Vic Mensa Blasts Future For Pill Popping Endorsements

Published: Friday 1st Dec 2017 by David

Vic Mensa has a bone to pick with Future and any musician he believes is normalising drug addiction.

His warning below…

The world was stunned to learn of the death of the social media driven rapper Lil Peep and was even more when it discovered it had been caused by a drug overdose.

Who wasn’t surprised? Mensa, as he believes Pump’s death signals a rising problem caused by pharmaceutical companies who are making bank via Hip-Hop.

He shared…


You got Future talking about, ‘I just rap about drugs because I know that’s what sells, that’s what people want to hear. While people are overdosing left and right. It’s really representative of the state of the nation, but it’s also horribly irresponsible because you got kids that idolize these people and will do anything they do.

He added…

To be honest, it’s like, on one hand I almost don’t even feel that I have a right to chastise anybody because I’ve done it… I regret it. I don’t rap about it anymore, but I have some lines about taking Xanax.

I really start to ask, like, at what point and time do we start holding the manufactures of Xanax accountable? The prescribers of Xanax and Percocet, at what point and time do the people that literally make these products in labs and mass produce them—when are these people criminals?

He makes an interesting point.

For, one does have to wonder why so many of Hip-Hop’s latest hits double as opioid jingles.

With this in mind we ask…

How do you think this problem can be solved?

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  1. Cough Cough December 1, 2017

    The manufactures make these as CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES used by people who actually need it. They are not to blame, AT ALL. Hood rats and junkies are glorifying it and bringing it to new levels of sadnsss, not the companies. Are you going to blame Bacardi for alcoholics? No.. Future can’t even raise his own kids properly so I’m not surprised he’s doing this bottom of the barrel nonsense- he’s a disgrace all around

    • LiLi’n’RiRi December 1, 2017

      I couldn’t have said it better #thankyou

    • SvenMahdi December 1, 2017


  2. 2bad2bme December 1, 2017

    That’s a fine piece of man right there

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      Sure is.

  3. Jay December 1, 2017

    I’m so sick of these “Woke Artist” boy stfu! These rappers are not ROLE MODELS! They rap what they “Know and what attracts Ppl” simple. Move on

    • Electrikblue December 1, 2017

      You stfu! It’s not about the rappers not being role models. When people hear about about pooping pills and doing this and that and getting money they wanna party and pop pills too simple as that.

      • SvenMahdi December 1, 2017

        Thank you Elecktrikblue!

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      You don’t like woke artists then don’t listen to woke music and stay listening to music that doesn’t mean s*** how about that

  4. DanYiel Iman December 1, 2017

    I agree it’s sad when drugs control the way people choose to live their lives!!

  5. StarXavi December 1, 2017

    It’s all a very deliberate push of these pharmaceuticals by the higher ups in the entertainment industry and pharmaceutical industry. There was a time when Rap used to be anti drugs but that has long since changed. Hip Hop specifically is used to push an agenda that keeps the masses in a haze or sleep state while real issues are being ignored. He’s right in everything he is saying.

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      I think these big corporations did this to hip-hop on purpose because it used to be seen as subversive before it was bought off.

  6. CrackIsWack December 1, 2017

    I listen to Future, 21 Savage, Migos all day and have never had the urge to pop anything. S***, I dont even pop Tylenols when I get a headache because I don’t like pills. We can’t keep blaming everyone but ourselves for our actions. People need to start being accountable for their own actions.

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