Beyonce & Ed Sheeran Blast To #1 On iTunes With ‘Perfect’ Duet

Published: Friday 1st Dec 2017 by Sam

As chart titans go, few stand as tall or towering as Beyonce and Ed Sheeran.

It’s little wonder then that their surprise duet on Sheeran’s single ‘Perfect’ is flying up the charts worldwide.

Dive below for details…

As at writing, the collaboration version of the track is sitting pretty at #1 on iTunes in the US, UK, Australia, France, Brazil, and countless other regions.

Already #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its original incarnation, the out of the gate success of the remix makes a #1 placement very plausible for next week.

Should it do so, it could well become Beyonce’s first US #1 single since 2008’s ‘Single Ladies.’ Or will it?

See, a combination of factors will play into that side of things.

Typically, under such circumstances, it’s the version of a song that delivers the most “points” in a tracking week that is the credited version on the charts. Hence, the duet is tasked with “outperforming” the original in order for Bey to have claim to the top spot.

Complicating that is the fact that Sheeran discounted the solo take to $0.69, along with all singles from his ‘÷’ album. The LP itself also received a price slash to $7.99.

For the Brit star, it’s a smart move as he’s effectively creating competition with himself – thus almost guaranteeing a win either which way.

Where this leaves Beyonce will make for a fascinating narrative to follow!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde December 1, 2017

    I would love for her to get another number one hit after 40 years……As a featured artist 😎

    • Meme December 1, 2017

      What you would love for, and actual reality is 2 different things. Eminem couldn’t even save a ho3

    • ??? December 1, 2017


    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 1, 2017

      Get a life, a man, and some melanin like you WISH you had, and get off of Beyonce’s c***, and you MIGHT just have a life.

  2. Meme December 1, 2017

    Why does this site make a post when songs go #1 on iTunes? Of course it’s #1, there are 2 of the biggest names in music on it. Let us know when it goes #1 on billboard. (Waits forever)

    Also, this site is full of pop ups sis. Had to write my comment in notes and paste it here because it crashes every 2 sec. DO BETTER.

    • Your Name December 1, 2017

      I don’t even bother trying to navigate the site on mobile anymore. It’s nearly impossible SMH!

  3. Truth predictor December 1, 2017

    Stop reducing the talent of this lady to a f****** position on the billboard. Number ones are good for early career, but later on see how this doesn’t matter. Every time she announces that she’s featured on someone s track the world gets in the same frenzy as how it was on Independence Day. So just shut up.

    • ??? December 1, 2017

      lol tell the bug lady to stop desperate hopping on other people’s songs in her struggle quest for a hit lmao

      • Truth predictor December 1, 2017

        I’ll do. But before that I’d rather tell f****** no lives to go comment on their faves posts… oh oups there are no posts about them, love from Paris 😘

      • ??? December 1, 2017

        lol or you can tell the roaches with no lives to stop commenting on every bugyonce post & get a job. smooches lmao.

  4. ??? December 1, 2017

    lmao gilr bye, anybody can go to #1 on itunes. walk on water “blasted” to #1 on itunes, where is it on billboard? lmfao

    • ??? December 1, 2017


    • ThatMessJuice.Flop December 1, 2017

      This song is going number 1 on the billboard hot 100. I just don’t see Post Malone Or Camila stopping it

      • ??? December 1, 2017

        lol didnt yall say that about walk on water? lmfao

      • ThatMessJuice.Flop December 1, 2017

        I most certainly didn’t say that coz I don’t really like Beyonka but if this song holds on for the week at 1 and 2 then chances are that it will go number 1…but I wish Havana would clock 1 week at number 1

      • ??? December 1, 2017

        lmao it…wont. camila will spray the roach with raid and get a #1 hit before she does lmfaoooo *streams Havana….

  5. pat December 1, 2017

    but yall still aint posted that billboard 200 and hot 100 greatest women of all time list yet tho

    • ??? December 1, 2017

      lol know why? cuz the bug lady didn’t make the top 10, but rihanna is in the top 5 lmao!

  6. Nirrad December 1, 2017

    This song is awful

  7. Ratedxxx December 1, 2017

    This bish cannot a break for shyt…she always got to be in the spotlight….
    And for those delusional ones talking about number ones dont mean s***….
    Ahahahaha..sames one talking shyt about other real artists who actually make real music

  8. gina December 1, 2017

    Havana is gonna block them.

    • Jeans December 1, 2017

      I hope Havana is going to #1 next week, if only for one week

  9. Austin December 1, 2017

    I love the original version of the song….they both spoilt the remix especially Beyonce

  10. thanosoftitans December 1, 2017

    Not a fan. Not really familiar with Ed Sheeran other than his appearance on Game of Thrones.

    Beyonce hasn’t released anything of interest to me lately. Her self titled album is my fav album of hers. Everything after has been lukewarm.

  11. Don’t Believe The Hype December 1, 2017

    Miaght as well call her Clingonce

  12. Yas December 1, 2017

    The pic looks like she bout to give him some top on stage

    • Jeans December 1, 2017


  13. RihYonce December 1, 2017

    Y’all thirsty asses need to get a life and worrying about your favs not going platinum in pure sales and relying on streams. Beyoncé doesn’t need to cling to anyone for anything she is the standard and she doesn’t need a number one to prove it. The artist who are going number 1 on BB these days can’t even go GOLD. Now check that. See yall in 2018 😘 the queen Sasha is coming to snatch that 7th #1 album & multiplatinum plaque. #WhenWillYourFav #20Years

    • DanYiel Iman December 1, 2017

      Amen 🙏🏽 Surely Beyoncé doesn’t care but meme lives for it especially while Ri-Whine-A song writers keep her on billboard list with her flat alto vocals!!

    • ??? December 1, 2017

      lmfao the standard??? u must mean the standard struggle cling-on, cuz taylor & adele sprayed raid on that roach in their first week of sales, adele in the first 3 hours lmfao. and stop fooling yourself cuz if the roach “didn’t need’ a #1 hit she wouldn’t be c*ck hopping from artist to artist to get a #1 for being on THEIR song. now check THAT bug and sit until that roach gets a hit THIS CENTURY lmfaooooo.

  14. Fancy BISH December 1, 2017

    Push through Edneesha ☕️

  15. b2b December 1, 2017

    CUTE SONG. Something nice for the folks who oh so love I AM… I loved her voice on those ballads, and some consider IASF their favorite album from her. I for one would love to hear it live, and I am sure they will duet at the GRAMMYS.. Maybe before Jay’s tribute? And for the MF haters saying B needs to break… Why? Because you tired of her? Her music is exclusive, and Idk if the radio plays her or not. You have to go scope Bey out, she’s not in your face accepting these wacky ass endorsements and doing wack ass interviews.

  16. Killian December 1, 2017

    Congratulations are in order , I hope (and I’m pretty sure) this song will be a billboard number one even if for one week there’s no other song I see beating it…we see you Bey you’re finally starting to play the game right.

    • ??? December 1, 2017

      lmao havana says gurl bye lmfaooo…

  17. Yo Yo December 1, 2017

    Itunes lmao.

    Poor Bey will never have another #1 Hot 100

  18. YouFatusankoh December 1, 2017

    You go Queen Bey andEDY ijusj buy mine they slay love them

  19. Pakko Ratón December 1, 2017

    Wow. This was a really great duet! Haven’t heard B in one like this since, her and Justin Timberlake. Kudos to them both!

  20. Justafan December 2, 2017


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