Preview: Mary J. Blige ‘Strength Of A Woman’ Album Documentary

Published: Tuesday 25th Apr 2017 by Sam

All roads lead to April 28th for the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul Mary J. Blige.

The enduring diva will release her latest album ‘Strength Of A Woman’ and, given the current climate surrounding her personal life, will have the world’s eyes and ears on ready.

To plug the project, MJB has teamed up with VH1 who’ll be airing a special documenting the making of the LP on May 2nd.

In a video announcement, the star offered fans a sneak peek of what they can expect from from the telecast.

Watch below…

We’ll be tuned in.

Mary’s music has been on point thus far this era, as such it’ll be cool to see how it was pieced together.

Here’s hoping this VH1 doc is the start of an aggressive push. Because sans radio run, she appears to be saving the heavy duty promo for the album’s arrival, which at this stage of her career, may to be the smartest play (rather than trying to bag a hit single).

She has the good will of the people in light of her oh so public divorce, so she’d be wise to capitalize on it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Team Keysh April 25, 2017

    Go Mary!!!

  2. Weaveney April 25, 2017

    She needs this because her songs sure aren’t pushing this album. Even a Yeezy feature can’t get her recognized by the Hot 100! Sad.

    • God April 25, 2017

      So negative. She doesn’t need the Hot 100 to sell albums. Let’s not forget, Mary has record breaking album sales and 9 multi-platinum album sales with ONE Hot 100 #1 song. NO OTHER H** CAN DO THAT. NONE. They need Hot 100 success in order to sell albums. Mary is coming to snatch your negative dry ass wig and you’ll have no choice but to let her slay you. Besides, she just spent 16 at #1 for Thick of It on UAC radio. And now he a 2nd #1 hit on UAC radio, from this era, Stay tuned, B****!

      • Dev April 26, 2017

        “snatch your negative dry ass wig”

        Will i ever recover from this lyric

      • Weaveney April 26, 2017

        She hasn’t had an album scan platinum since 2007, so you can miss me with the FAKE NEWS you’re trying to sell me here. Believe it or not, some of our faves can get BOTH Hot 100 success and album success – just admit that poor Mary can barely push on either front. And when your songs hit #1 on UAC, and nowhere on the Hot 100, that says more about the state of the industry and that no one else is trying this shtick. Mary is only hitting #1 because no one else is bothering with it. How you gon sit there and say she’s winning when no one wants to be put in the same game as her? Psh.

  3. DanYiel Iman April 25, 2017

    Talking badly about her isn’t going to change the fact that she is Mary J Blige a vocal powerhouse…

    • Weaveney April 26, 2017

      A vocal powerhouse should be able to stay in key. Try again!

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