Lil’ Mama Hits Back At Critics Of Her Look

Published: Monday 14th Jul 2014 by Sam

Lil’ Mama may have garnered favour and acclaim for her performance as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story’ last year, yet that hasn’t stopped a select set from targeting her online.

The rapper/actress, who has been the subject of ample jabs since her infamous stage crashing of Jay Z’s VMA performance in 2009, is now being slammed by internet trolls for her looks.

Fed up, she took to Instagram today to address claims that she’s been bleaching her skin.

Her words below…

Along with the snap below, she said…


I’m exactly that AUTHENTIC… It’s funny how when I look stupid with dumb ass make up, hair, wardrobe or whatever… y’all be thirsty to repost it. Then when I look GREAT, y’all keep scrolling, or stop to be like she bleaching her skin or some other dumb excuse instead of just facing the fact that you just wanna see somebody doing bad.

People love to debate about what work celebs have done. Y’all don’t know nothing about me besides the exposed. If I ever bleached my skin… I would literally look like Casper. I been the same ain’t nothin change but the evolution. Respect the growth and stop hatin… God loves you and I love you too.

And there you have it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beyawnzeaah July 14, 2014

    WHO???? 🙁

    • visororxa July 14, 2014

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      • FAF July 14, 2014

        The chick who was a g and nearly pulled ur fave up onstage w/ her to crash her husbands performance

    • Tyler July 14, 2014

      Oh, you mean the same girl who was drunk and stupid enough to go on stage during The Queen Bey’s hubby’s performance…only to get escorted out by security afterwards??? Oh, okay.

  2. Kim Kardashian Stan July 14, 2014

    Girl who are you?

    • Beyoncé July 14, 2014

      Not an internet p*** star or an around the way heuax like your fave…

    • Tyler July 14, 2014

      Dont you stan for Koncubine Hoedashian…why are you here????

  3. Mark111 July 14, 2014

    People are so stupid, you can’t bleach skin, lol. People of all tones get lighter and darker all the time.

    • Nope July 14, 2014

      You can lighten skin. You are very ignorant if younthink dermatologists and surgeons do this for patients.

      • Nope July 14, 2014

        *Don’t do*

      • Mark111 July 14, 2014

        Bs, inless you have a skin condition like MJ, you can’t. The people y’all claim bleach their skin are already light and tone goes light and dark of sun exposure or like Lil Kim and Nicki alot of make up. Some of y’all fools think having a bright light on you is bleaching. You just sound stupid.

        Plus, White people get tan all the time, are they self hating too? Lol #Fools

    • Nobody’s stan July 14, 2014

      Mark111 you CAN bleach skin please google it. Unfortunately there are women in certain parts of Africa who do this and have gone on record to say so. Also I would argue that people who spend a lot of time and money to use sun beds are self hating, especially when you consider the fact that they are significantly increasing their risk in contracting skin cancer by doing so. Being so unhappy with the way that you look that you would risk your life to alter it? Maybe self hate is too strong a term but there is most likely insecurity present.

  4. Yea ok July 14, 2014

    I totaly get where she is coming from. People will say this child is bleaching her skin when she clearly been a light bright since day one. I may have a comment on your talent but one thing I will never do is attack the way someone looks. That’s just not right. One day you will be thinking your cute and the next day u can be handicapped and your world can totally change. Talking about the way someone looks is so childish anyway. And half the time the ones doing the talkin really shouldn’t be. No shade.

  5. eric July 14, 2014

    She’s giving them power by acknowledging their words in social media. She has to understand that the people she’s responding to choose to be ignorant. They spread hate because it makes them feel bigger than the issues and problems they try to hide.

    • FAF July 14, 2014

      Her response was actually smart

  6. Blacksista July 14, 2014

    She is not giving nobody damn power. She is defending herself just like anyone else would.

  7. ashaandriana July 14, 2014

    I truly think that it is sad the way that people come at her. She has achieved success in her own right. She is extremely talented she just needs someone to push her career and image in the right direction. It is so crazy to me how judgmental people are to her for doing the same things that other celebrities do. Honesty I think the whole standing on the stage with Jay Z thing is what did her in because if you do anything to p*** Jay or Bey off then they will ask their sheep fans to end their career. Really unfortunate and I feel sorry for her. After her amazing performance in the TLC movie you would think that ppl would give her more credit. She made that film.

  8. nancy grace slays July 14, 2014

    These troll asz bytches stay trying to
    Bash a celeb!!! I believe there mad
    Because they can’t look that good!!!!

  9. Sarah July 14, 2014

    Awww she was such a cutie pie

  10. ~The Arcade~ July 14, 2014

    She’s absolutely right, people love to see you do bad… but in her particular case; its almost become excessive to slander her for something she unintentionally or innocently did 5 YEARS AGO. sad sad society!

  11. Anne July 14, 2014

    She is wasting her time. She can pull out a hundred baby or child photos that prove she has always been light skinned and still some nuts will accuse her of bleaching her skin. They do it to all light skinned black celebrities.

  12. Brian310 July 14, 2014

    The amount of hate she receives is ridiculous and I feel so bad for her.

  13. MISHKA July 14, 2014

    Lil Mama, you know you should have better things to do than this. What’s up with that promising acting career gurl?

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