Tamar Braxton On New Album: “It’s A Grammy Sandwich”

Published: Wednesday 18th Jan 2017 by Sam

Tamar Braxton is on the comeback trail.

In a bid to divorce herself from the drama surrounding her sensational axe from The Real, the 38-year-old is re-focussing on music.

And much to the elation of her Tamartians, she’s finally opening up about her brand new album.

Speaking during a sit-down interview with Hollywood Today, the media maven revealed she’s been logging in studio time with a major producer. Also teased were her touring plans for the as yet untitled LP.

Details below…

Grinning ear to ear, the youngest of the Braxton clan named Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins as the principle hitmaker she’s been in the lab with.

Per the clip above, Tamar described their collective chemistry (with her executive husband Vince Herbert) as a “Grammy sandwich” in the making.

Bold words, but given that her last two projects have indeed yielded nominations it’s not a totally far fetched notion.

That said, she does have her work cut out for her commercially following the poor performance of her last LP ‘Calling All Lovers.’

Do you see it for Tamar?

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Wig Snatcher January 18, 2017

    Tamar has potential. I’ll leave it at that.

    • LISA LEVINE January 18, 2017

      Yesssss, agree. Stay and Fight, King, Broken Record, all gems that her Record Company slept on. She could be Huge if they just released the right songs, which they NEVER do

    • Nancy January 18, 2017

      But why is she chasing a Grammy though? Her music making doesn’t seem organic to me. It seems forced and largely driven by ego or a need for validation.

      • Bookbook January 18, 2017

        Man if I could hit your down arrow a thousand times I would. You sound crazy AF! Tamar is saving r&b music right now both of her albums are masterpieces. Dont you know her love&war lp was the best r&b album of this new generation?! You shoulf never comment again

  2. RoyalKev January 18, 2017

    I actually miss this woman, I didn’t even realize it! … and I couldn’t deal with all her shade on The Real! I’m sure Rodney will give her some great music! He’s reliable! I’d really love to see what they come up with for her new project! Tay’s obviously another talented Braxton!

    • Ughhh January 18, 2017

      Didn’t RaisinBran blame Rodney for her album Alien flopping? What makes you think he can help Taymuppet

      • RoyalKev January 18, 2017

        I’m not that invested in Tamar’s camp (#1), so I’m not taking on any stress and worrying about her musical output! She’s the artist! It’s not my job! If I like what she’s offering, I’ll support it! Simple as that!

        As for Bran, that topic requires that we both have some background knowledge on a situation that’s taken place years ago (#2) and (#3) an understanding of where certain points derived from! I’m not interested in a lengthy exchange with someone looking to get a rise out of me! … (#4) … and lastly, I’m just not here for debating with a f*** boy on a blog that’s probably in a shitty mood everyday of their life (“Ughhh”)!

  3. B2B January 18, 2017

    Calling All Lovers is soooo good! Ready for Tamar to slay! Still spinning Coming Home like it’s new.

  4. mr.m January 18, 2017

    Gimme dat album already. I need some real music.
    I prefer her over theifyonce n rihanna tbh
    she could slay them vocally n musically. period.

    • Beyoncé Jackson January 18, 2017

      You’re pressed.

      • mr.m January 18, 2017

        AW! it’s actually you honey lol
        beyonce IS A THIEF. DEAL WITH IT H** 🙂

    • Cassandra chen January 18, 2017

      That is the problem with you Tamar fans love to put others done vocally but, Tamar voice is very pitchy and inconsistent. Live performances are out there for the world to see, oh and you guys alway have a reason for her inconsistency. Leave Bey and Riri out of this, and go get some sale for calling all lovers

      • mr.m January 18, 2017

        well that doesn’t change the fact the she sh!ts all over thiefyonce vocally. sorry. keep trin’ lol

    • Cassandra chen January 18, 2017

      Your standard is low so I can see you supporting pitchy and inconsistency. Lol you basic b******….

    • You done went hams lolHow did her family let them culture vultures kardasians b****** used them stole the credit card was they her and Ray She better than yo numb as go bow down l you b****** shkira can’t touch bey March 20, 2017

      You done went plumb crazy lol

  5. Yc18 January 18, 2017

    She’s gonna be like keyshia cole nominated for Grammies but never win

    • Ughhh January 18, 2017

      Or rihanna

      • SMH January 18, 2017

        But Rihanna does have Grammys, so your shade is a fail.

  6. Haters Gon’ Hate January 18, 2017

    I’m here for this. Rodney has knows how to create magic and has been one of my all time fave producers since Vanessa Williams back in the day (look it up) he may not produce a crossover hit but he knows how to craft Grammy worthy timeless classics.

  7. steve January 18, 2017

    Can’t wait

  8. Beyoncé Jackson January 18, 2017

    Her last album was amazing and deserved way more recognition, but unfortunately her antics outshine her talent.

  9. RCR81 January 18, 2017

    Tamar is definitely talented and I hope this album gives her a bit more success….Having said that, I am way more stoked to hear Toni’s new effort (Love, Marriage, Divorce Part 2). Its been too long since I heard that sweet voice.

    • mr.m January 18, 2017

      Toni >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. Paulo January 18, 2017

    I hope that means she’s working with LaShawn Daniels again cause he wrote some great stuff for Love & War. I’m a bit iffy thinking Darkchild is known for bangers and Tamar can’t really work her way through it but if they find some common ground like he did for Toni in the early 00s it’s gonna be AMAZING!

    • Danny Bey January 18, 2017

      Just curious, are she and LaShawn even friends again? I know they had a falling out before so I’m not sure if they’re even friends right now? I could be wrong tho

  11. glenchimi January 18, 2017

    Does she even have No.1 on billboard ever ???

  12. Kim.Kesha&Pam January 18, 2017

    i would die for a Tamar & Monica colab.

    • Facts January 18, 2017

      Same here! That would be amazing!

      Speaking of Monica, I love when she does collaborations. Ex, “Trust” with Keshia cole, that was everything!! Also, “Slow Jam” with Usher, no words, just amazing!

      Keshia Cole & Monica: Trust

  13. Facts January 18, 2017

    Same here! That would be amazing!

    Speaking of Monica, I love when she does collaborations. Ex, “Trust” with Keshia cole, that was everything!! Also, “Slow Jam” with Usher, no words, just amazing!

    Keshia Cole & Monica: Trust

  14. Mo January 18, 2017

    Muppet is desperate as usual

  15. Kimk January 18, 2017

    That last album deserved so much praise. I hope she builds off that album it was so good.

  16. Kyle January 18, 2017

    “Calling All Lovers” was such an amazing R&B album! Very underrated IMO so I’m excited to see what she’ll deliver with the next album!

  17. joselinefan_xo January 18, 2017

    Her headtop is telling me weeeave but the rest is telling me braaaaids? I don’t see nothing wrong with a little edge control…kii!!

  18. Miki January 18, 2017

    Yasss can’t wait 🍞🏆🍞

  19. MUSICHEAD January 18, 2017

    Calling All Lovers was a great album but they released the wrong singles at the wrong time. Angels and Demons should’ve been first but by the time it was released, it was competing with her other singles for airplay and ppl didn’t even know it was out.

  20. Gee January 18, 2017

    CAL was a great body of work it was a more mature effort than LAW in my opinion. Hopefully this new album is a balance between both albums to satisfy all of her fan base.

  21. JustCoastWitHa January 18, 2017

    yes for DarkChild

  22. stan January 18, 2017

    the issue has never been her music, tbh…

  23. CocoaSpecial January 18, 2017

    Dang… I missed Tamar. Honey, that’s all that matters your Man, Munchkin and Music. Better get into that surrogate life. She and Vince have their embryos just implant them and get your babies.

    Don’t sleep on CAL when I put that record on I always find myself screaming “Tamarrrrr, you betta COME ON with that marriage music.”

    Simple Things gets me every time. Whooo!

  24. cocobutta January 18, 2017

    Maybe she is maturing into her fine wine stage, as this is the BEST interview I’ve heard her in for a long time.
    Came across so well, so I hope the project shines over pettyville shades.

    Less is more for her as she took on waaay too much during Calling All Lovers era and most of us picked up on that before the album came out.

    I enjoy her voice when it’s on point as her range is great.

  25. Navy Gravy January 18, 2017

    I thought CAL was a Grammy sandwich and one of the best R&B records released in a while. This new album is gonna have to come with a lot to top her last 1. I just hope she stays away from the Beyoncé-ish songs. There were a few tracks that I felt were trying to take on songs from bey’s self titled. Anywho, I miss her, can’t wait!!

  26. Jackx January 18, 2017

    Calling all lovers was so slept on.
    Can’t wait for those runs babygirl

  27. Trina January 18, 2017

    She’s talented AF but her mouth and childish attitude are such a turn off …

  28. Lake Erie January 18, 2017

    Well I AM READY! !! Bring on another album Tay! Asap!

  29. @ASAPicon January 18, 2017

    Shes old asf

  30. Crazy January 18, 2017

    I’m ready for her album

  31. jahon January 18, 2017

    I’m sorry but I just can’t stop looking at her edges like oh my God is it just me or she has no hair to be wearing her hair pulled up in braids see what happens when you were nothing but lace front

  32. wWe Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 21, 2017

    This is her 3 album and good for her

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