Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Named Top-Selling Album Of 2016 – Globally

Published: Tuesday 25th Apr 2017 by Sam

All of this winning. 

Beyonce has made slayage look like child’s play over the course of her 20 year career, and the touchdowns show no sign of slowing.

Less than one week after being honored with the prestigious Peabody Award, Bey’s ‘Lemonade’ has been unveiled as the top selling album worldwide in 2016.

The revelation was made in the Global Music Report, which is compiled by International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). 

Mrs Carter, along with acts such as Adele and Drake, are credited with helping grow the global music business in a major way. For, 2016 registered revenue growth of 5.9% over the previous year.

The figure marks the biggest revenue growth since the IFPI began tracking the market in 1997. It’s also the second-straight year of growth after 15 years of decline.

So, how do 2016’s releases stack up comparatively? Check out the full list…

Top-Selling Albums Globally of 2016, According to the IFPI (Physical & Digital Sales Only)

1. Beyoncé, Lemonade (2.5 million)
2. Adele, 25 (2.4 million)
3. Drake, Views (2.3 million)
4. Metallica, Hardwired…to Self-Destruct (2.1 million)
5. David Bowie, Blackstar (1.9 million)
6. The Rolling Stones, Blue & Lonesome (1.8 million)
7. Bruno Mars, 24k Magic (1.7 million)
8. Twenty One Pilots, Blurryface (1.5 million)
9. Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams (1.4 million)
10. Pentatonix, A Pentatonix Christmas (1.4 million)



All hail the Queen, so on and so forth.

It does make for a stunning sight to see how comparatively small global numbers are in 2017 compared to years of past. A lot of these figures would have been US totals once upon a time.

But ay, we’re in the streaming age. So, if anything, the numbers should be applauded in earnest.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde is 35 April 25, 2017


      • iamdiego April 25, 2017

        Reading is fundamental “top selling album of 2016″(the year Lemonade was actually released). Not 2015 (the year 25 was released). Yall hate on Beyonce for no reason… its fact. There is no other way to slice it. Yes 25’s sales are epic per usual (21 says hi). But, these sales are p*** poor considering its WORLDWIDE. If Beyonce promoted her music a little more before/after the tours her sales would at least push 5-6 million ww. But she doesn’t. She’d rather have ppl pay full price to see her. Besides social media you never see her. She’s not in commercials, or interviews. She’ll do a few magazine covers but who is still purchasing them in 2017. I’m 26 and have never bought a magazine in my life (even if Bey was on it). She might pop up at an award show or 4 but thats about it. Ill just say she is working smart instead of hard like the rest. In 2016 she sold the most singles (over 6 mil), Lemonade is the Best selling album of 2016, and do I need to bring up pulling off a #1 WW STADIUM TOUR that was sold out ALL 49 shows. Ive been to a few of her tours and I’ll say that not everybody is a die hard stan. 1/2 the crowd are casual fans who just want to see a show (they always got the best seats too lol). see every Beyhive pit. My point is give credit when it’s due.

      • Rem April 26, 2017

        Media traffic is not an accredited chart son. They estimate sales from other countries

    • 0Joenysmith April 25, 2017

      Haha im laughing so hard about this. The 2.5 mil is the total sales that lemonade sold worldwide. Lol. The 2.4mil that Adele sold added to the 21 mil that 25 already sold. People trying to throw shade at Adele you stupid. Y’all praise Beyonce for the dumbest s***. Bey may have a career that has lasted 20 yrs but she hasnt sold as much as Adele has in her almoat 10 year career. Also before you come at me with all that s*** about Beyonce selling more than Adele, DC sales dont count towards Beyonces solo career sales.

      • Yoncé Son April 25, 2017

        You just contradict yourself – your saying her 20 career is nothing compared to Adele’s 10 year career, but yet her DC sales shouldn’t count????

      • Tori April 25, 2017

        NO DC NUMBERS -DO NOT COUNT- ! Despite many beyhives beliefs, Mathews management ploys and the group public image, destiny child was a group not just beyonce and a group. If we’re talking her SOLO sales, you work your way down from 2003 (14 years). Y’all don’t add DC numbers or accolades to ANY of the other girls solo accolades, why do y’all do it when discussing her compared to other artists? You don’t have to hype up the “queen”.

      • Whosbad April 25, 2017

        @Tori This is a prime example of p*** poor logic. Despite you haters with poor comprehension beliefs you can’t disregard an entire portion of someone COLLECTIVE career to fit your narrative.If we are talking Beyoncé the commercial act no D.C. sells obviously do not count, but if we are talking Beyoncé the musican they do. Her career as a musican began in 1997 and her career as Beyoncé the ACT began in 2003. When people say Beyoncé has sold 60 million albums throughout her CAREER they are talking about both her solo and her group records. Now rather you want to to talk just her solo or just her group at the end of the day they are BOTH still a part of her career as a WHOLE. I find it funny how people try to twist this and make it more complicated than it is when it’s common damn sense. It’s like owning two business, just because one of them is with a partner whom you share legal and financial rights with and one is solely yours legally and finically does not mean that Both incomes do not count towards your total annual income. Y’all only try this crap as means to discredit her and it’s very disingenuous.

      • 0Joenysmith April 25, 2017

        @whosbad dumb b****

      • Whosbad April 25, 2017

        @0josenysmith So basically you’re saying “I have no logical response so I’m just going to insult you because I’m pathetic and unintelligent” thank you for proving my point about how disingenuous and hateful you are.


    Adele still slays this h**. Let’s not forget Sony had this prostitute on work leave so they could push Adele. They didn’t want the 4 flop album to happen again.

    • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) April 25, 2017

      Someone sounds bitter and pressed….YIKES. Drink some water honey, quench this NASTY THIRST of yours.

      • Nonya April 25, 2017

        Oh Jake but the irony is you do the same let’s not act like you don’t hate on other artists on twitter calling them flops and spending more time tweeting about them and not your fave

  3. SSurprise..(DEC 2013) April 25, 2017

    And her album cost 18 dollars and has yet to be discounted like the other girls. And also the biggest tour of the year with just 49 shows. Lastly, she also sold the most singles overall, with over 6 million single sales. All without a no 1 song……Not many can relate.

    • Datredd23 April 25, 2017

      Cannot compare sales of Lemonade to the sales of Anti both had different rollouts and one was given for free . After the giveout Rih has not discounted her singles nor album once aswell did no promo

  4. DanYiel Iman April 25, 2017

    Awaits her fashionably late hater to come to say how she pays for awards & things like that…🤔

    • SMH April 25, 2017

      Hey at least you acknowledge the truth.

  5. Queen Navy April 25, 2017

    Ok cute but make s post about the Anti world tour grossing 107.2 million from 67 dates

  6. Rihboy April 25, 2017

    Does this still come as a surprise? But whose listening to it is the question? According to billboard after a year and some change nobody is. And they talk about microwaved music. Baby that album got cold fast.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 25, 2017

      The question is she constantly keeps outselling those streaming artists you are probably thinking about while writing your comment whose songs are on the charts for longer. If she keeps doing better than them album after album it´s obvious those people liked the material more and keep coming for more everytime she releases. You may be mistaking your question with something like “is her material more pop and radio friendly?”. No obviously not. Seems you are refering to that.

    • Kyle April 25, 2017

      Everybody!!! Playing on Apple watch commercial and several other commercial

    • Suicide Blonde is 35 April 25, 2017

      Girl she’s selling more copies every week than anti. Stop being so pressed about FREE STREAMS. Lemonade is still in the top 30 on itunes. Anti isnt’ in the Top 100. So what’s cold ?

  7. ALL I ASK.. April 25, 2017

    I CALL BS….. I guess any organization can create an award and gas these “artists”…. Somebody please define “GLOBAL” for me plz…? Adele’s 25 sold a total of over 20 million records WORLDWIDE as of Jan 2017 according to Nielsen’s year-end report. We’re talking 7.5 mil after a late release in 2015, and 13.5 mil in 2016… SO somebody please explain. No shade, just presenting facts from REAL sources, AND not some living room blogger, sideye.

  8. JOHNVIDAL April 25, 2017

    I´ve been saying for a long time now. Beyonce is clearly more successful than these chart-position “titans” who clearly sell less than her (and that some stans use as arguments, teh chart positions I mean). Before self titled she was at a point in her career where she may have truly started to struggle commercially. But she took the right direction going for concept albums and forgetting about singles. Congrats.
    I would appreciate if TGJ could stop acting as if she were the most successful singer ever when she clearly isn´t though. Just that. If there´s a queen out there right now to begin with, that´s Adele. Whether you like it or not. I´m not a big supporter of either of them so I´m not bias. Adele is our current commercial monster.

    • Alex April 25, 2017

      No one is “acting” like anything. Adele has not sold more records than Bey! Get over it! This article simply said she sold the most in 2016. Without the help of Apple Music and Spotify might I add. Let’s see if Adele is still going Diamond 20 years from now. Adele may or may not have longevity, but Bey has proven that she does. NONE of her peers are selling like her. They used to outsell her though. But guess what? Bey is still here! So she is the MOST successful! Deal with it!

      • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2017

        Alex Boy yes, they act like Beyonce is the biggest seller like in history and they called her queen in this article. I said they “act”, not that they said she sold more than Adele (which would be pathetic and a lie). Also, for your information your comment makes no sense. Keep the “records” argument to yourself. An argument often used by lesser artists like Rihanna to mask their lack of ALBUM power. Adele sells 10 times more real ALBUMS than beyonce. Nothing wrong with it. But boy, don´t be ridiculous. You ACT as if Beyonce has sold diamong at any point of her career 🙂 No, Adele won´t be selling diamond in 10 years. SO WHAT????? Ugh stans from all the fanbases who cannot stand stats are so annoying.

      • of to work April 26, 2017

        oh please stop with your crap

    • meme April 25, 2017

      Let me rephrase…she literally HAD to go to concept albums because if she had continue releasing her music the traditional way, we would be singer a different tone. I actually think its amazing how she found a marketing strategy that works for her. Beyoncé literally changed the game and how music is delivered to consumers.

      With all that said, I still have more respect for artist like Adele, Rihanna, Ed, Taylor etc who release their singles and music the traditional way and still finds success in both single performance and album sales.

      • Pat April 26, 2017

        Wait…are you trolling…JOHNVIDAL?

      • LB April 26, 2017

        Anti was was released traditionally? Hahaha some stans are so deluded

      • Weaveney April 26, 2017

        The traditional way? Rih released flop single after flop single before Work hit #1, so…

      • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2017

        Yes it´s funny when some Rihanna fans act like she didn´t try her last releases like several times before finding the “right” single. They forget it had to get postponed (and even re-recordings happened) until the time was more appropiate (cooking the Samsung deal and letting Adele hurricane disappear among other things). Beyonce changed the way she releases in a moment she had to. It was change or die. And she cose wisely. Nothing wrong with that.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2017

      Trolling why??? lol So this is a Beyonce post and I give her big props and that´s trolling?

  9. Michael April 25, 2017

    Sam always see things in earnest when he comes to Beyonce!

    I think being earnest would require you comparing it to Adele’s figures from 2015 and Taylor and Katy Perry from the year before. Or Ed Shareens so far this year

    Since its obvious we believe she’s the greatest thing to walk on earth!

    To be boasting about 2.5 million album sold WORLDWIDE when everyone plugged and worshiped her s*** all last year is HILARIOUS to me!

  10. Casual April 25, 2017

    Beyonce has a huge fan base, but I don’t think Lemonade saw much market expansion beyond her base. That was evident in her streaming numbers. Lemonade is barely ahead of Adele’s 25, which was released in November 2015 and sold 8 million copies before the end of that year, meaning that 25 sold 2.4 mil on top of the millions sold in the closing weeks of 2015. Lemonade is also barely ahead of Drake’s views, which clocked her numbers while also being available for streaming. Having said all of that, Lemonade was a huge success and a landmark statement, but I think it’s important to put the numbers in context.

  11. meme April 25, 2017

    The check from Beyoncé must have cleared

  12. SMH April 25, 2017

    More smoke & mirrors BS. Adele’s “25” was declared the year’s biggest seller worldwide by SEVERAL publication with sales of over 13 million. I’ll give it to beyonce’s BS team, sorry I mean PR team; they sure have mastered the art of selling hype.

  13. Logan April 25, 2017

    I still don’t get how this is right if Adele sold like 4 million copies of her album

  14. gina April 25, 2017

    Fake news. Everybody knows Adele bodied this b*tch with 25.

    • Alex April 25, 2017

      IFPI said what they said!!! Adele sold 4 million records in 2016 from 21&25 combined. Not solely From 25! The list is for artists who RELEASED IN 2016!!! For all you illiterate ass people!! Bey is #1! Deal with it!!

      • Alex April 25, 2017

        @gina still can’t read I see!! Accept the fact that Bey is snatching your fave!!! She’s not going anywhere! IFPI is LEGIT! If someone else were #1 on the list y’all would be rejoicing!! Shut the f*** up and deal with it B****!!!

  15. G7Pat April 25, 2017

    we’red bragging about less than 3 million worldwide now. Yikes!

  16. Mark April 25, 2017

    I don’t know what you hooked on phonics h*** don’t understand Lemonade was released in 2016! 25 was released in 2015. Y’all so pressed! Bow down b**ches

  17. Theman April 25, 2017

    Many of these albums have sold more worldwide now though altogether. Beyonce’s album was released that yr. sold it sold what it did because of that lol. She did not outsell Adele either. Only Prince sold a few albums more. Moreover, Pink & Justin are Beyonce’s peers & they can sale as much or more than Beyoncé. JT cranked out a number one like it was nothing.. So sit down with this bs..

  18. fatusankoh April 25, 2017

    Yes queen Bey keep slaying haters have nothing congrant more careersuccess

  19. HailLegendBeysus April 25, 2017

    A goddess a Queen!!! Lol at these peasents using Mediatraffic as receipts against IFPI an organization that’s been tracking sales years before this Mediatraffic started ESTIMATING artists sales lololol!!!

  20. Suicide Blonde is 35 April 25, 2017


    ANTI- 600K
    FLOPGA- 600K
    BRITNEY- 100K


    • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2017

      It´s funny how Rihanna fans take Anti as a big success but call Joanne a flop, when both sold simliar and teh music on Joanne was harder to sell.

      • Datredd23 April 26, 2017

        Your an idiot Anti did 20 times better then FLOP ANNE lol harder to sell? Gaga was at the Super Bowl promoting ! The biggest stage in the world your points are so invalid

      • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2017

        No it didn´t. It didn´t do 20 times better. End of story. Rihanna had teh biggets promo of all, which is a long running #1 singles that peopel are forced to listen to everyday. And yet, she barely sold more. And yes, Joanne songs are hard to sell to a retarded pop mass like the one you belong too 🙂
        20 times???? LMAO Those are the times Adele sold more than Anti you mean probably 🙂

  21. BHYISI April 25, 2017

    IFPI>Media traffic a site that hasn’t had any legitimacy since it’s creation.
    I can’t with some of you bitter ass queens. You come to a pro Beyonce site just to b**** and moan.
    You’re talking about you respect Rihanna,Taylor Swift and such but those girls all use gimmicks every last one.
    Ri wouldn’t even be anything without singles, Taylor wouldn’t exist if the industry was based on talent.
    FOH with your hating asses. All you have to do is look at the charts from 2016 and see that lemonade was consistently in the top 5 worldwide majority of last year worldwide. The US is the only country that think streams mean anything. She still shut down Anti and Ri could only use those singles she’s good for. The year they finally release around the same time and Rih lost in touring and album sales. I see why navy members and especially flop Gaga fans are so pressed. Gaga had to resort in taking Beyonce’s left over gigs.😂😂

    • Alex April 25, 2017

      They so mad and it’s funny!!!!! Lmao!!! Wait til she top the Forbes list in a month or so!! They’ll be on suicide watch!!!

  22. RICHIE_RICH April 25, 2017

    Beyoncé keep the kids MAD!!!!! Dat way 👊👊😜💃🏼💃🏼

  23. Lewey April 25, 2017

    These numbers do not include the U.S.

  24. Jasmine April 25, 2017

    Congrats to Beyonce. I feel like her and Adele sold a lot more albums than what this chart says so I wonder if streaming music is helping or hurting the music industry. Anyone have any insight?

  25. Blank April 25, 2017

    This & her tour gross is more impressive than what people are giving her credit for! The Lemonade album might not DOMINATE radio like the songs from Rih’s Anti, Drake’s Views & Bieber’s Purpose, BUT for it to be amongst the highest selling albums is impressive! Same thing goes for her tour numbers! This is the second solo tour to Gross over $220 Million! She is the ONLY Black Artist to accomplish this!

    But because it’s Beyoncé: “She’s a slave, she’s a puppet, she’s being pimped by Jay-Z”! She doesn’t work for Jay-Z, she’s not on Roc Nation, she’s with Parkwood, her own company!

  26. King B April 25, 2017

    TOP 10 STREAMING ARTIST AMONG FEMALE (catalogue sales only)

    Mess at GLOBAL SUPERSTAR didn’t make the list. Overrated. I thought with all the global claims she would made it to the top 10.Sometimes you have to be independent, Samsung and Streaming can’t be with you all the time. And death at Beyoncé’s last two albums made into the top 10 without WW hits.

    • Oh April 25, 2017

      Most awarded is Whitney Houston with a total of 600+ awards. She doesn’t even have the most Grammys from a female artist. That title goes to Alison Krause
      It’s a shame folks have to sound as if we are discrediting beyonce but it’s not her fault you guys carry on the way you do with such foolishness. She is great, yes, but to start lying saying only she “can” when she has not even our done those that really did, and have done it better than her.
      Beyonce is a great singer but she has never out sung Whitney or Mariah ( in their prime )
      Bey puts on a show but the best is an opinion, because Madonna , MJ, and Janet all have been known to put on a SHOW.
      Beyonce is better than these chicks but she for some reason can’t outsell Adele. And yes, Adele has the number one selling album of 2016, even though some are holding on to the release in 2015… at the end of 2015 I must add. Y’all acting that s*** dropped January 1, 2015. Facts folks just facts. I love all these artist but let’s not lie on them

      • Alex April 26, 2017

        @oh But she does have more Grammys than Whitney, Mariah, pattie labelle, and every other female artist besides Allison Krauss. She is the most awarded LIVING artist. She only behind Whitney and Michael. And if she keeps racking up, she will surpass them! She’s only 35! As far as entertaining, she beats Janet and Madonna cuz guess what. They can’t sing and dance like Bey. Whitney and Mariah used to sing well, but that’s all they had. Bey would dance they ass into retirement. Y’all love trying to discredit this woman, but it ain’t gone work. She’s still #1 on that list!! Deal with it!! And quit bring up washed up has beens!!!

      • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2017

        Alex And Mariah Carey can songwrite Beyonce´s ass into retirement. So your point is????? LMAO Stans…
        @Oh was offering a valid argument. She´s great. But stop making it seem like she is the best at everything, she simply is not. In fact she is not the best at anything. She is a great convo of several things. I´m not too interested in her. But i can see she is great and a hard worker. You may stop disrespecting legends who anybody who is not biased can clearly see are better than her at many things.

      • Alex April 26, 2017

        @johnduval Beyoncé is s legend herself!! And if Mariah can outwrite her, why doesn’t she have ASCAP songwriter award like Bey?? Y’all just love trying to downplay her and the Beyhive not having it!! Point, blank, period!!! NO ARTIST is the best at everything and that includes the ones that came before her! This article is about her topping a list!! Damn it got y’all this damn mad??? Deal with it, stay on subject, and stop trying to downplay her success! If she’s not your fave, don’t worry about what she’s doing!! She’s not letting up anytime soon. Hell the legends y’all want to compare her to were FLOPPING like hell by the time they got to year 20 of their careers! Now check that!!

      • gina April 26, 2017

        @alex lmao wrong on both delusional accounts. beyonce will NEVER beat Janet & Madonna when it comes to performing, and Janet is still the most awarded living artist. do you bugs ever step outside of fantasyland for some air? lmao.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2017

        It´s sad to see you DON´T get any point at all. You were the one downplaying legends first. I stayed on topic on my first comment in this post and congratulated Beyonce. It´s you who cannot stand it if the asskissing is not total. Last but not least: if you don´t think Mariah is a superior songwriter to Beyonce then I just don´t know what to say to you. There are certain levels of delusion that I can´t deal with LOL

      • Alex April 26, 2017

        @johnduval well you should’ve stuck with what u said at first and left it alone! You were the one that brought up the other legends. If this were Rihanna or any other person that topped this list, there would be no “she’s not the greatest, or “she ain’t Whitney, madonna, or Janet” conversations! You don’t have to kiss Beys ass, but you’re still DOWNPLAYING her success to try to make others look good! She’s the best of my generation and that’s that. Majority rules an we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Done with the discussion

      • JOHNVIDAL April 27, 2017

        LOL Finally you say “of my generation” now. Something is something. Next time stop to think twice before trying to make it seem like Beyonce is a believable songwriter like Mariah or a singer of Whitney´s caliber. You´ll make Beyonce look better.

      • Alex April 27, 2017

        @johnduval Beyoncé is in a league of her own. She’s the total package. Unlike the ones who just stood there with a mic or the ones who just danced and couldn’t sing. That’s why she’s the only one out of all her peers still going #1 after 20 years. Being a better songwriter is subjective. However, Bey has he awards, acclaim, and influence to back it up. She’s no Whitney or Mariah, because she’s BEYONCÉ! The TOTAL PACKAGE. Like I said, deal with it

  27. King B April 25, 2017

    Haters told me Lady Gaga, Britney, Rih are more globals? Katy can’t release albums. P!nk and JT can’t keep up with streaming. Beyoncé’s winning.

    • Alex April 26, 2017

      @gina Madonna and Janet CANNOT sing!! Especially Janet with her whispering ass!! That’s why Bey is better!! She’s the total package!!! And Janet has more awards?? Last time I checked Bey has the most VMAS, BET AWARDS, SOUL TRAIN AWARDS, SECOND MOST GRAMMY AWARDS FOR FEMALES(22). The only award that Janet beats Bey in is the BBMAS. That’s all!! Do your research!! Janet ass ain’t had no hit since 2001! You are dismissed!!

  28. Fancy BISH April 25, 2017

    #MyFaveCantRelate lol

  29. @ASAPicon April 25, 2017

    The gag is Anti aint listed……… SMH, All them smoke n mirrors she pulled. I cannot

  30. BHYISI April 26, 2017

    Lol where’s Anti and Joanne? These are the two main fans bases who come at Beyonce and the hive, yet neither of them could even push 2 Million😭😭😂😂
    The breakdowns, the temper tantrums,the essays, the using of Adele, and older artist is nothing but deflection.
    An official chart organization is even telling some of you that here’s the sells, do with it what you will; And somehow people still can’t let it go. 🙄Keep using old artist whose vocals left them high and dry a long time ago😂🙄, or couldn’t​ sell an album now unless they died,keep using professional older scammers, who’s performance quality has always been greatly exaggerated since we can barely hear her speak let alone sing. I could go on and on.

    • Datredd23 April 26, 2017

      Honey Anti is nearing the 2 billion stream mark most streamed album in female history! Everyone knows Rihs physical sales would be higher if it wasn’t available to stream everywhere it’s not hard to understand! Lol of course beyonce ma physical sales were higher ! Do you think Rihanna really cares about the sales of that album when she got a 25 million dollar check for it?! Nah hun lol

  31. Justafan April 26, 2017

    Geeze…Mariah’s Charmbracelet sold more than anyone on this list 3 and THAT was considered a flop🤔

    • gina April 26, 2017

      lmao thats why the roach nest is so hilarious with their delusional worship of this overrated b*tch lol.

    • Caleb April 26, 2017

      But that was in 2002, when albums sold a lot more.

  32. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler April 26, 2017

    Anti is nowhere to be found

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