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Must Hear: Beyonce – ‘I Been On (Ft Bun B, Z-Ro, Scarface, Willie D, Slim Thug & Lil KeKe’)

Check out the official remix to Beyonce‘s fiery new cut ‘I Been On’ featuring a number of her favorite MCs, hailing from her hometown of Houston, Texas.

After giving it about 100  a few spins, we’d be lying if we weren’t kind of obsessed with it and hope Bey goes on to shoot a video in its honor.

Want to see here it for yourself?

Listen below!


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‘Bow Down': Rihanna Fires Shots At Beyonce?

Is Rihanna aiming shots at Beyonce‘s latest cut, ‘Bow Down‘?

Well, if a recent tweet posted by the ‘No Love Allowed’ singer is anything to go by, some might say the answer to that question is a definite yes, after data collected by the UK’s 4Music saw her accurately billed the nation’s most influential Pop star.

Want the full story below?

We’ll meet you below!


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Sneak Peek: Beyonce Beams In Blue For ‘British Vogue’

Beyonce may be gearing up to set sail on her ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’, but that hasn’t stopped the singer’s promotional machine from working overtime.

The superstar continues her major magazine movement with a turn on the cover of British Vogue. A newly surfaced snap shows the mother of one baring her super-toned midriff on the May 2013 cover of the iconic publication — marking her first time on its coveted cover. Last month saw the 32-year-old cover American Vogue.

Still no official new single and yet King B keeps ‘em talking. Diva.


Your thoughts?

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Beyonce Stands Up For Gay Marriage *Updated*

In a a time where people have become more aware of the prejudices that still exist to disturb the lives of minorities, speaking out against these prejudices as a public figure today is no doubt easier than it would have been for the likes of Madonna or Cyndi Lauper when they boldly did so back in the 80s.

Sure, as unfortunate as this may be to admit, there are some entertainers who while have condemned the mistreatment and legal barriers placed against same sex couples via seemingly heartfelt gestures, but have gone onto prove their motives for doing so are anything but altruistic…more interested in using the gay community to boost their own ‘approval ratings’ in and outside of the industry’s walls.

Today, ‘Chime For Change’ icon Beyonce stood as one of the many who truly does care to make a difference, making her stance on marriage equality very public via her personal Instagram page.

Full story below…


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Brandy Shares Thoughts On Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’

She’s the Grammy winning R&B pioneer with a career spanning over twenty years.

Indeed, while it’s a fact most overlook, Brandy‘s arrival via the hit show Moesha saw her carve a clean lane for Urban songstresses hoping to enjoy mainstream notoriety. Songstresses, that debuted as early as 1997 and as later as 2005 (Destiny’s Child & Rihanna respectively).

Now watch as she shares on her thoughts on ‘Bow Down‘- the scorching new song released by fellow triple threat Beyonce below!


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‘Chime For Change': Beyonce & Rita Ora To Join Forces For British Stadium Special

One’s a Brit Pop Princess whose sold over 1 million units in the UK since debuting last year. The other, a Pop icon just as renown for her timeless music as she is for her endless stream of charitable ventures.

This summer, in lending a helping hand to Gucci’s ‘Chime For Change‘ initiative, Rita Ora and Beyonce will join forces for a one off concert special, to be held in the city of London.

Details below…


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Hot Shot: Where’s Beyonce?!


This morning, as we celebrate being one day closer to the release of Beyonce‘s new single, we’re trying something a little different. In the photo above (shared by two of the entertainer’s fans last night) she can be seen in the company of her daughter Blue Ivy at the Carroll Garden’s spot ‘Buttermillk Channel.

Our question to you is…

Exactly where in the picture is Bey?!

Let us know below!


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