Hot Shot: Chris Brown & Ariana Grande Get Close In New Rehearsal Pic

Published: Friday 28th Feb 2014 by Sam

It’s the collaboration few expected, yet it’s one we’re anticipating in earnest.

Chris Brown sent the net into a flutter moments ago when he shared the shot above of him rehearsing Urban-Pop princess Ariana Grande.

No further details have been divulged, however with both working on respective albums, it’s fair to say we’ll likely be receiving official announcements eminently.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ciara Who? February 28, 2014

    He clearly has no respect for woman… Because if he did he wouldn’t be touching that s**** like that! He has a girlfriend…. He is such a child….. He gets everything he deserves -Rihanna Fan

  2. Mark111 February 28, 2014

    IS it me or has she been around the block with a few people already? Anyway I find it funny how a White male can get super close to a Black female (JT with Janet and Ciara) but you never see it the other way around. You think they would let CB or Usher grind on Miley or Britney? No way in hell! So we’ll see how this goes. The only time I seen (on tv) a Black man close to a white girl was Snoop and Britney and that s*** didn’t even get released! lol

  3. ARIANA IS NEXT! February 28, 2014

    Damn what a shame they are already working on making her a s** symbol! She was so clean now they are corrupting her because that is what the industry is about!

  4. h2o February 28, 2014

    Poor Arihanna

  5. Bri February 28, 2014

    Ariana is a little w**** don’t let the innocent 12 year old look fool you!!! #industrypussy

  6. zania February 28, 2014

    I am so excited for this collaboration and hopefully the one with Usher. They look so s*** in this picture

  7. mekaela February 28, 2014

    With her hair styles no one will see her as a s** symbol she has a look of an old woman back in the 1930s Chris Brown will not give her a s** up look because she is sinking her career why these white women artist think by making music with black artist and wanna be thugs give them a s** up grown look Chris Brown is not s*** anymore not even black people care Arianna u are like Mariah trying too hard

  8. Suicide Blonde February 28, 2014

    Get da d*** girl, 2 bad he wants one too. Anyway, i don’t know why everything has to be about race for black people, you feel inferior, point black period, all i see, is a hot guy and a normal girl, i don’t see colours, i even take him over her, she does nothing for me.

  9. zania February 28, 2014

    @MEKAELA I disagree, he have two songs in the top 10 on the R & B chart, which he didn’t promote, and 3 songs last year in the top 5 on the R & B chart. His feature with Kid Ink is in the top 20 on Hot 100, I guest he is still relevant amongst everyone.

  10. Rihboy February 28, 2014

    I guaruntee in a few months she will have a pixie cut wearing less clothes! We a know how this goes!

  11. Lily February 28, 2014

    What has race got to do with this post? The two are collaborating so no big deal. Arianna is not a saint she’s damn prtender and pretenders always do the worst. With time we will see her true color. As for chris he’s getting Old. I don’t even understand that selfie he post on his IG.

  12. Lily February 28, 2014

    What has race got to do with this. It’s just a duet and Ariana is not a saint but a Pretender and Pretenders always do the worst. As for Chris he’s looks old in that selfie he posted on his IG.

  13. LALA February 28, 2014

    It’s so obvious she wants to look lees as a good girl….
    So pathetic! the next Miley Cyrus…

  14. Hivy February 28, 2014

    Good to see CB doing fine. Not here for Ariana. Hopefully “X” comes out.

  15. The Boy Toy February 28, 2014

    I’m surprised she didn’t even sell 400k. I bet the GP was turned off by that fake childish image. I want Ariana to win because she’s talented, but the hair and homecoming dresses have to go….

  16. Hivy February 28, 2014

    @Boy Toy she has a lot to change. The GP doesn’t take her seriously.

  17. The Boy Toy February 28, 2014

    @Hivy they don’t! How are you 20 years old dressing and acting like a 15 year old? I know she’s on a Nickelodeon show, but still…. Look at Zendaya! She a 17 year old on Disney and looks way more mature than Ariana smh.

  18. HIMEROS February 28, 2014

    Haha it’s so ironic that people say this 20 year old Ariana is a pretender when they flock to praise the basic pretentious, grammyless mess that is Katy Perry. Ariana is amazing and I do think she could be less innocent in her approach but if we look at history, the “good girl gone bad” thing always works. Aka rihanna and miley

  19. KingBreezy February 28, 2014

    i like it when everybody dislike b****** like u..try harder next time

  20. KingBreezy February 28, 2014

    nice to see him win

  21. HivesPrince February 28, 2014

    You people are absolute idiots how do u guys get all this “w****” or “good girl gone bad” stuff from that one pose which is a dance pose, have u idiots ever watched so you think you can dance? Maybe not cause many of you stan for r**** who thinks she cant dance but the only muscle she can move is that big ass forehead, ciara fans have no room to talk about anyone seeing as tho shes been with future less than two years and is already prego, w**** much. Anywho ariana has more talent then the both of em.

  22. True That February 28, 2014

    Rihanna isn’t going to like this 🙁
    They look s*** and hot, and she is young
    I really Rihanna can get on with her life, I think she is still in love with him, he may still have feelings for her but in my experience, even with feelings men can move on and genuinely be happy with someone else. Women on the other hand can be unfulfilled their entire life, I think it was that type of relationship. Rihanna will hold up for a while but inside I think she is dying, but I think they have too much baggage at this point and the media and public as well to complicate things. I wish Rih and Chris could work out though but the odds are against the relationship.

  23. True That February 28, 2014

    I also think Rihanna is not the type of woman for Chris.

    He needs a more easy going (drug free) person in his life.

  24. Hesings February 28, 2014

    Not here to make speculations like the rest of the lames, who it seems to have nothing better to do. Whatever “this” is, it has the potential to be great.

  25. The Boy Toy February 28, 2014

    @Hivesprince girl shut up and buy a copy of Yours Truly. She needs all the help she can get. 😉

    @True That what? Please get over it. Chrihanna is done and they’re never coming back.

  26. HIMEROS February 28, 2014

    This will be great. Her type of sound mixed with his will be something amazing. (hopefully). I won’t lie, I was annoyed by the hairstyle that kept coming back but then when I saw her live at the AMA’s, her talent overshadows everything else

  27. HIMEROS February 28, 2014

    Grande needs to work like rihanna and drop single after single or she won’t ever catch up to the current diva’s though. She has a lot of potential, but if she takes too long to release new music, she will become as irrelevant as nelly furtado.

    She flopped because she took too long to move on from “loose” and when she came back, she was over

  28. The Boy Toy February 28, 2014

    Her image and music are just too safe. She needs to be herself, but it’s hard when you have 10 year olds watching your show on Nickelodeon, I guess….

  29. senshi_nynavy February 28, 2014

    I didn’t know dancing could automatically make you a w****, by t anyway I’m glad Ariana is spicing up her image it’s what she needs. She has all the tools talent, good live performances all she is missing is showcasing her personality

  30. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 28, 2014

    I’m here for Ariana because the girl is super talented. I just hope that she sheds off the childish image and that she finds her own identity on her upcoming album. She is one of the few people of the younger generation who actually deserves a record deal.

  31. Music! February 28, 2014

    YES! I am here for it.

  32. FAF February 28, 2014

    @Himeros not true, nelly released a successful latin album after that.. her issue was she did not & does not have enough presence in current media. Nobody follows Nelly furtado on twitter she started out making folk music, like a Portuguese Shakira. But we do not know enough about her personality.

  33. Lmfao_Hoe February 28, 2014

    Honey Chris is only 24 years old currently, s*** Rihanna is 26. In May Chris will turn 25. People on here calling Bey old and shes only 32 or 33, and Nicki is 30. If anyone is old its 55 year old Madonna so please keep it cute. Btw f*** any naysayer this collab will likely be a top 10 position for sure. I was praying theses two make a track together ! :]

  34. Errr February 28, 2014

    Standard hate.
    Internet G’s alert.

  35. Bow Down B****** February 28, 2014

    Ariana! Get away girl, fast!

  36. coolness February 28, 2014

    This looks promising. It’s nice to see Chris get his music back on track. Not the biggest fan but I can’t deny his talent. I didn’t know Ariana was a former ballet dancer so I guess it’ll be interesting to see what they can learn from each other dance-wise. CB keeps hailing this album as a classic (always a comment that deserves side-eye, the work should speak for itself)but I’ll be here if he delivers musically this time around.

  37. ROSEGOLD February 28, 2014

    Interesting. I wonder how this is gonna turn out.

  38. Honeymoon Avenue February 28, 2014

    Lol how is Ariana a w**** and trying to get a bad girl image from one picture? Some of you guys need to just sit all the way down. I’m sure their collaboration will be fire!

  39. TRU VOICE February 28, 2014


  40. Franco March 13, 2014

    I hope Ariana doesn’t make him mad. She doesn’t look like she could take a beating.
    Way for her to support a woman beater, she can be a role model for all her little girl fans.

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