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Damage Control? Mariah Carey Hits Right Notes…Backstage

mariah carey vocals 2014 thatgrapejuice Damage Control? Mariah Carey Hits Right Notes...Backstage

As recent years have taught us, Mariah Carey‘s “new” voice is as unpredictable as the lottery.

One day she’ll hit the jackpot only to miss the mark entirely the next.

An instance of the latter hit headlines recently when mic-feed audio from her performance at New York’s Rockefeller Center went viral for all the wrong reasons.

In a bid to perhaps remind the masses of her gravitas, the seasoned diva took to Instagram last night to share a series of interestingly timed clips of vocals warm-ups before hitting the stage for a Christmas concert.

Has Mimi still got it? You be the judge below…


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Report: MTV To Revive ‘Total Request Live’

TRL BEYONCE THAT GRAPE JUICE 2014 Report: MTV To Revive Total Request Live

BET‘s ‘106 & Park’ may have bid its fans adieu, but it seems it won’t be long before its “replaced” by the very show it was inspired by.

That’s right, you guessed it…‘Total Request Live.

Full story below…


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Watch: Usher Rocks ‘Graham Norton’ With ‘Good Kisser’

usher graham norton thatgrapejuice Watch: Usher Rocks Graham Norton With Good Kisser

Usher may be re-working his new album for a 2015 release, but that hasn’t stopped the star from shining light on the set’s buzz singles.

This week saw the crooner hit the UK to perform the Grammy nominated ‘Good Kisser’ on ‘The Graham Norton Show’.

Random seeming perhaps, given that the song was released way back in April, however with the crooner’s new tour ‘The UR Experience’ set to hit Europe early next year, the showing served as a teaser of sorts to what Euro fans can expect.

Peep the performance below…


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Did You Miss It?: Lupe Fiasco Comes To Defense of Iggy Azalea

iggy lupe thatgrapejuice Did You Miss It?:  Lupe Fiasco Comes To Defense of Iggy Azalea


Just when you thought “everybody hates Iggy” one has popped up to aid the embattled ‘Bounce’ beauty.

While nemesis Azealia Banks was winning hearts and earning supporters with a passionate Hot 97 interview that saw her slam the Auusie rapstress, Q-Tip joined the attack and took to Twitter to lend Azalea an unsolicited hip hop history lesson and black culture lecture.

Despite a growing list of detractors to boot, Azalea has now found a surprising and unlikely defender in the form of rapper Lupe Fiasco.  No stranger to lending unpopular or oft-controversial opinions, see below his thoughts on the ‘Fancy’ hitmaker’s position in hip hop after being quizzed by a follower:


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Hot Shots: Ne-Yo & Jazmine Sullivan Reveal Respective Album Covers

ne yo jazmine sullivan thatgrapejuice Hot Shots:  Ne Yo & Jazmine Sullivan Reveal Respective Album Covers

2015 is set to be kicked off with releases from two of contemporary R&B’s most prized singer/songwriters – Jazmine Sullivan and Ne-Yo.

With ‘Reality’ and ‘Non-Fiction’ respectively, the ‘You Get On My Nerves’ co-stars will get to compete on the Billboard 200 with their highly anticipated top of the year releases.  January 13th will see Jazmine Sullivan finally gift fans her long-awaited third album ‘Reality Show’ while R&B/pop crooner Ne-Yo will follow shortly after with his album ‘Non-Fiction’ on January 27th.

Both singers took to social media this week to unveil their albums’ cover artwork and accompanying tracklist.  Find it all below:


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Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriend Denies Blackmail Claims

nicki minaj that grape juice 2014 18000001 Nicki Minajs Ex Boyfriend Denies Blackmail Claims

After the rapper accused him of attempting to blackmail her on Twitter today, Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend has denied the salacious claims, accusing her of responding to moves he made after their split without understanding why he made them.


Safaree Samuels’ story below…


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Read: Nicki Minaj Slams Blackmail Plot Following Ex-Boyfriend Drama? *Updated*

nicki minaj cavalli that grape juice 2014 600x426 Read:  Nicki Minaj Slams Blackmail Plot Following Ex Boyfriend Drama? *Updated*


Iggy Azalea isn’t the only rapstress making headlines right now via Twitter.

Just moments ago ‘Moment 4 Life’ rapper Nicki Minaj lifted a series of cryptic tweets to her page detailing her attempt to foil a blackmail plan brought on by an undisclosed party.  Fans of the diva immediately began pointing fingers at her ex-boyfriend of 15 years Safaree Samuels.

This, of course, after the week saw the two recount painful memories of their extended time together.  Did you miss any of that action?  See it all below:


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Updated: Rapper Q-Tip Schools Iggy Azalea on Black History & Hip Hop Culture Via Twitter Tirade

iggy azalea qtip 600x769 Updated:  Rapper Q Tip Schools Iggy Azalea on Black History & Hip Hop Culture Via Twitter Tirade

Has Azealia Banks started a movement?

Indeed, after gaining support in the form of Solange Knowles, Nicki Minaj, and more regarding her disapproval of rapstress Iggy Azalea’s status in hip-hop, more and more are coming out of the woodwork to do the same.

As we speak, a thing or two about hip hop culture is being shared by ‘Vivrant Thing’ rapper Q-Tip via a lengthy Twitter tirade aimed at the Aussie hitmaker. 

Are you missing the action? It awaits below:


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Weigh In: R&B Crooner Tank Slams Fans/Music Industry For Not Supporting R&B In Fiery Instagram Rant

tank thatgrapejuice 600x400 Weigh In:  R&B Crooner Tank Slams Fans/Music Industry For Not Supporting R&B In Fiery Instagram Rant
“Maybe I should’ve been born white then all of my music would go straight to mainstream…”
“I look better, produce better, write better, and perform better than damn near everybody and this is the thanks I get?”

The quotes above are just two of many fiery statements lifted from Grammy-nominated R&B singer Tank‘s Instagram today (December 19).

Upon learning that a music video would not be financed for his latest single ‘Stronger,’ the multi-talented singer/songwriter lent a lengthy speech to the social media network to break down his frustration with his record label, lack of support of R&B from fans, and status of the genre in the music industry overall.

Despite landing top 5 placement on the Billboard 200 with one of the biggest R&B records of 2013 (‘Three Kingz’ by TGT), Tank has not been able to match that success by his lonesome.  The feat not only fueled his rant, but also saw him allude to never making another “true R&B record” again.

As artists like Beyonce, Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko, August Alsina, Trey Songz, K. Michelle, D’Angelo, and more are finding real success with “real R&B” records, do you feel Tank is wrong in his assessment?

Read and weigh in below:


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Weigh In: Should Iggy Azalea Ignore Famed Hackers Threatening To Expose Her?

iggy azealia beef hackers 600x415 Weigh In:  Should Iggy Azalea Ignore Famed Hackers Threatening To Expose Her?

It seems ‘Black Widow’ beauty Iggy Azalea finds new foes across the web everyday.

As if the constant struggle to defend her credibility was not enough, the Australian rapstress is often on the defense against scathing attacks from those accusing her of “misappropriating” black culture.  The most recent of the aforementioned was launched just days ago courtesy of longtime nemesis Azealia Banks (see the fiery response from Azalea here).

The heated e-altercation has ignited a polarizing debate amongst spectators with most of them seemingly siding with Banks.  The latest backers of Banks, however, come in a surprising form – the ‘AnonMessage’ Twitter group.

Best known for hacking the official KKK Twitter account and bringing to light private information about officer Darren Wilson (Missouri policeman who escaped indictment after killing unarmed African American male Mike Brown), the “e-vigilante” group has demanded Iggy apologize to the Yung Rapunxel by Sunday night (December 21) or else…

anon v. iggy1 Weigh In:  Should Iggy Azalea Ignore Famed Hackers Threatening To Expose Her?


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