Beyonce’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ Certified Platinum in the UK

Published: Saturday 11th May 2024 by Sam

Beyonce continues to rack up with her blockbuster smash ‘Texas Hold ‘Em.’

Especially in the UK, where the ‘Cowboy Carter’ lead single has hit a major new milestone.

Full story below…

It has been announced that the Country-flavored cut, a multi-week #1 in the region, has been certified BRIT Certified Platinum.

The feat recognizes 600,000 equivalent units sold in the UK.

The news comes on as Queen Bey continues to reign with the ‘Cowboy Carter’ project at large. Indeed, as reported, the set – which is home to hits such as ‘Jolene’ and ‘II Most Wanted’ – has hit 1 Billion streams on Spotify.

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  1. Ms.Ling Ling 🤰🏻🥠🥡🥢 May 11, 2024

    I’m shocked lame ass UK people like her country stuff… Let Americans educating them well, mate!

  2. No mayo for i May 11, 2024

    Tell Taylor to CATCH UP without her white mayo privilege

  3. MecostaDenada May 11, 2024

    Looking at the cover art we see where Meg The H00ker got her video wardrobe idea.

  4. Nahbruh May 11, 2024

    Why is her crouch out?

    • MecostaDenada May 11, 2024

      Because she is a H0. That’s what they do.

      • Lanafan1 May 12, 2024

        She’s married and has been for 20 years. A ho is someone who sleeps around. She does not. You are unmarried and poor.

      • Distasteful May 12, 2024

        Cause married women showcase their privates to the public even if they are billionaires

  5. What Would 50 cent Do May 11, 2024

    RnB artist KIRA CHILL song NEVER AGAIN on Spotify and Apple is on the rise. Everybody is watching her they saying she’s beautiful and very talented

    • Flopwood May 11, 2024

      We don’t know her

      • What Would 50 cent Do May 11, 2024

        Kira Chill Never Again on Spotify she black female from Philly.. streets is calling Kira Chill is the one everybody has been looking for. That she is the one. Her voice sends chills so they call her kira Chill

    • WW Normani Do May 11, 2024


      • What Would 50 cent Do May 11, 2024

        Normani b**** hang it up she can’t sing like Kira. Chill

        KIRA CHILL released NEVER AGAIN on Spotify. cause she is not SCARED

  6. Mimi May 13, 2024

    Does it matter other country artist are passing her right by and she isn’t number one. Taylor Swift’s new album is passing right by her. Beyoncé turned country jnto pop and put some cloths on.

  7. taylor May 13, 2024

    can someone tell this girl that she is pushing 50 and showing her crotch is classless.

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