New Song: Eve – ‘Make It Out This Town (Ft Gabe Saporta)’

Published: Wednesday 27th Feb 2013 by David

If you didn’t know this already, That Grape Juice loves us some Eve.

So, you can only imagine our glee when we got hold of her brand new single ‘Make It Out This Town’ this morning, giving us even more of a reason to support both she and her broad appeal.

A broad appeal, that she tapped into to forge the guitar led single which sees her escape the confines of Hip Hop and take on territory that will give Top 40 radio very little reason not to add her to the airwaves.

Featuring Cobra Starships’ Gabe Saporta, ‘Town’ will come as a welcome surprise to those of her fans willing to embrace ‘the new’ but may shock those of her supporters who were hoping for the grit that made her a household name over a decade ago now.

As far as we’re concerned…it’s a certified hit with a motivational message and boasts a versatility many from her genre could learn a thing or two from.

Enjoy below…

Perhaps the younger sister of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Last Chance’, ‘Town’ marks a bold and daring new step for an MC renown for an aggressive vocal style.

What’s great about it though, is that while being undeniably ‘different’ it never sounds inauthentic, with her verses- and not the hook- being the highlight of what really is one of the best singles to come out this year.

Do we expect it to smash the Hot 100? No. However, if pushed to the right arenas (television, commercials etc), it could serve as a comfortable launching pad for the next phase of her impressive career.

In an age where even the most celebrated of stars struggle to sell music, it’s important to remember that the success of the ‘Lip Lock‘ era shouldn’t be based on what she achieves commercially, but rather how she uses the time she has now to reestablish herself as a seasoned act still worth paying attention to.

…and with ‘Town’, she does just that.


Your thoughts? 

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  1. JUELZ February 27, 2013

    …Could’ve been much better.

    It’s ‘Average’ anyhow.

    • Trev February 27, 2013

      way better than “She Bad Bad”…ummm it’s straight, nothing special…this is her closest thing to Top 40 radio for sure…i don’t wanna start nothing cuz i do like Eve but you can tell people like Nicki Minaj and B.O.B. has expanded Hip-Hop…there is no difference between this and Starships/Beautiful Girls…all rapping on non-hiphop beats

      • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) February 27, 2013

        I like this…. but um…. And this isn’t pop? LOL

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 27, 2013

        trev sit please…thank you ma’am.

      • V.V. February 27, 2013

        Let me just say this about Eve. She has made music that appeals to top 40 radio in the past. People seem to forget records like “Who’s That Girl”and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”. While meany people are used to the gritty side of Eve, she is also good at making those dance records that have that Top 40 crossover appeal. She also is known for making records that are in depth like “Love Is Blind”, “Heaven Only Knows” and “Gotta Man”… I think people just tend to put Eve in that box of hardcore rap when really she has stretched her wings before. Its not brand new for her I think people just havent heard that from Eve in a while so they assume that she’s never done records like that.

  2. Truth Tea February 27, 2013

    It’s alright. Album cut, not a single. She’s a bit too late behind Tiny Tempah, B.O.B., Eminem, Professor X, Wiz Khalifa,Jay Z, and the rest on these cookie cutter guitar pop-led singles. It wont go anywhere for that reason. It might of if there had been a female lead.

  3. lily February 27, 2013

    I like it tbh, way better than “she bad bad”

  4. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) February 27, 2013

    Its a cute joint .. ILIKE !!!

  5. Mother Mariah February 27, 2013

    Yawn. Eve, please be seated. Thanks.

  6. Bryant Del Rey February 27, 2013

    Meh. I’m rooting for Eve but only like this song because it features my baby’s father. That is all.

  7. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 27, 2013

    Lmao, I’m not going to even bother with this mess. EvE, take the hint, no one is here for your tired boring ass and she ba ba mess. Have a stadium of seats b****.

  8. truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 27, 2013

    i like very much!! like the switch up but still hip hop

    • opd2 February 27, 2013

      Lock your bias hypocritical hateful self up,i bet if this was Nicki you wouldn’t have said what you just did.

      • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) February 27, 2013

        ^lmao see my comment from above… KI

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 27, 2013

        if it were icki??? chile it’s toooo close to just being str8 hip hop for her to touch! if icki puts out something nice i’d say it…i’d still slay her but i’d say it. i liked i get crazy and all her feature BEFORE her first cd and i’ve said that. i even said i like Romans Revenge but i think Black Friday was better. i think Kim smashed her in that battle.

    • QUEEN MINAJ February 27, 2013

      lmaoo he said this is hip hop tell me the difference between this and super bass?

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 27, 2013

        super base is catchy but i happen not to like kiddie music, which is what that was TO ME! i like some of her ‘pop’ songs too but i draw the line when yall call it ‘hip hop’. But i just don’t like her STANK attitude AT ALL!! call her songs what they are…POP! AND this isn’t pop PLUS Eve spits fire in her raps while icki spits…BUBBLE GUM! (hold my head up, puts hands on my tynie little waist and other hand in my weave(fluffn it) and shashays off post to go eat while my FAT ROUND JIGGLY ASS is making my tiny lil dress flop up to my ass line with every STEP I TAKE chile!! FIERCE!!!)

      • FAF February 27, 2013

        Honey, the entire RE-UP except “The Boys” was hip-hop so be seated…. _/

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 27, 2013

        U appear to have missed my point sweetie. I said if the b**** put out something i like id SAY it. That reflop was her saaaad attempt at hip hop which fail miserably..FACT! Look at the sells numbers. Her hip hop comes across as phony…bcus SHE IS A FAKE BROAD. try as yall may but i only go iiinnn and slay on icki blogs so yall caint bait me to really slay on this blog. She’s a BONAFIED JOKE honey…DEAL WITH IT!

  9. VANNY February 27, 2013

    i actually like it!! the hook is a little weak! they could of made it stand out more! but the verses are dope! the only thing is that this song sounds like something B.O.B already did! and sounds outdated! its way better than “she bad bad” but still she could of came alot harder than this! or she could of added a recognised artist to the hook! just my opinion.

  10. PINEAPPLEKIn February 27, 2013

    i love this song so much!!!!!!

  11. HOWYOULIKEIT February 27, 2013

    No Mam. This aint going anywhere. What happened to her?
    Scream Double R? Thug in The street? Gangsta B******? Hey Yall? Double R What?

  12. eric February 27, 2013

    This is what I mean about Eve offering something different and worth paying attention to. We readily accept the garbage that certain artists put out, but then we don’t back something meaningful and with substance like this song from Eve. This song has a message that EVERYONE should be embracing right now!

  13. opd2 February 27, 2013

    sounds similar to some B.O.B stuff and to me it,s in a good way.

  14. DaHotNig February 27, 2013

    Is this a church song?

    • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) February 27, 2013

      DEAD @ church song

  15. HOTSTUFF February 27, 2013

  16. Monstarebel February 27, 2013

    MaMa why are you still trying? your a hasbeen your music sucks you can bearly rap you had like one hit in your whole career Next..

    • jersey February 27, 2013

      Why can’t she just do what she loves to do. You clearly don’t know about hip-hop if you honestly think she only had one hit and doubt her lyrical skills. Please keep your negative comments to yourself and do something with you life.

      • TY March 5, 2013


  17. Beyonce Knowles-Carter February 27, 2013

    Eve boo you are I R R E L E V A N T. Get pregnant by your rich white man and enjoy life bcus no one is here for you! And BTW Eve stopped being “real hip hop” a long time ago. “Tambourine” was very pop for its time. FLOPPPP!!!

  18. Nahjee February 27, 2013

    It was alright.. Her raps was good the beat was good also. But the hook I didn’t like that to much:( if she would have put somebody more known to do the hook like usher, Miguel, s*** even Justin bieber. Somebody that still has a decent fan base that will at least buy that song:/ it won’t chart tho cause eve still has not improve yet. NO! Good promo really, no radio play AT ALL,

  19. LA LA February 27, 2013

    ERRRRR!!! Try Again.
    “All These Rap B****** are only HOT! For One Summer” -Nicki
    Eve your done.

    Nicki Minaj can’t be stopped.

  20. THEPINKPRINT (FAF) February 27, 2013

    I think y’all going too hard on the b****, I like the song!!! KI!!! She shouldn’t have lied about shading Nic, though bc “She ba ba” came on TV yesterday and I blatantly heard her say “Ya gimmicks make me sicki” why Sicki? Why not Sick? She was trying to shade but its ok, she wont have another top ten 🙂

    • RITANATION February 27, 2013

      Yes we all cought that one. I did not like that shade she through at nicki:( nicki should be more respected cause she has put female rap back on the map. If it was not for nicki kreayshawn would have not put out a album and flop at the same damn time lol. Eve would not be putting out these singles either. Iggy would be a nobody modeling somewhere while getting f*** in back of strip clubs as her side job. Azealia banks will be somewhere sleeping with angel haze

    • opd2 February 27, 2013

      ya i catch that shade too,her and eve shade nicki in there new song Nicki didn’t say anything but knowing nicki she might clap back now are later are let it slide.

      • FAF February 27, 2013

        She’s gonna come back on ‘the Pinkprint’ & they gonna be trynna claim she starting ‘BEEF’ like how Kim did w/ her fans after she went on stage & disrespected nicki they making playtime is over volume 284208 like she been dissing kim when it wasn’t about her..

  21. RITANATION February 27, 2013

    I don’t really see her charting anytime soon tho ( sorry) the only time I see her charting if she was to call up Rihanna, or Adele, to do a feature on her single. That s*** will shoot straight up the billboards hot 100 #realtalk

    Anyway I like this track way better then “oh she bad.. Bad..” Do I see this song getting radio play umm… Hell no! Eve own fan base ain’t even really checking on her but only a few are smh. Mainstream blogs, radio, tv, commercials, are checking on nicki minaj or Rihanna or beyonce,. Eve is like Olivia from (love and hip hop) she is just a fly on the wall in a room full of mainstream artist picking there fruit out for them.

  22. Nickinickinicki February 27, 2013

    Maybe she should call Nicki for a collab. That’s ur only hope flop h**!!!

    • Monstarebel February 27, 2013

      i agree

  23. QUEEN MINAJ February 27, 2013

    OH MAMA trying to copy how i do my songs i see :/

  24. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 27, 2013


  25. Burmy February 27, 2013

    TGJ, what do you have against Hip-Hop?

  26. TeamEveandMissy February 27, 2013

    That’s my girl EvE!! Real hip hop with positive message = hit. like sumbody said above y’all quick to embrace crappy songs with non sense and shun the real songs that’s inspirational. I can’t with u haters…… werk EvE

  27. Social1 February 27, 2013

    I dig it. I appreciate when an artist tries something new. I wish others did too. 🙂

  28. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 27, 2013

    she shall come, bearing false prophecy.” This creature has the power to take a human’s form, read minds. Book of Revelation calls her “the W**** of Babylon…. BEYONCE IS THE W****…………

    • jamilaa February 27, 2013

      are u ok momma skorpion? u sound sick yo! for real!

  29. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 27, 2013

    look how beyonce has changed since she is dating jay z … her videos and songs are weird and especially her concerts with illuminati s*** symbols! she was a normal girl when she was with destings child!

    illuminati Agent BEYONCE

    Beware of Satanic Influence …. Pop music has been at head of this movement, as more and more scantily clad female artists push all sorts of AGENDA

    • Burmy February 27, 2013

      Not to mention, she used to shout out the Lord all the time in her interviews…now she doesn’t anymore.

      • 12345 February 27, 2013

        the truth….i been saying that forever.

        she hasnt thanked god when she wins award since dc broke up….weird.

  30. gio88 February 27, 2013

    this is better than any single released by nicki minaj as solo artist.

    • DeezNuts February 27, 2013

      *Turns on the Grammy Nominated “Moment 4 Life”*

  31. Tootie February 27, 2013

    Only nicki haters will like this song. Nicki HAS released inspirational music “Moment 4 Life” was inspirational and LIGHTYEARS better than this crap! If eve wants to be taken seriously she’ll have to come harder, and I doubt if she will! ALL HAIL QUEEN NICKI! All you other rap b****** are irrelevant, and have been so for YEARS!

  32. FAF February 27, 2013

    Moment for Life
    Here I am
    Save Me
    Marilyn Monroe

    Any questions? *Drops Mic*

    • DeezNuts February 27, 2013

      *Twerks ass as FAF walks off the stage!

    • credits February 28, 2013

      A few of those i haven’t heard, tell me if any of the songs in your list have a guitar in it……??

      • DeezNuts February 28, 2013

        *blank stare* no. (seriously tho…no)

  33. Mimi Carey February 27, 2013

    Not here for it

  34. Nay nay February 27, 2013

    IrrelEVEnt should be the title of her new album!

  35. cocobutta February 27, 2013

    Then gets back to business!!!

    Constructing music and the BeyTrain

    Choo Chooo its a stampede…

    • cocobutta February 27, 2013

      Nah just kidding. Nice song Eve 🙂

  36. RIHLUV February 27, 2013


    • A. Robinson February 27, 2013

      You’re Right You Gotta Give It To Eve # WELCOME BACK EVE #LIP LOCK # MAY 14 2013 # SUPPORT REAL RAP !! #EVE Vs Nicki In A Rap Battle Who’d Win ? EVE Obviously !!

  37. DeezNuts February 27, 2013

    LMFAO…I reckon this is the “Real Hip-Hop” b****** claim EVE will bring. Hip-Hop anthem! ahhahahah

    This is a good song is not much different than Nicki Minaj’s sound.(More like BoB actually) (Ie. Fly, Last Chance, Super Bass, Right By My Side, etc.)

    This song is VERY popish. The Haters make me laugh. ANYWAYS Nice Eve, this might chart…somewhere.

  38. Robier February 27, 2013

    Even if it was worthy of radio IT WOULDN’T GET PLAYED. Wasn’t it just said DO U WANNA KISS RADIO’S ASS OR NOT ? My point is Radio will only play ONE femcee. They control what u think is good music and u accept it and then get on the net and regurgitate

  39. Caesar Live N Loud February 27, 2013

    Amazing song. Very radio friendly and hope it gives Eve the success she rightfully deserves 🙂

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