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Beyonce Eyes Second Week Atop Billboard 200




‘That Beyonce reign just won’t let up.’

Hours before its hotly anticipated physical release, Beyonce‘s self-titled new album has welcomed more good news with open arms this morning, now that it’s second week sales predictions have been published.

What’s she on course to sell next week?

Well, if you happen to be an avid supporter of anyone considered to be one of her rivals, we’d suggest visiting another article published on That Grape Juice.Net and leaving this one well alone.


Find out- if you’re brave enough- below…


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‘Beyonce’ Album Passes 1 Million In Sales, Makes 2013 “Best-Selling Albums” List Just Days After Release

Another hour day, another Beyonce milestone.

For, after making history as the first female artist to see her first five albums debut at #1(a feat accomplished by her fifth album ‘Beyonce’), the songstress broke Itunes sales records while also notching her personal best first week sales.

Now, after less than a week of availability, the ‘Halo’ hitmaker sees her sales soar past the 1 million sold threshold.  This news is accompanied with reports that she is already listed in the year’s list of top sellers, despite the brevity of its availability and no physical copy of the album on shelves.

Read more about the latest accolade the Carters will be celebrating:


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Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ Hits 5 Million Mark In 24 Hours


‘I’ll take the critical acclaim and the #1 album to go.’

As Columbia Records and the folks over at ‘Parkwood’ continue to celebrate the project’s game-changing rise to the top, Beyonce‘s self-titled new album is fast becoming the gifts that just keeps on giving.

Why the star’s party #1s is on course to make room for one more?


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Beyonce Visual Album: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Moments

It’s not everyday the industry’s brightest star drops an album from the sky. Yet, Beyonce did just that last Friday (13th) when she shocked the world with her self-titled new album – which came packaged with an unprecedented 17 music videos.

Naturally, the sheer volume of material has ignited debate about favourite songs and visuals. Like millions the world over, That Grape Juice has approximately 105 best bits from the set, which we’ve managed to condense into 5.

Watch above as Patrick counts them down. Be sure to let us know YOUR favorite moments below!


What are your favorite moments from the ‘Beyonce’ album?

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Official: ‘Beyonce’ Bows At #1, Breaks New Chart And Sales Records In Process

You’ve read the speculations, assumptions, and projections, but tonight Billboard yields the official report of where Beyonce’s fifth album stands regarding its chart placement and first week numbers.

Indeed, competitors were already distraught by the digital records demolished by the ‘Bow Down’ beauty, but now Billboard’s ruling now brings with it new records the pop queen has broken.

Let your curiosity lead you below:


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Behind the Scenes: The Making of ‘Beyonce’ Album [Part 2]


After dazzling fans with the surprise of the fastest selling digital album in history, pop superstar Beyonce continues the ‘audiovisual’ journey of her self-titled album via a second look behind the scenes of its creation.

Unveiling the inspirations behind tunes like ‘Flawless’ and ‘Pretty Hurts’, the diva shines and sheds light on some of her favorite cut from her fifth #1 album.

Are you ready for more from the world of ‘Yonce?  Watch below:



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New Video: Beyonce – ‘XO’


Five years after earning her last #1 with ‘Single Ladies’, Beyonce eyes the very same spot with her new effort ‘XO‘ today, unleashing its video to push its supporting album this evening.

Sure to woo many a Pop inclined heart this week, the video sees Beyonce party with her pals at Coney Island, serving a far more tamer version of herself than the one present in the spicy ‘Partition.’

Enjoy below…


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