Watch: Christina Milian Guests On ‘106 & Park’ / Talks Return To Studio

Published: Friday 14th Dec 2012 by Sam

Christina Milian may not have released new music in years, but that hasn’t halted her hustle.

The ‘Dip It Low’ songstress stopped by BET’s 106 & Park yesterday, where she chatted it up with hosts Paigion and Shorty Da Prince. Hot topics included her Social Media gig on The Voice, signing with Young Money, Christmas with her and The-Dream‘s three year old daughter, her 2013 album and more.

Watch Ms. Milian in action below…

While we applaud Ms. Milian’s hustle factor (she seems to have more lives than Mario), we’re ready for her to make good on her promises of new music.

The industry continues to champion an unfortunate gender/age bias, but at 31 she looks 21 and still has the “it” factor when paired with the right writers and producers. Hence, we hope her new “crew” tap into her buckets of potential. ‘Dip It Low’ was entirely too long ago. Eight years to be exact.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Diamonds (BEYONCE’S WEAVE) December 14, 2012

    She has no it factor, Island DefJam was practically pouring money at her and she flopped. Christina should read the climate, you cannot leave the music game for such a long time and expect a successful comeback, just look at Brandy, Nelly Furtado, even Nas. YMCM is simply wasting money on this woman, they should have signed a new artist.

  2. JJFan1814 December 14, 2012

    I heard the snippet of her first single “Hello”…Ultra dance track. A club track. Sounds like there’s no commercial appeal for radio….But I’ll probably shake my ass to it regardless. It features lil Wayne.

    • IDK December 14, 2012

      Good thing like she said it not her song. So you really dont know what type of sound she’s gonna bring to the table just yet.

  3. VANNY December 14, 2012

    I love christina milian i think she is a sweet girl… BUT.. i know damn well she dont think she can just come out with a new album after 10 years of not releasing anything and think that people is gonna run and buy her s***! NO MAM… she needs a good team behind her, a great catchy single or singles preferebly one for pop radio and one for urban radio, good promotion and a fresh new image… if ciara is having a hard time bouncing back and becoming sucessful again.. i dont see how miss milian is able to do it.. anyway im rooting for her good look… *SITS BACK* *SIPS TEA*

    • IDK December 14, 2012

      I think my girl Ciara is having a hard time because she’s only moving when her team moves which is a POOR strategy. And Sad to say but litte do she know, she’s going down the same path of “BASIC INSTINCT” only diff is she’s doing a little more promo. As far as my girl Milian goes, if she do everything ciara and her team isnt doing which is what you listed plus more then she’ll be back.

      • VANNY December 14, 2012

        i agree…. but at the same time its sad to say but nobody is checking for ciara, the singles she put ou the response was terrible nobody is supporting her music and thats why her team is not moving.. i always scratch my head as to why ciara cant get back on her feet… look at the difference for example with tamar, her single took off and her team is taking advantage of the situation and making sure to not let it go to waste and they are promoting the s*** out of it… so your label is only gonna move with you if the public shows interest on your music or interest in the artist in general.

      • IDK December 15, 2012

        Wow, I agree. I wish her the best tho.

  4. IDK December 14, 2012

    I so happen to turn to 106&Park and saw this. I was pumped. I wish you the best Milian! Im kinda worried because with young money even tho the veterans they signed (Busta and Mystical) are rappers. They hardly get any promo its seems For example Busta just released a free album a couple months ago and besides the fans, I bet anyone hardly knows about it. So good luck Milian, like I said you got the potential but you’re only as strong as your team. So we’ll see how hard they go for you.

  5. bibi93 December 14, 2012

    It misses a classik album to this girl

  6. Monstarebel December 14, 2012

    Just host 106 n park with bow wow or something…save yourself the embarrassment of floping all over again…

  7. skintightjeans December 14, 2012

    B**** is BORING!! No X Factor whatsoever! I don’t care how many thumbs down I get, she is a boring b**** that is better photographed in bikinis on the beach with her kid than as a songstress. She will never be big. she needs to hang it up. Seriously.

  8. shandale posey December 14, 2012


  9. nobodys business December 14, 2012


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