Watch: Beyonce Belts ‘Blow’ In Manchester

Published: Friday 28th Feb 2014 by David

February 26th brought with it the latest Manchester,UK showing of Beyonce‘s ‘Mrs.Carter Show’, days before it touches down at London’s ’02 Arena’ tonight!

So, what attendees of tonight’s show can expect to enjoy? A sizzling serving of ‘Blow‘, the dance floor filling cut placed on her self-titled new album!

How its live version differs from its studio arrangement?

Killer horns and airtight harmonies below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly February 28, 2014

    Keep me cumin keep me goin>

  2. Sasha fierce!!!! February 28, 2014

    Rihanna could never!

  3. Blue Ivy A** February 28, 2014

    Yucksss….gross….disgusting. 🙁

  4. Paws Down February 28, 2014


  5. Rihanna Remains Unbothered February 28, 2014

    Can’t remember when last she hit #1….


  6. Party pac February 28, 2014

    13 #1 hits……Queen Rihanna have nothing to worry about this boderline has-been.

  7. ROSIE February 28, 2014



  8. Beyonce February 28, 2014

    Being loved, warts, STDs and all, is all anybody could ask for.

  9. cierror February 28, 2014

    Lol I bet if Sam did an Ip check 90% of the people above calling Beyoncé a has-been would actually be the same RihYAWNa fan using a different email. The reason is because there are multiple accounts making fun of Beyoncé, but they only have one like each. If they were different accounts then they would’ve more likes, but since its only one account they can only like once. It really shows the struggle of the lessor’s fan base when they resort roaking fake accounts instead of buying the album that is already being outsold by Beyoncé only about 3 months in? Correct me if I’m wrong or could be just two and a half months.

  10. ROSEGOLD February 28, 2014

    I believe some of these trolls work for tgj. They have to. They pop up as soon as a Beyonce post appears. This site is starting to become worst than a middle school lunch table.

  11. Basura Caliente February 28, 2014

    Lip-syncing thief. To have the nerve to perform a bedroom song like this in front of folks of all ages shows how tasteless and classless this thief has become.

  12. Lolz February 28, 2014

    Troll galore. #Pressed

    Slay Queen.

  13. h2o February 28, 2014


  14. Lovebird February 28, 2014

    Prostitute with a mic.

  15. Lovebird February 28, 2014

    The outfit is absolutely horrible and disgusting, poor Blue Ivy.

  16. Keyshia coleslaw February 28, 2014

    But Rihanna had her titties out last night? You have no right to talk about disgusting outfits b****.

  17. Bey Fan February 28, 2014

    Know you’ll never waste a drip….

  18. Puhleaeeze! February 28, 2014

    Say im trolling all you want that performance was horrible! Thb there aren’t any songs off this album that are capable of going #1. She also lip syncs a lot!

  19. Sandra February 28, 2014

    Rihanna is so much better, it’s not even up to debate.

  20. LOL February 28, 2014


  21. senshi_nynavy February 28, 2014

    All in all great performance as usual for beyonce. My one problem is the video, horrible during cherry I wanted to see the routine she did on the bar but the angle wasn’t gd.

  22. fsdsfdsfd February 28, 2014

    rihanna is the queen 🙂

  23. Roc Harrd February 28, 2014

    Perfect performance. It stayed true to the studio version,but added the features and functions of a live performance. Features and function that can make any performance great. The dancing was executed efficiently. The band members were utilized , that made it fresh. The crowd was used

    The performance seemed like it was fun to watch or perform.

  24. Wendy Williamns Teabag February 28, 2014

    Prostitute with chemical bleach…so fake.

  25. RoyalKev February 28, 2014

    Love it! Bey need to get back to NY!

  26. Hadley February 28, 2014

    Beyonce will always be above Rihanna on stage. There is no debate about THAT. See their reviews.

  27. Yeah I Said It February 28, 2014

    Why are Rihanna fans mad though? Is it because Queen Bey can actually slay both critucally and commercially, something your fave can’t do?

  28. ashley February 28, 2014

    Rihanna fans have been pressed for a few months now. I wonder why? think they know that “reign” is almost up hehe

  29. KING B February 28, 2014

    YESSS Queen give me life and slay those lessor the album is still int he billboard top 5 2 month and half after its release i tough it will freefall once the hype its over hahaha the hater will keep seethhing where is that fourteenth #1 that was suppose to slay DIl not even in the top 20 while DIL has been chillin in the top 10 for a month after peaking at 2 don’t u see the more you hate her the more she slay you so go ahead keep hatin

  30. Navyshit February 28, 2014

    well i give u that DIL is becoming one of beyonce’s most iconic song up there with irreplaceable and SL years from now the “I’v been drinking and surfbort” will be just as classic beyonce’s expressions as “to the left,to the left” and “if you like then you should put a ring it” which are part of the pop culture now

  31. Lainey February 28, 2014

    Why does she think having pigtails, finger in her mouth like a child, and a s*** outfit make her desirable? She looks good, but that pose is bad, what message does it send? Basically the same thing that happened to Ariana Grande “Your Truly”, but since Beyonce is older, noone’s gonna notice it.

  32. True That February 28, 2014

    Why can’t Bey and her stans keep Rihanna’s name out they mouth. It’s obvious you all are threathened and insecure. Tell on yourselves everytime.

    Check the comment, rihanna could never…um, she doesn’t have to, she is being Rihanna, geesh

    YOu all seem to have less than 1 brain cell, its pathetic can’t even call it childish, some children are more mature than Bey and her “hive” (Copying Nicki, Rihanna btw she never had a name until they had theirs)

  33. ashley February 28, 2014

    True that

    Those are obviously trolls of other fan bases trying to start a stan war. Since you have more than 1 brain cell should have figured that out.

  34. LOL February 28, 2014


  35. Just Sayin February 28, 2014

    Wheres Gaga LOL?^^^

  36. Just Sayin February 28, 2014

    I heard she was fantastic. No booing, chrisp pelting or bad reviews at Beys shows! Even Ri fans chant ‘Beyonce’ at her shows lmfao

  37. fatusankoh February 28, 2014

    well done bey you the best flawless performance god bless you for life

  38. CHILE PLEASE!! February 28, 2014


  39. Valerie February 28, 2014

    The Queen!

  40. Ciara4Me February 28, 2014

    You gurls are delusional of course this b**** is a flop

  41. NAI March 2, 2014

    As great of a performer as Beyonce is, her shows are becoming quite predictable. As soon as I see her in a bodice/corset, I already know what type of performance it’s gonna be. I’m still waiting for her to do something unexpected. I wish she would bring some of the concepts from her music videos to her stage shows. For example, could you imagine how much fun “Blow” performed live could be if she got her dancers to do the routine in roller-skates? Even when she performs Flawless. Could you imagine if she recreated the seen from her video? A gritty back alley with garbage bins on fire or something. LOL. Y’all know what I mean! Y’all remember back in 2003 when Beyonce sang Baby Boy hanging upside down (I think it was at an awards show or something). Or when she did Ring the Alarm with a gaggle of dancers and then was singing on that raised platform?! Those are the types of risk Beyonce used to take. I loved that. I know she is getting her grown woman on but grown women do so much more than grind and their s*** on. Ok, I’m done.

  42. NAI March 2, 2014


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