if the date was 6/2012 people will be complaining that the album is taking too long to come out when the single dropped this month…..girl get’cha life.

    • Larry December 14, 2012

      her showcase included 4 songs. We have a good taste of the album

    • BABY T December 14, 2012


  6. Rita Godra December 14, 2012

    Maybe she’ll buy her albums like she did with her single. OR Gaga will offer everyone who buys a copy the chance to smell her balls. Because they need something else this S*** is gonna FLOP!

    • SHA (I will DESTROY Rita WhOra) December 14, 2012

      B**** when is Rita WhOra coming out with her US album first it was Sept then in Oct then during the holidays now they say it will be in Feb after she records more songs in Jan B**** that s*** aint never coming out she will be dropped by the end of her tour you dumb C*** did that b**** even sell 100k in the UK #THESTRUGGLE!!!!!!!!

    • SHARON December 14, 2012

      THE NERVE!!!

      • PSA (FAF) December 14, 2012

        DEAD @ smell her balls

  7. SHA (I will DESTROY Rita WhOra) December 14, 2012

    Tamar will go gold if promoted right which I believe it will Vince will not let her FLOP and I expect a mini tour and pregnant by the end of the year!!

  8. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 14, 2012

    Well at least she;s not wasting time. Kelly Rowland better get her turbo skates on if she hopes to have a chance. Tamar released the single only last week wasn’t it? And she’s already done three performances and interviews!?!?! Now she’s releasing with a confirmed date!? This is how they did it in the 90’s (her sister’s era) and that’s why they sold. PROMOTE, whether your dancers know what they’re doing or even if your weave’s messy! Get on that stage! Mime if you must, just show up and grin, widely!

    • LIKEDBYMANY December 14, 2012


      Her husband really has this thing down pact.

      Now she just has to perform on “Good Morning America & “Todays show” and she will be in the door.

  9. Mario December 14, 2012

    She better come correct.

  10. anthony freeman December 14, 2012

    why all these comparisons to other artist let her album speak for its self when it comes out you guys talk s*** even tho she still went to number 1 with love and war


      is that you in that avi …….hmmmmmmmm

      • SHA (I will DESTROY Rita WhOra) December 14, 2012


      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) December 14, 2012

        why all that ^^^^^^never a f** just a rich homo ….you didn’t even catch the shade I was throwing at

      • SHA (I will DESTROY Rita WhOra) December 14, 2012

        I did catch the shade sweetheart I just wanted to call you both f*** because he looks like one and you act like one #THESTRUGGLE

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) December 14, 2012

        suck my a$$ hole lips c***


    Yess good move Tamar …..I think Beyonce will drop sometime in late Feb or early March. Vince will not let Tamar drop the same time as Beyonce trust and beliveve that , I’m sure he has the inside scoop on when Beyonce is dropping

  12. Fucklilkim December 14, 2012

    She bettwe hope Beyonce isnt on the same week!

    • SHA (I will DESTROY Rita WhOra) December 14, 2012

      Hey B**** has Nicki sold 5 million of Roman ReFLOP yet? I heard that the delusional h** might call her next album the pink print HMMMMMMM???!!!!!!!!!!

      The Pink Print = Be a carbon copy and act like your doing some new s***
      That loose p**** b**** been ran through by Wayne Baby and Slim AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!!!! YOU STAN FOR HER F*** OUTTA HERE DUMB C***

  13. CHUDDS December 14, 2012

    Looking forward to seeing what Mrs. Tamar & her team cooked up. Don’t come in her calling her the R&B savior either, because she made it clear that she did not want to be an R&B singer…..

  14. DOSSOME December 14, 2012

    Good luck with that….i’m happy she’s getting the kind of recognition she deserves

  15. quetta December 14, 2012

    I am proud of her even though I’m not feeling the studio version of love and war I love the live version and if It wasn’t for tgj posting about her having a new single then I would have not known.

  16. Caramelboi December 14, 2012

    Yesssssss I am readdddy Tamar…….I will be buying. Lmao at u haterz don’t worry about when the Queen Bey dropping I see she got got y’all shook bcuz ur fave could never see Bey on her worst day but u haterz will deal. 2013 is gonna be the year of real talent and wigs snatched, and heads scalped. Queen Bey of them all,Ciara the best entertainer,mariah the vocal power house,fantasia the vocal soul stirrer,lady gaga,kelly rowland,and now tamar.

  17. Rihanna December 14, 2012

    I wonder if her fat ass husband will buy all the copies like he did that flop single that debuted at 57

    • PSA (FAF) December 14, 2012

      LOL !

    • B2B December 14, 2012

      haha why so hostile? Def Jam bought 100K of Unapologetic! And how is her single a flop? What other R&B ballad has peaked in the top 50 & went #1 on Itunes this year? And she did this without a big medium to release in! Now Cockiness is a flop! 🙂

    • Santa Bey December 15, 2012

      Damn! Ri Ri why u go in like that? Lmao!

    • dknlvly March 23, 2013


  18. Maestro J December 14, 2012

    Single in Decemeber… Album in Feb?????
    Is this the 90s o_O … Im loving it tho. This is how its done you drop a single, next month we’ll get a video or two and then the album… THIS IS HOW U SELL AN ALBUM
    You know who else followed this protocol LADY GAGA have y’all noticed how she dosen’t make you wait long for her album after she releases a single… She does it the way its supposed to be done. Some times all that lingering anticipation makes people forget you even have an album coming out .

  19. OueenBritneySpears December 14, 2012

    She better hope Queen Britney and King Beyonce don’t rain on her little wave of success

  20. PSA (FAF) December 14, 2012

    I’m laughing @ these comments.. but wont she be overshadowed by Beyonce & pepsi ? They said in the press release they not playing games & she will dominate the airwaves in 2013 before her album ?

  21. mr.m December 14, 2012

    Tamar >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beyonce .. PERIOOD
    The new black DIVA is comin’ for Negoyonce’s WIG

    • King B>Rihanna December 14, 2012

      WWW another bandwagon fan that tried it!Merry Christmas!

    • BABY T December 14, 2012

      Beyonce’s got the Super Bowl halftime show, possible Grammy Awards performance, HBO documentary, Pepsi commercial, new movie, and new world tour. What’s Tamar got? How can she top that? Oh wait, she can’t!

    • Santa Bey December 15, 2012

      LMAO! I Can’t stop laughing at the fuckery…these new Stan’s be KILLING me, I love u Tamar but closest you’ll EVER come to snatching Bey’s wig is when u Halloween comes and u dress as her…AGAIN! Lol

      • Santa Bey December 15, 2012

        Lol my bad for the typos

  22. BABY T December 14, 2012

    Super Bowl halftime show – Feb 3
    Grammy Awards – Feb 10
    HBO Documentary – Feb 16

    It looks like KING B is releasing her album the same week LOL! Tamar might have to delay her flop album!

  23. B2B December 14, 2012

    I like Tamar, but I’m really getting tired of people comparing her to Beyonce. Tamar, like Rihanna, praise Beyonce’s presence and music! Chill out with all the comparisons and just support who you like!
    And when it comes down to it, Beyonce been doing this s*** for 17 years almost! She ain’t new to this and I’m pretty sure Vince isn’t going to let Tamar release anywhere near Beyonce’s release date because Bey pushed 300K+ first week without a hit, and Pepsi is going to get her a hit!

    • remy December 14, 2012

      tamar and bey has done this around the same time but Tamar started professionally at 11 singing background for toni so her live performance will out shine beyonce’s. I’ve heard most of Tamar singles which shepreviewed the day after her showcase aired and i’m telling you these girls better run for the hills.

      • TherealTEA December 15, 2012

        Difference is NOBODY knew who Tamar was all those years. People know who beyonce is she has established a solid fan base and a spot in the industry that is something Tamar does not have . If people haven’t learned by now that this is not the 90’s very rarely do the talented artist win (adele) and outshine the pop stars in the industry. Beyonce is coming with SERIOUS promo more than anything tamar can come with. The Superbowl (biggest watched show in america), a 50 million dollar PEPSI campaign (that is going to push her face from peoples TV’s to their refrigerators) Her HBO documentary, Her tour. Factor in all the interviews (you know she is going to have an exclusive she has one every era) and IF she has a smash WW single which obviously they are going to aim for…….NO WAY can Tamar compete. I wish her the best because she is VERY talented but I’m not going to be no bandwagon hopper because she is not f****** with Britney,Beyonce,Gaga Or Rihanna in 2013. Period. She will probably scalp all the other R&B girls though but as far as the big runners. NO.

  24. no December 14, 2012

  25. IDK December 15, 2012


  26. Colosoul December 15, 2012

    Tamar really got y’all Bey stans pressed!..I’m telling you…Bey has been doing this and been on top for years so why are you worried?…Plus she got all this promotion coming up and everything….The bottom line is both are immensely talented…But Bey stans, you aint seen the real Tamar yet…like she is ready to pop , drop, lock it and ctfu…This first song is just easing her in the door…If you’re worried now, then I hate to see how you are later…cause she’s coming…

  27. mc the place to be!! December 15, 2012

    I’m sorry if Beyonce released her CD at the same time I will be buying tamar’s and maybe illegally download whatever new song I like by Beyonce and then delete it after I’m tired of it like I always do but I have a feeling Beyonce is going to release her CD in February though what better time to do it all of the promo she needs is in that time frame. I don’t know why y’all think when Beyonce come out no one does great it didn’t stop GaGa Rihanna Adele Britney or hell Monica fergie mariah xtina Alicia keys from getting their hits and awards during the time she released her solo records so with that being said Beyonce is popular but she ain’t stopping no one from getting success sorry stans

  28. Mika April 22, 2013

    Um tax season is right in that time. People still spending just as much as the holidays just saying.

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