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ROC Rivals: Could Rita Ora ‘Dethrone’ Rihanna?

Rita Ora TGJuice1 ROC Rivals: Could Rita Ora Dethrone Rihanna?

Since she emerged, Albanian Popstress Rita Ora has been pitted against Island tart Rihanna.

Perhaps due to their similar background(both being signed by Jay Z and groomed to a greater or lesser extent by Beyonce), or  their similar aesthetic, their supposed rivalry heated up weeks ago with the release of ‘Party‘, Ora’s debut single.

Indeed, in what we agree is ‘tabloid trash’, Rita’s ‘out of the blue’ launch is said to have been Carter’s way of ‘getting even with Fenty’, for working with her ex Chris Brown against his wishes.

So, though we feel there’s room for both to flourish under his guidance, we ask this:

If Jay Z set his mind (and influence) to it, could he replace Rihanna with Rita, if the former  ‘stepped out of line’?



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Solange Rolls Out ‘Current Record Label’ Status, More In ‘Evening Standard’

solangebowlingballlandscape1 Solange Rolls Out Current Record Label Status, More In Evening Standard

Say what you will, but it takes some kinda fierce fashionista to make a bowling alley look like a runway.  Such feat is one ‘I Decided’ diva Solange Knowles can be seen doing with ease in the latest edition of London’s ‘Evening Standard’.

Donning designer duds, the youngest of the Knowles clan was certainly on the ball as she imparted a candid interview for the mag outlining her current label situation, her thoughts on the media circus surrounding niece Blue Ivy‘s arrival, and what fans can expect for her next album.

Slowly but surely bringing the broth to a boil on the promo of the ‘Solangel and the Hadley St. Dreams’ followup, see more shots from set and find out what else Miss Solo shared below:



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Hot Shots: Beyonce And Blue Ivy Out In NYC

Beyonce And Blue Out In Nyc TGJuice1 Hot Shots: Beyonce And Blue Ivy Out In NYC

Feast your eyes on these snaps of Beyonce, out and about with the ever stylish Blue Ivy.

Armed with a pair of shades, and appropriately placed security, the pair’s sighting comes weeks before Knowles’ latest single ‘End Of Time’ is released in the UK, April 22nd.

More below, courtesy of BeyonceFan


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Must See: Beyonce Steps Out With Tina and Blue

BEYONCE TINA AND BLUE 1 Must See: Beyonce Steps Out With Tina and Blue

Peep these snaps of Beyonce, out and about with mother Tina Knowles and daughter Blue Ivy.

Hounded by paparazzi in Manhattan earlier on today, their sighting marks the first time the world has seen Blue’s person since these snaps emerged last month.


More below…



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Report: Beyonce’s ‘End Of Time’ Scores UK Release Date

beyonce king b Report: Beyonces End Of Time Scores UK Release Date

Seriously though, is there any stopping  Beyonce?

For, less than eight weeks after giving birth to her first child, the ’4′  belle is readying the release of her brand new single ‘End Of Time‘.

Details below…


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Must See: “Music’s Top 40 Money Makers”

beyonce2 Must See: Musics Top 40 Money Makers

Since as far as anyone can remember,the amount of money an act makes holds just as much as interest as the music that brings that money in.

So, in a bid to quench the nosy thirsts of fan boys/girls the worldover, Billboard have released their list of Music’s Top 40 Money Makers.

Focusing only on US income, the list takes into account how much each act made in 2011 from publishing, touring and recorded music sales and does not  include finances made from sponsorship or endorsement deals.

It is also worth noting that the list accounts for net earnings and not gross revenue, and so to some extent differs from Forbes annual list.

Peep the top ten below…


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Hot Shots: Beyonce & Blue Ivy Snapped In Brooklyn

Beyonce and Baby Blue go out in Brooklyn Hot Shots: Beyonce & Blue Ivy Snapped In Brooklyn

Peep these snaps of Beyonce and Blue Ivy , out and about in Brooklyn recently.

In the company of long time bodyguard Julius, their sighting comes months before Beyonce begins shooting upcoming movie, ‘A Star Is Born’, with Clint Eastwood- and if reports are to be believed, Leonardo Di Caprio.

More shots below…


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From The Vault: Beyonce, Britney Spears & Pink – ‘Pepsi ‘We Will Rock You’ Commercial

This week’s From The Vault pick  differ from previous editions, in that it comes in the form of a commercial. But not your typical commercial. No. Try the mother of all commercials.

Featuring an all-star cast of leading Pop megastars, we are talking Pepsi’s 2004 Gladiator campaign.

With such venture, Pepsi Co hit the nail on the head in more ways than one. Using a reworked version of the already immense ‘We Will Rock You’ by Rock outfit Queen, the commercial for many is Pop “nirvana”. In that it brought under the same arena four of modern times leading acts: Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias, Pop-royal Britney Spears, Rock-chick Pink, and of course Ms. Sasha Fierce herself Beyonce.

Journeying back to the Roman Empire, our three heroines join forces to take down General Caesar. Each of them are afforded ample time to shine; with Britney serving up sex-appeal in earnest, Beyonce displaying ‘Diva 101′ and Pink repping for the rock community with her trademark “power rasp”. Like the adorning audience, we ate this up!

From the faultless casting to the impeccable cinematography, the big-budget affair is a prime example of the force Pepsi the brand is and how it operates to stay relevant to its younger generation – after many a successful past campaign with the likes of Michael Jackson.

EPIC, quite literally!

britney beyonce pink From The Vault: Beyonce, Britney Spears & Pink   Pepsi We Will Rock You Commercial

Your thoughts?


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