Ray BLK Addresses Homophobia Within The Black Community

Published: Wednesday 25th Jan 2017 by David

By way of a swelling and enthusiastic fan base, Ray BLK stands as the United Kingdom’s fastest-rising “newbie.”

Born to Nigerian parents, the vocalist now uses her rising star to address issues close to her heart and soulful material.

One of them?

Homophobia within the black community.

Her thoughts below…

She told ‘OKAY Africa’:

I feel like homosexuality is a topic that the black community tries to shy away from. We don’t really like to talk about it and we often pretend that there are no gay black people that exist. I felt like it was something that I needed to put a spotlight on.

Even in Nigerian culture, I think we speak about it a lot less. We don’t talk about anything like that in our music whereas in Caribbean music, they speak against homosexuality all the time but we kind of just pretend it doesn’t exist. I felt like it was something that someone needed to speak up about and I didn’t want to wait for someone else to address it.

Her remarks arrived after her Hip-Hop peer T.I. endorsed the idea that media establishments were making an effort to erase alpha males of colour from the zeitgeist.

Who he believes are being put in their place?

Gay, or “feminised” men.

He shared the video below via his Instagram page:

Do you agree with Ray?

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  1. Shaquiiii January 25, 2017

    Good on her!

    F-king ridiculous, stupid uneducated conspiracy…How exactly do you make someone Gay? You can’t!

  2. LISA LEVINE January 25, 2017

    The black community has always had a problem with gays. Its ok if the gays do there hair BUT they have an issue with Gays in the Black Church and even the fable that they will turn young boys out. NOT TRUE, most Gay men would not even tough 90% of the straight men out there, its just misconceptions and hate. Treat all people equal and respectful and stay out OF THEIR BEDROOM. How is it you make these gay men live in secret and hide behind a mask. Sad

  3. Weezy Tha Goat January 25, 2017

    I’m sick of people making a “Black” thing. There’s rapid homophobia in every damn race.

    • Teflon Boy January 25, 2017

      While that’s true, she is black. She’s allowed to talk about her own culture.., this isn’t an #AllLivesMatter moment babe.

      • Weezy Tha Goat January 25, 2017

        I know that, I just hate how the mainstream media try to make it seem like Black people are the biggest homophobes out there.

  4. bianca January 25, 2017

    Why is it so important to get everyone agreeance? Like why is it so hard to understand that most heterosexual ppl aren’t homophobic they’re just heterosexual. They dont get the concept they dont want to either. U all wanna keep shoving it in everyone’s face then get mad when they shun it and say its homophobia. Im not a keyshia cole fan, i knw her music i think she’s talented but she gets no play in my car nor house why cuz she’s not my cup of tea. Same with most heterosexual ppl. No hate or anything but im not gay so why would i go to gay bars or sit up and discuss gays? If u ask i will tell u its nlt my cup of tea i dont think its normal but i dont care cuz its not how i like my s**. Do what pleases u but dont get upset cuz others dont AGREE!

    • XYZ January 25, 2017

      Gays stop acting like that if they can do. as they please. But until now they have to do what heterosexuals are telling them to do. They have to act and behave so that heterosexuals feel comfortable. So they shoving it down as an act of Rebellion. Often I’m kind of annoyed by it myself – and I am gay. But I understand why a lot are acting like that. There are a lot of places gays have to hide, are not allowed to admit that they are gay, are frightened of consuequences. You say you don’t care and that’s totally ok. Gays are good with people who don’t care, but they are not ok with heterosexuals who are telling them what to do and how to behave.

    • LISA LEVINE January 25, 2017

      And your the problem. Not normal. Your the close-minded secretly hating ass type B_itch that makes it hard for these women and men to come out the closet. How about you except people for who they are or go F_K-yourself. You don’t know their struggle and what they go through and THEY ARE NOT NORMAL….you back door H_oe, i wish you and your kind would die off quickly. RECEIPTS.

  5. ya January 25, 2017

    I am too sick and tired of Black people being vilified with this homophobic bs. Like a poster up says every group practices forms of homophobia more so than Blacks in America. If anything Blacks have been the most accepting of that lifestyle than any other group. Blacks for most of my experience may not have cared much for homosexual nature but eventually we accept that person or we distance ourselves. Most of the time other culture are much more strict, so these sell-out artist need to stop speaking on this s*** trying to gain sales and recognition, because last time I checked Gays have been making better strides than blacks in the last 5-10 years.
    Now you black gays no matter how much you go out and stand with gays of other nationalities you are black first if you got a problem deal with it in house cause at the end of the day White Gays are still going to be over you cause they understand group unity. If this past women’s march didn’t teach yall anything about your movement being hijacked; with your points and concerns going silent to the majority who will surely fight for what they need and bounce on your ass. So think next time before you proclaim Gay is the new black…

    • Delroy January 26, 2017

      Thats a lie I went to America last year and had the buju song sung at me by a black guy a group of black people came at me for being gay in America in a more Hispanic and black area normally I go somewhere that more mixed but at that time we had to go in those areas which even now has pissessd me off even think that I went to Jamaica twice and never had any problem shame now when you say its something that happends in all race yes I agree to a point I dont think our black ppl are the worst but when u have the music from hip hop rap and island music you can see why people belive that its black people that are more homophobic when in reality its arabs and Indians that are the worst when it comes down to homophobia and why a lot of them live a double life

  6. Cbeylive January 25, 2017

    @bianca nobody is asking you nor wants you to go to gay bars or clubs nor put anything down your throat that hasn’t been already the point is there is a difference between respect and tolerance. There are people who are gay who simply walk up the street and get harrassed for it… how is that shoving it down your throat??? It doesn’t matter what that person is wearing or how they act if you don’t have a problem with it you shouldn’t attack them, but they do get attached ppl act as if they are supposed to hide it to make them feel comfortable. Then you saying ” I don’t think it’s normal” and following it up with “I don’t care” doesn’t make you sound like you don’t care because all this woman did was speak on a subject you know nothing about. It’s never about agreeing it’s about respect it shouldn’t be positive to bash us and vice Vera’s.

  7. RalphyBaby January 25, 2017

    The black community is statistically the most religious group in America so of course there will be a lot of homophobia amongst us.

    • Delroy January 26, 2017

      When you say religious what do you mean by that are they following the white mans supremacy religion or the arabs

  8. January 25, 2017

    Question. Isn’t it totes hilaire that we assume black people are the only ones with homophobia when we know that Gwen Arujo’s killers and the murderers in most high profile LGBT murders are white working class men?

  9. JanStan January 25, 2017

    It is true that every ethnic group has homophobia and I would say that it is mostly based on religious grounds. However I think it’s also true that the black community is the only group left that also believe that there is something wrong with it OUTSIDE of their religious beliefs. Whether it be a threat to their masculinity, or just not being able to comprehend the information that every other society has already accepted and moved on from, this is just another issue that the black community seems to blissfully ignorant on.

    • Belladonna January 25, 2017

      This is the best point of view out of everyone in the comments. But Blacks are not just that why with LGBT stuff but with everything. I always wonder when blacks are protesting with feminist & LGBT people against Trump do they secretly feel uncomfortable around the gay people? And if Trump wasn’t racist would black people care about anyone else?

  10. Trugzzldn January 25, 2017

    Ugly b i t c h
    Im black and i love gay ppl
    How dare she make homophobia a black thing!!!
    Who gave religion to black people???
    Lol GTFOH hate is hate lets not point the finger
    Caitlyn jennner is anti- same s** marriage n she is Transgender!!!
    Ignorance is ignorance its not a black thing

    This is obviously an attempte to get gay fans from this very facially challenged lady…
    N im not buying it
    One bit

    • :/ January 26, 2017

      You obviously didn’t read her comment properly and why insult her (which is a straight up lie anyway)? Grow up.

  11. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi January 28, 2017


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