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Watch: Beyonce Performs ‘Blow’ On ‘Beyonce x10′

beyonce blow Watch: Beyonce Performs Blow On Beyonce x10

Beyonce‘s blazing HBO mini-series ‘Beyonce x10′ continues, with ‘Blow’ serving as the latest performance aired.

As reported, the concept of the project sees one of ten new King B performances (from her ‘Mrs Carter Show World Tour’) screened in the minutes preceding each new episode of the network’s top show ‘True Blood’.

Watch Bey in action below…


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Elijah Blake Sparks Talk of A Visual Album After Teasing Six New Videos

elijah blake that grape juice 2014 190 Elijah Blake Sparks Talk of A Visual Album After Teasing Six New Videos

“Elijah Blake ’bout to pull a Beyonce on us.”

Where the quote above comes from? Twitter use ‘RirisHubby’ who published the interesting message after learning of news shared by ‘Wicked’ singer Elijah Blake yesterday evening.

What said news has to do with Pop icon Beyonce?

Find out below!


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Hot Shots: Beyonce Stuns On…Surfboard

beyonce surfboardt Hot Shots: Beyonce Stuns On...Surfboard

Beyonce may not play when it comes to dominating stages, however the superstar singer was in a playful mood when snapping her latest Instagram pics.

Briefly breaking from her blockbuster ‘On The Run Tour’ with hubby Jay Z, the future hall of famer share shots of herself on a literal surfboard – poking fun at the famed line from her recent smash ‘Drunk In Love’.

Keen to see more King B? Flip the hood to see additional pics from her downtime – one of which should go some way to silence those “nagging” rumors….


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‘The Guardian’ Weighs In On Beyonce ‘Rosie The Riveter’ Tribute: “She’s No Feminist Icon”

Beyonce rosie the riveter that grape juice  The Guardian Weighs In On Beyonce Rosie The Riveter Tribute: Shes No Feminist Icon

Was Beyonce wrong to hail ‘Rosie the Riveter’ as a feminist icon last month? Let ‘The Guardian‘s Rebecca Winson tell it, and the answer is simply…yes.

Uploading the image above to her personal Instagram page days ago, it would seem the ‘Single Ladies’ singer sought to celebrate the working women of the world with the iconic image.

Unfortunately, in an article published by Winson today, the philanthropic Pop star has been painted as a misinformed maestra, unaware of the story behind what so many believe to be an empowering image.

Winson’s words below…


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Beyonce & Jay Z Reveal Premiere Date For HBO ‘On The Tour’

beyonce jay z 600x402 Beyonce & Jay Z Reveal Premiere Date For HBO On The Tour

Beyonce and Jay Z are heading to HBO.

The mega-watt couple are set to premiere their critically acclaimed ‘On The Run Tour’ on the cable network in September. And, after ample teasing and titillation, the pair have revealed exactly when the masses can catch the sold-out stadium show on the box.

What are you waiting for? The answer (and a fresh teaser) awaits below…


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Watch: Beyonce Performs ‘Get Me Bodied’ On ‘Beyoncex10′

beyonce hbo beyoncex10 3 Watch: Beyonce Performs Get Me Bodied On Beyoncex10

The countdown continued for Beyonce‘s HBO mini-series ‘Beyoncex10′ last night.

Aptly titled, ten performances from the diva’s recently wrapped ‘Mrs Carter Show’ have been awarded a coveted slot on the network’s schedule – and air in the five minutes before each new episode of ‘True Blood’.

The latest to wow the masses? King B’s high octane showing of ‘Get Me Bodied’ from 2006′s ‘B’Day’.

All the action below…


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Beyonce Teases Possible Involvement In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

beyonce fifty shades of grey Beyonce Teases Possible Involvement In Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Beauty, brains, business, and of course, stage blazing; Beyonce has become synonymous with them all.

However, in the last year, “stealthiness” has been added to the singer’s repertoire.

Indeed, from surprise albums to unannounced performances, King B appears to have mastered the art of the “shock factor”.

It’s for this reason, then, that many are wondering whether the star dropped a major hint about her next ambush on Instagram today.

See what we mean below…


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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame To Introduce Beyonce Exhibit

beyonce that grape juice 2013 beyonce album Rock & Roll Hall of Fame To Introduce Beyonce Exhibit

The ‘Rock & Roll Half of Fame’ is to celebrate the work of Pop singer Beyonce this year, announcing the development of an exhibition dedicated to the star’s work!

Details on their plans below…


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