New Song: Toni Braxton & Babyface – ‘Hurt You’

Published: Saturday 17th Aug 2013 by Sam

R&B legends Toni Braxton and Babyface have teamed up again, mixing and meshing their iconic talents for a new Motown flavoured album.

Having cooked up prior hits together in a artist-producer context (see: ‘You’re Making Me High’ ‘Breathe Again’), the pair’s new project is a duet affair

Originally due on Monday, the LP’s lead single, the stirring ‘Hurt You’, received its premiere via Foxy 107.1 moments ago. That Grape Juice has you covered, though. Take a listen below…


Vocally rich and sonically stellar, the haunting track relays a negative narrative in a way that ironically demands many a replay. Put simply, it’s a winner! If there’s any justice in the world, this’ll be embraced by Urban radio – or, at the very least, its Adult Contemporary strand.

While some artists’ talents age like milk, Ms. Braxton and Babyface prove themselves a fine wine, getting better with time.

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  1. Daniel Teflon August 17, 2013

    Lawdy I just love me some Toni Braxton & Baby Face!! there vocalz always serve to me!! Better make them coins!! SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!

  2. fred August 17, 2013

    Wow…what a song…Kudos to Toni Braxton and babyface…

  3. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 17, 2013

    OMFG! This Is Heaven In My Ears, I want This in iTunes Right NOW so I can Get it. WOW

    This Can Be A Hit if Pushed and handled properly.

    Well Done, 100/100. 😀

  4. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 17, 2013



    iTunes link please.

    Cannot wait for this, oh and Tamar Braxton too. My fall won’t be so bad after all, K.Michelle, Toni, Tamar, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Mariah….yasssss.

  5. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 17, 2013

    It is so inspiring to see them put their differences aside and make AMAZING music. I’m glad Toni and Babyface have put the LaFace drama behind them. Positive thinking, love it.

  6. RoyalKev August 17, 2013

    Well said, this is absolutely sublime! So glad Toni is returning to her roots, this style of music is where she shines most. I always felt like out of all the “super divas” she was the most soulful and capable of bringing that into mainstream. That’s what makes her so special.

    Bring on this album plz!

  7. RICHIE_RICH August 17, 2013

    I like this. Bring back RnB and Kill EDM or whatever it’s called… 10 across the board Toni and Face

  8. in all honesty August 17, 2013

    Oh hell yes!!!! *Stamps feet*

  9. dee August 17, 2013

    I love a good ballad but this a complete snore. It will not do anything to revive their career or help with the Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    • STONY August 17, 2013

      totally agree with you this one is weak as hell a ballad need to be strong like halo of beyonce or stay by rihanna that’s the kind of ballad which tops the charts something deepwith a catchy melody

    • Crystal Brown August 18, 2013

      You are really stretching, because Toni she is neither bankrupt nor is in need of a career revival. She has been there ,done that, and still doing. Good job Toni and Babyface, you are speaking to your fan base!

    • Slick August 18, 2013

      I think it could have been better had she vocally given us thunder, she took it too easy.

  10. Godnika teas August 17, 2013

    yass real music

  11. QUEENKHIA August 17, 2013

    Toni vocals slay the girls, I may have to dig in my purse and support.

  12. sammi August 17, 2013

    Im a huge Babyface fan and I enjoy the classics from Toni as well but this is just okay, sorry guys. I was expecting it to sound like the waiting to exhale soundtrack for some reason. I think she may have some big comeback shoes to fill against her sisters song “Love and War” cause that’s been the best ballet to me in the past year.

  13. whenindoubtthetruthwillout August 17, 2013

    Toni’s voice is simply divine!!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. RINA August 17, 2013

    I like it. but i hope toni doesnt think this is gonna put her on the hot 100.

    • Real August 17, 2013

      Does everything boil down to charts with you people? You silly ass 90’s babies haven’t lived long enough to know that music is supposed to be enjoyed by the listener, it’s not supposed to be seen as some competing dog in some chart race. It’s the record companies job to fret over things like charts and sales. Just listen to the damn song and not concern yourself with where it lands on the Hot 100.

      • RINA August 17, 2013

        b**** i was born in 1987! ok! secondly i am thinking about toni and she needs a hit badly!! the song is ok but it wont give her career the push it badly needs!!

    • Crystal Brown August 18, 2013

      You all do not really know what music is all about. Toni is speaking to her fan base , she is not into popularity that last for 2 weeks and ppl forget about it. It is all about storytelling …

  15. Shauwndapooh August 17, 2013

    Yeeeessss toni…. Did anybody see her warbrode malfuction?

    • sammi August 17, 2013

      Yea I saw it on tmz lol. She was steady dancing around and didn’t even realize her ass was hanging out. I did see Trina, her sister face in the background when it happened lol

  16. mr.m August 17, 2013

    Toni’s VOICE <3333333333
    TIMELESS!!! .. I missed her
    She's one of my all time favs <3

  17. rean August 17, 2013

    soulful goodness..i cant believe rihanna and beyonce are shooting a new video..i mean just google kelsnetwork

  18. LADY BOY August 17, 2013

    Yasssss Toni, LET THEM EAT CAKE!

  19. Cookie – Rihanna – Toni Braxton August 17, 2013

    The song is really good. Yess Toni Braxton vocals slayed!!*screams*

  20. Well… August 18, 2013

    This is what R&B needs. Honest content and vocals for days!

  21. Love on top August 18, 2013

    Rnb is really Fighting its way back Miguel adorn, Ciara Body party , Tamar Love & war , Robin thicke etc This song!!!! I feel like RnB will soar again I could go on Now for Bey to bring it!

  22. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 18, 2013

    Toni Braxton >>>

  23. JOHNVIDAL August 18, 2013

    I like it, the song is nice, Toni´s voice is like fine wine and… well Babyface was not good in this, his voice doesn´t sound good, like altered or something.

  24. Teflon Boy August 26, 2013

    Love it! Toni’s vocals have always been everything.., strong, soulful, effortlessly s*** and unique.

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