K.Michelle Assesses Tamar Braxton’s Career / Long Running Feud In New Interview

Published: Monday 28th Oct 2013 by David

With a brand that just keeps on growing, ‘The Skorpion Show’ found themselves on the receiving end of praise this weekend, after they unveiled their ‘tell all’ interview with one of R&B’s market leaders… K.Michelle.

Meeting up with the ‘V.S.O.P’ performer to discuss her bourgeoning career and the renewed interest in her music, their time with her took a telling turn when they quizzed her on long running feud with ‘The One’ singer Tamar Braxton.

What she had to say on the well publicised matter?

Hit the 17 minute mark below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Naya Rivera stan October 28, 2013

    They both ugly and can’t sing

  2. Naya Rivera stan October 28, 2013

    Keyshia and Beyonce wannabes

  3. Gaga vs 1 D October 28, 2013

    One Direction;s new single #1 in 47 countries.. 😆

    • LOL October 28, 2013


      • FutureCIARA October 28, 2013


  4. asdasdasdas October 28, 2013

    ‘in the studio’

    AT least she knows the truth about the QUEEN Beyoncé

    • LOL October 28, 2013


  5. 5 October 28, 2013

    i’m tired of the same old tittles and some ol’ ass kissing when there’s NO POSTING OF SOME THE BIGGEST URBAN NEWS ATM for some shitty posts like this.

  6. Bey-Minaj October 28, 2013

    Tell har K, don’t EVER come for the Queen Bey. You gonna get your careers took.

  7. NT October 28, 2013

    There feud is so unnecessary

  8. ABC October 28, 2013

    Tamar didn’t come for Beyoncé though.

    • cocobutta October 28, 2013

      She did on that Tiny Tonight show. She channelled her inner Wendy Williams and said the bump is fake because of the dress fold occurrence

      • Mamas November 7, 2013

        Why blame Tamar for the info EVERBODY had already Heard! She and Wendy REPEATED the clip on tv and from that I ? If Bey was pregnant being pregnant myself. So blame Me !! Both women are doing their JOB? So what job do you do and call you a copycat or wannabe so stop the hating give Tamar moment and in my years She can Sang. Stop hating and Get Life! Enjoy Life and this only entertainment for us and it’s their Jobs!!!

  9. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) October 28, 2013

    Tamar has got the better album and better voice though.

  10. Truth commission October 28, 2013

    Damn k read the s*** out of Tamar Woooooooo!!!! She tells it like it is, she needs to hop on my train cause I tell nothing but the truth! K you I would be so happy if you would take my hand, and let me walk you on my train.


  11. ABC October 28, 2013

    Tamar has a big head and thinks she’s better than everyone else but can’t even perform or carry a note live. I’m riding with K all day! #CantRaiseAMan video coming soon!

  12. cocobutta October 28, 2013

    Oooh my bucket of tears are FULL from that READ!!

    I think its was a great interview and they did the right thing interviewing K. Michelle.

    They said nothing wrong and those 2 are building a brand for themselves alone and getting people relevant people like K is great for their profile.

    Tamar loves to shade & her husband always pulls her up about it, so for her to end friendship with Kevin in particular I feel reflects the growth she still needs to have, because at the end of the day its Tamar & K.M that need to be the grown ups and speak on it, then close that chapter of the issues.

    The show must & will still go on.

    Musically I support Tay more than K but K said what we all been thinking about Tamar LIVE

    • LOL October 28, 2013


      • KING B October 28, 2013

        B**** don’t come for the skorpion show they have of thousands of fans what DO YOU HAVE????????????

  13. dN October 28, 2013

    So lost all believability when she said she is a newbie and then preceded to throw shade at Tamar’s long and up to now unsuccessful career…, K is a newbie?? K has been trying to launch a career since 2008, has already had 2-3 record deals and only now was able to put out an album……lmao

    • ABC October 28, 2013

      Tamar has 1 1/2 flop albums under her belt and she herself admitted that she was dropped from about 5 record labels. K doesn’t shade people unless provoked. Tamar’s ugly, insecure wannabe gay boy ass is always talking s*** but can’t when deliver a decent live performance or vocal. F*** her and her Tamartians. 🙂 #rebels all damn day 🙂

      • Mamas November 7, 2013

        ABC what lies you tell. You act as though you knows thes people, but u don’t it’s what you Hear so sweetheart get the fact correct and Stop Hating! Tamar can SANG and yes she does her OWN Background Hooks so it would be IMPOSSIBLE to Sing the whole sections so if you see and hear her Live she sing the song while NOT Lipping and her background is on minus one track as if people were singing in the back like she use to do for Toni that how Great of a Singer she is as myself. So if don’t know then Silent will make u a Good ABC. Enjoy Life

  14. XXX October 28, 2013

    I love The Skorpion Show thanks for posting. And K Michelle read her for filth!!!

  15. ROSEGOLD October 28, 2013

    Both of these 30 something year old women need to shut up and grow up. At the end of the day, neither of them are selling s*** so they should be supportive of one another. Mess!

  16. LOL October 28, 2013


    • ROSEGOLD October 28, 2013

      Hello! Please say that again.

    • Mamas November 7, 2013

      Why the Namecalling? Its Entertainment and it’s their JOBS. What do you do for a Living? Tamar is a better Singer because she knows how to complete her Voice from Low range to High and does her own background Hooks. Women with many Rangees so if you know these women on a personal level then again Silent will make you a Good Person. Let them do their Job and they don’t look like Muppets by the way What Do You LOOK LIKE? Get a Life sweetheart!!! Enjoy Life

  17. Molly October 28, 2013

    K.michelle read ha lol.. And I hear Tamar is mad at Kevin for doing the interview supposedly there not friends anymore if that’s true Tamar truly is pathetic and petty Kevins out here tryna make that money.

  18. ARTPOP WILL FLOP October 28, 2013

    but she really came for beyonce.

  19. Pretty diamonds October 28, 2013

    Tamar is a clown

  20. #Beyindependent October 28, 2013

    F*** Tamar pitchy ass…

  21. Hot Sugar October 28, 2013

    TAMAR>>>>>>>>>>>>>K MICHELLE.

  22. Grande The Way October 28, 2013

    I’ll take K.Michelle over Tamar’s pitchy ass any day. K didn’t say anything wrong. I just need her to take her promo campaign to the next level. Rebellious Soul is one of the best R&B albums of the year

  23. pat October 28, 2013

    tamar did not come for beyonce…we all know she lives for bey…….she was on a talk show…and she had to play her role of the “wendy” of the show….k is reaching in hopes to pull the hive on her side

  24. fan4mc October 28, 2013

    Tamar don’t even need to reply her album does the talking.. it is an amaazing rnb album all the way.

  25. Maestro J* October 28, 2013

    I mean K keeps it real… K is right each time it was Tamar that come out the mouth as she always does and K responds … but they do need to squash it… but they’re both Pisces so thats not happening lol

  26. FutureCIARA October 28, 2013

    No shade, But they both give me Ms.Piggy T’s……

    K just drugg her though

  27. TONIO HIZZO October 28, 2013

    K Michelle suffers from Dwarfism… her Limps is the real read

  28. Navy Forever October 29, 2013

    F*** these h*** this isn’t news when will they start selling?

  29. Zam Zhinga October 29, 2013

    everybody in this interview is MESSY. ANd where are they in a DORM ROOM? Love K and Tamar’s VOICES, but the FEUD or whatever u wanna call it it is so LAME>.. NEXT STORY.
    OK you two don’t like each other.. STOP TALKIN ABOUT EACH OTHER and just SELL your music! Tamar should never have words for K… she is the bigger star, –RISE ABOVE IT. Do you ever see BEYONCE address her haters DIRECTLY! She jsut puts out good music, SLD OUT CONCERTS and let her TRACK RECORD speak to the HATERS… LADIES ..take notes…

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