Beyonce Pulls Out Of Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Reboot?

Published: Wednesday 9th Mar 2016 by David

It would appear that Bradley Cooper‘s ‘A Star is Born’ show must go on…sans Beyonce.

Bad news below…

Beyonce was first linked to a ‘Star is Born’ reboot following her performance in the Box Office rocking ‘Dreamgirls.’

Unfortunately, fans learned that she had opted to step away from the project following Mathew Knowles’ departure from her management camp.

Hope was restored  reports claimed she’d had a change of heart, and would take on its leading role alongside the actor Bradley Cooper.

Alas, today saw that hope crushed into bitesized pieces thanks to the following report:

Beyoncé wanted too much money and Warner Bros balked at her price. The production budget was also said to be an issue with the studio, so the project has fallen apart.


However, this doesn’t mean fans of the original flick won’t be able to catch Cooper’s version. For, the report also claims the ‘Joy‘ star is still planning to produce the project with another leading lady.

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  1. jaquala March 9, 2016

    Damn these artist ain’t playing about they coins. But I see the business in it. The budget for the movie itself is probably what she wanted which sucks cause my boo bey isn’t all that well of an actress to ask for those coins in that department. Anywhere else she got it love you queen

    • FORMATION IS RHYTHM NATION ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 9, 2016

      No. actually this was unprofessional on Beys part. She’s not an actor by trade. And for someone that wants an Oscar, she should’ve took the role regardless for exposure. Smh.

      • Bravo!! March 9, 2016

        Halle berry didn’t get a big pay for “Monster Ball” and she won an Oscar. Beyoncé have to take chance and a pay cut as well, to get what she want at one point.

    • FORMATION IS RHYTHM NATION ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 9, 2016

      @Bravo that’s essentially what I just said.

      • Royalkev March 9, 2016

        I understand these points, but what I like about Bey is that she knows her worth! She knows that there’s immediate interest that comes with any project she takes on. I’m sure she would have been a big draw at the box office (if she signed on to be in this film), although she’s far from being a seasoned actress. I don’t see anything wrong with having a high price tag when you know that you’ll likely generate a lot of money in the right role. Why let someone else pocket most of it when you’re the “star”?

      • Nancy grace slays March 9, 2016

        Shes so unbotherd!! Shes going on tour soon!!

  2. DIABETES UNBOTHERED March 9, 2016

    Wouldnt be the first gig bey ditched lol. Remeber the B Experience WII GAME lol. Bey can afford to skip out on all kinds of lucritive deals and still make more bank on forbes than SWEETBROWNANNA.

    • jaquala March 9, 2016

      Forbes has bey with 250 m and rih 120 either way neither one of us got that. Celebrate these women not drag one

    • What Now March 9, 2016

      You’re making fun of Rihanna’s coin, yet she can buy enough lifetime insulin supplies for you and yours. Chill out fat biťch.

      • Fancy BISH March 9, 2016

        Not the lifetime insulin supplies chile lol 🙂

      • Pat March 10, 2016


    • king March 9, 2016

      I was mad about that. Cause I wanted that game

    • king March 9, 2016

      You do know bey and rihanna peetty much make about the same amount each year

  3. ByeJay March 9, 2016

    Bey ain’t no kind of actress but every movie she’s been in has been a blockbuster hit *all shade aside*, so in regards to the figure I wonder how much is “too much” does that mean aka she wants more than the leading man and that ain’t happening cause women in Hollywood can’t make more than men ??? Lol

    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

      Truth!!! All Beys movies have grossed double or triple their worth. With the exception of Cadillac Record’s.

      • shakira stan March 9, 2016

        Fighting temptations?

      • shakira stan March 9, 2016

        Pathetic liar .

    • Diora Couture March 9, 2016

      One thing is “Beyonce’s Movies” and “Movies Beyonce’s Been In”…and SURE, the argument can be made that Dreamgirls is a Beyonce movie, but we all know that Dreamgirls is about Effie, and not what’s her face Beyonce played…

      “A Star Is Born” WOULD have been a Beyonce movie, and she had to get all greedy (allegedly). So stop trynna make it seem that Austin Powers was a blockbuster because Beyonce was in it!!! What was the BLOCKBUSTER amount for “Carmen: A Hip Hopera”????

      The bleachers are over there —->

      • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

        Gurrrl bye with your comment. The fact remains every motion picture Bey has been apart of she was cast as the leading female. So stop with this ridiculous comment. Death!!! Carmen was a straight to DVD release. Please remind me of what straight to DVD is doing blockbuster sales again! Have several seats at those bleachers you pointed at.

  4. HailBeysus March 9, 2016

    Kiii!!! Now I love me some Beyonce but gurrrrl who you think you is Merly Streep!?!?! Oh well they was too broke to afford the Queen anyway lmao! She ain’t worried. Formation done already brought in all the coin for the next 10 year’s hahahaha!

    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016


    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 9, 2016

      Maybe they just wanted to give her something really small..and she was like..’B****, I MAY NOT BE MERYL STREEP BUT I AM FUCKKING BEYONCE’ so u can keep ur little change, i have a STADIUM NON-POSTPONED TOUR TO ATTEND TO…BYE..LMAO

      • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

        Hahahaha Bish saw that 7 figure check and was like “Y’all mothafuckas realise i made $53 million dollars last year. Just by sitting on my ass!”

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 9, 2016


  5. HailBeysus March 9, 2016

    Kiii poor Nakiah’s comment just got deleted! #PoorDat ?????????

  6. DIABETES UNBOTHERED March 9, 2016

    Thanx to Dreamgirls Bey is the highest paid black actress & Thanx to Mrs Carter Tour Bey is the highest paid black musician. What did warner Bros expect, they shouldve known that they would have to come out of pocket to get a living legend to join their project. i bet she charged them $50 million atleast.

    • jaquala March 9, 2016

      No thanks to Jennifer Hudson. She slated dream girls

    • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

      I like Beyonce but let’s be honest. She is not the highest paid black actress

  7. Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 9, 2016

    But i really hope she does it…..i would love to see her in this role. I think she wants to do it, but the movie has so many issues going on with it and always at he wrong time for her.

    • Royalkev March 9, 2016

      At first I was not convinced Bey should do the film, but after a while I got use to the idea. Now I really want it to happen, but maybe it’s not meant to… We’ll see what the future holds!

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED March 9, 2016

    They need to get their story together first… first it was sceduling conflicts now its she wanted to much money. Bey doesnt need them they need her, bey already has 2 career defining roles under her belt & 4 #1s. I wonder who else they could get & if they want a Black actress specifically. Currently theres noone else with a big enough showbiz voice whos relavant enough unless they can get Adele to lose sum weight.

  9. YOUR MADGEsty March 9, 2016

    I would have liked to see her in this role to be honest.


    To this day, I still watch Judy Garland’s version (the best one) and fall in love with it all over again. As diagusting as the time was in America, socially and politically, 50’s hollywood will forever remain the most glamorous era of them all and movie-musicals were fantastic back then.


    I don’t know how I feel about her wanting more money – Bey. isn’t an “actress” in the slightest, but a movie star, but it is what it is.

  10. HailBeysus March 9, 2016

    Centedurine’s life must revolve around Beyoncé. Its always going the extra mile and searching Beys every move. Kiii it probably googles pictures and checks every hair straind on Beys head just to compare it with another. #PoorDat

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED March 9, 2016


    ANTI tour soldout yet where u live? Where i live radio stations been given out Anti tickets like crazy, they arent given out any more formation tickets tho cuz itz SOLDOUT. LONG LIVE SWEETBROWNANNA AND THE CURIOUS CASE OF BRONCHITIS #UNBOTHERED *snorts more coke*

  12. credits March 9, 2016

    Get Letoya luckett!

    • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

      Are you serious?

      • credits March 9, 2016

        About as serious as the fact that Beyonce’s acting isn’t as developed as letoya lol

  13. BCinKS March 9, 2016

    Bradley Cooper does not need Beyonce in a movie. Outside of the internet, he is WAY bigger in Hollywood’s ACTING world than she is. More than likely, this is a lower budget movie anyway. Look at his recent releases. She is only a draw to the urban market at the box office so she should’ve taken the role to get some crossover exposure. THEN she can start demanding her music salary for movies.

    • Regina George March 9, 2016

      THIS! Let’s look at the bigger picture here… The only other reason may be all the backlash from Formation…

      If it’s true this is just about the money, then Bey needs to suck that up and make it happen bc this could catapult her into an entirely diff arena of acting. She’s Beyoncé -singer, entertainer, etc… But actress.. Ain’t on that list… Yes.. She has ACTED, but not well enough to be expecting her arena paychecks… Just being real. Bradley Cooper damn sure doesn’t need Bey to sell this movie… It’s a classic Judy Garland film. White people would LOOOOVE to see a WHITE woman take this role. Bey could shut all of her acting critics up with this opportunity and cross another barrier… But I digress…

      • Wunderman March 9, 2016

        I hate when people diminish Beyoncé’s acting capabilities.

        Beyoncé is a Golden Globe nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – musical or comedy, so yes, she can act !

      • Regina George March 9, 2016

        Girl is you salty on a level of pretzel or ocean? I don’t give a damn if you hate when people say Bey can’t act.. SHE CAN’T ACT. And I said.. What I said… The vast majority knows this… Not saying she can’t get better, but nothing she has done solidifies her as a bonafide actress… I’ve seen You Tubers do better

  14. jaquala March 9, 2016

    I don’t get why rihanna always seems to be a topic in a bey post and vice versa. I’m pretty sure these are two different women in two very different lanes. Rihanna doesn’t wanna be bey and bey doesn’t wanna be rihanna the only thing they have in common is management. Other than that comparing them is just wrong they both are great at what they do individually

    • YOUR MADGEsty March 9, 2016

      This is how this site operates…

      You may as well get used to it.

      We’re at the point where Rihanna and Beyonce are LITERALLY this entire sites selling points. It may as well be renamed “That Rih & Bey Juice”.

  15. .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

    Don’t be mad at me just cuz you stan for a career criminal prostituting label s**** flop ass trash like Beybøla with 0% originality. I thought this era would be different, but she’s already stealing. First,
    • She stole footage from a documentary for her Flopmation music video which most of you no-life-having-āss-høe-hive haven’t seen yet beside mini-clips on Twitter, and
    • Now she’s stealing from Janet Jackson.

  16. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    Beyonce + Acting = A JOKE

    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

      You’re just mad Mrs Man’s entire career was a joke kiii!!!

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Did I lie? Beyonce is one of the worst actresses out there.

      • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

        ??? i never said she was some amazing actress. But the fact my fav has 2 golden globe noms speaks volumes. Have several seats outside of an amphitheater and daydream about Selena Gomez selling it out ???????

  17. .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

    Ya’ll need to come get your rat fave. She’s stealing again, and not giving anyone any credit.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      Kiii thats all she does

      • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

        You Stan for Ciara but love Rihanna? Don’t you know that Rihanna hates Ciara? You are not a member of the C squad! You’re a pathetic lame

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        Molly is cool like that. Don’t start random.

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Ok Ms.CinnamonBun find your moment.

  18. HailBeysus March 9, 2016

    Ha! Centedurine is always seething over the almighty Queen. Now Molly the struggling ‘bi-racial’ maid is desperately trying to cling to it because it has no backbone and has been dragged 957363637383 times this week ??????????????

  19. HailBeysus March 9, 2016

    Death now the C-Squad disowning their Maid ?????? OOOOOH the struggle to find a new stan base to call home! ??????!!! Surely the Navy won’t disown their pet!?!?!?

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      Yet everyone calls ms cinnamon stick my understudy ?

      • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

        Oh sweetie you want to be the Queen but you could never. You’re not even a pauper

      • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

        Chile, I’ve only seen that comment once. You stay lying. You’re def Navy. Cinnamon Girl has more of a back bone than you ever will. Cinnamon is dragging Mollys mutilated carcass today! #DraggedByANoob #PoorDat

  20. YOUR MADGEsty March 9, 2016

    @Hailey sis

    NOT Mrs. Man though?


    And the fact that I was watching a Scary Movie marathon last night, Chile’.


    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016


  21. YOUR MADGEsty March 9, 2016


  22. pat March 9, 2016

    some things you take at a lower rate in order gain the critical acclaim and to be taken seriously in that particular field, and the money comes with future projects…..maybe being taken as a serious actress is not one of her priorities

  23. Cindy March 9, 2016

    Beyonce already caught stealing and her era aint even started yet. ??????????????????????????????????????????????

  24. Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

    @Centurion, Molly is not cool. She’s a confused imbecile. Rihanna and the Navy have come for Ciara many times. Beyonce has never poked fun at Ciara. You Navy can have Queen Mentally Ill

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      Have fun being the hives new pet.

      • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

        I didn’t know they let you use the computer in mental institutions

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016


  25. Cindy March 9, 2016

    I like Bey but she a mess.

  26. HailBeysus March 9, 2016

    So last night i was doing some research to see if I could find any tea on Beys new album lol! But instead i found out something more interesting.

    Beyonce is currently the most streamed female artists in the US! KIII what kind of none digital Queen slayage!!!! But i thought Cheatanna was the so called Digital Queen. I mean she has a new album out and the #1 single right!?!?!?
    I also read Bey is currently the 3rd most streamed female in the globe.
    2.Ariana Grande
    4.Elle Goulding
    5.Katy Perry

    All this with no new music on Spotifiy! BEYS REIGN JUST WON’T LET UP!!! Whats that 4 year’s in a row Beys stayed within the top 5 most streamed female artists in the world. Meanwhile fRih was out streamed in 2013 and placed at #7.
    What kind of none digital queen slayage with no new music!!

    • Mina March 9, 2016

      Well Bey does have a rather interesting and diverse discography so i don’t blame people for streaming some of her old stuff

    • blue March 9, 2016

      if you used your eyes and actually read the article you would have realised that bey was most streamed female artist in the usa but rihanna was the most streamed ww! Or the fact that bbhmm and ffs where streamed more times then drunk on love

      • blue March 9, 2016

        and that list was compiled months ago as it doesnt even mention rihanna’s current single work

      • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

        (Sigh) If your dumbass would Taken the time to read what I wrote. I said currently key word here CURRENTLY!!! This is for the first 2 months of Spotifiy. Straight from Spotifiy themselves. As of March 2016 Beyonce is the Most streamed female act of 2016 in the US. Last year Nicki Minaj was the most streamed act of 2015 in the US. Bey was also placed at #4 for most streamed female act of 2015 world wide. She’s currently at #3 for 2016. Have several seats at one of the empty SweetBrown-Anna and The Curious Case of Bronchitis’s show!

  27. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    “Beyonce is currently the most streamed female artists in the US”


    Yet formation isnt charting #makesnosense

    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

      Straight from Spotifiy themselves sis! You’re right something doesn’t add up. Oh that’s right SamSung be doing the most for fRih. PAYOLA at its finest kiii!!!

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        I dont stan rih bye

      • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

        Death!!! So the Navy threw your manged ass back out on the street’s!?!?!? Oh the struggle to find a home! ?????

  28. .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

    You sound stupid. Ciara is the one who came for Rihanna and her try-hard stan come for Rihanna all the time. Are you saying because Ciara and Rihanna don’t like each other that their stans should be fighting? Girl do something about that tumour in your brain.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      Its petty stan logic kiii. She can be mad all she wants. Shes walking in my footprints

      • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

        Poor Molly. You’re getting Mollywopped today! Teehee

  29. KING NAVY March 9, 2016

    *Vickie Guerro voice* Excuse me
    Excuse me
    Excuse me!!!
    there is no way Molly loves Rihanna especially when she spent the last three or is it four years dragging Rih for filth so please I know some of the navy on here be doing the most but do not and I say DO NOT EVER associate us with that racist biracial trash who can decided if she wants to be white or black. We all know this hôe is nothing but a leech he bîtch will even cling to a Donald Trumo or Bin laden Stan just to remain “relevant”
    I’ll say this again MOLLY IS NO NAVY so please we got other things to deal with like getting Anti to gold status

    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016


    • Annalise March 9, 2016

      I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????

  30. KING NAVY March 9, 2016

    Excuse the typos but I’m sure most of y’all get what I’m trying to say?

  31. Barb-wire March 9, 2016

    This post! Lmao… #RIPMaid

  32. Career Ender March 9, 2016

    I am The Legendary Career Ender and yet I dont have “The Legendary” on my username
    meanwhile lessore have “Queen” , “King” , “The Great” to seem more than ‘lesser bxtches’ they already are

  33. Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

    Oh please. You’re the one whose stupid. Its Rihanna shaded Ciara first, calling her Cedric, making fun of her album sales, laughing at her singing in the bathroom. It’s comical how you Rhitards love skipping over the s### that Rihanna does. Ciara has always been nice to Rihanna and Rihanna’s jealous insecure a## has always been a bish to her

  34. Career Ender March 9, 2016

    one thing I know for sure Mark and LB don’t use the maid , Centurion is a recurring non-factor bxtch who get semi-relevant one in six months

  35. Career Ender March 9, 2016

    the time I had to check a flip flopping bxtch, when it was playing ‘a mental hive member’
    __________________________________________________________ December 21, 2015 at 3:40 pm
    Career Ender says:
    don’t let me get into my zone, I
    don’t wanna hurt your feelings
    little girl!
    you been saying the most shxt
    about Queen Beyoncé throughout
    2014 and 3/4 of 2015 and suddenly you’re
    the Alpha and Omega of the Hive?
    girl you need to walk lightly , YOU AINT
    hopefully ia not all that shxt you been
    galping the whole of laat year taking toll on
    your mind
    December 21, 2015 at 3:46 pm
    Queen Molly says:
    Bitttch i haven’t came for bey all
    year tf… And I apologized to
    Tyler and Slay_hive so me and
    the hive are all good. But fake
    wishy washy biitchess like you
    deserve to be called out sis. Go
    cling to Mark pls sis… You are
    the bigggest embarrassment to
    the hive.
    December 21, 2015 at 4:05 pm
    Career Ender says:
    me cling to the basic
    lessor goat called
    you have said xit about
    Beyoncé in this blog and
    I have never
    and Tyler and Slay_Hive aren’t the
    complete Hive without me and Richie
    Rich and others
    I am the King of the Hive fandom in
    this site
    why you no seem to grasp it?
    I AM LEGENDARY! !!!!!!!
    __________________________________________________________I have never lifted my foot of its fat dirty neck since 2014

  36. rod March 9, 2016

    Beyonce net worth is not no $250,000 it’s $450,000 please get your facts all the way together lamp!!!!

    • Smh March 9, 2016

      And you know this how? Are you her accountant? It could be more than that amount Stop acting like you have knowledge of her finances just because you know how to google “Beyoncé net worth”

    • blue March 9, 2016

      take it up with forbes. Fyi that 450mil figure came from forbes too though…

    • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

      $250,000? $450,000? Do you understand arthmetic?

  37. rod March 9, 2016

    B**** CLEARLY HER NET WORTH IS $450,000 million including Jay-Z networth h** which makes a combined networth of 1 billion please KNOW YOUR FACTS B****

    • blue March 9, 2016

      show me bank receipts or shut up!

      • Annalise March 9, 2016

        I can show you the receipts of Rihanna filing for bankruptcy tho ???? digital artist of the millennium that owns her own masters, but still can’t get a net worth higher than 120M.

  38. .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

    Hahahahahahahaha. The Legendary Career Africa is always on my nuts and has been using me for relevancy since 2014. No wonder I don’t reply to its tweets anymore.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      Lmao right the biggest joke hive better claim this ghetto bird now that I disowned them

    • Career Ender March 9, 2016

      you had no gravatar nor relevancy in 2014

      I remember my first reply to you was ‘and you said all that to say what’
      and you been mad eversince, showing up my reply section 90% of the time and trying to jack my style
      only to become the lowest rated member of tge nazi since the departure of LAX

  39. rod March 9, 2016

    YAW B****** ARE SO MAD THAT BEY IS PAID!!!! 450,000,000 MILLION…. BEYONCE HASNT SEEN THAT NUMBER OF 250,000,000 in years!!!!

  40. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    Causing all this controversy again ki

  41. rod March 9, 2016


  42. .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

    Girl stop worrying about Molly. Molly has her own clique. No one uses you, not even the no-life-having-āss-høe-hive. Stop taking out your frustrations of your lessordom on others. Get it together bish.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      “You know you dat bitchhhh when you cause all dis conversation”


      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        I’m still confused as to why it is calling itself legendary. It’s been calling it’s legendary since 2014. ????

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016


      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Kiii yet its made no impact what so ever it gets paid dust.

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        The hive, both past and present never used that emaciated hyena. He stays trying it.

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        They’re pretending to use it know lmfao so funny… Because they paid it dust until I SAID FUCKKKK THE ENTIRE HIVE ???????? and screaming at hailbeysus making fake navy accounts to try and come for me.

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016


      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016


    • Career Ender March 9, 2016

      and you probably typed this looking for the lost goats in the fields
      you lost your relevance whem you changed from ‘stan for your faves’ to ‘Centurion’ cos that’s when you stopped copying me
      ans now look at you read zero on relevance factor scale tgj 2016
      bye bish

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        LMFAOOO! “Stan for your faves”? Copy you? WTF? ??? Girl stop lying. You’ve been using for relevancy since 2014. I’m Rihanna, you’re Ciara.

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        I’m Mariah, you’re Ariana.

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        I’m Tiffany “New York” Pollard, you’re Pumpkin from Flavor of Love .

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        I’m Beyoncé, you’re fūcking Nikki from Girl’s Tyme..

  43. king March 9, 2016

    As soon as I read the tittle the first thing came to my mind was
    1. They was giving her enough money
    2. They wouldn’t give her a producer credit.
    3. They wouldn’t let her fund or produce the movie under her company.

  44. fatusankoh March 9, 2016

    You go bey do what is right for you God will bring the rights movie for you good luck with every thing more success in all you do

  45. Meteorite March 9, 2016

    I maybe in the minority here, but I would love to see Christina Aguilera take on the role.

  46. Career Ender March 9, 2016

    in 2014 mole clang to LB
    2015 she clang to Slay_Hive
    2016 she’s onto Cebturifag
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she has multiple sexual diseases , she whöres so much online

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      So you’ve been stalking me for going on 3 years? Get a job weirdo

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        You’re clinging to Centimeter now?
        Is the struggle that real? Lol

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Aren’t you and the rest of the hive tired of stalking my every move?

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Are you tired of getting dragged ?

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        Are the no-life-having-āss-høe-hive, especially Tryphina still mad that you dumped them?

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        This new found “friendship” will never work. Because nobody ever uses either one of you haha #FollowersLinkUp!

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Let me guess, u two lap dogs are using each now right? Lol

      • Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

        Tyler I thought you and molly were like bffs?

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Nah, we had more of a boss and employee relationship. It made sense at first. Since she’s a maid and all

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Bye Understudy!

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        You’re on TGJ every single day, 24/7. Keep building your “image” on TGJ and then maybe one day, just one day I might acknowledge you.

      • Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

        But you used to defend her am I right?

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Yup! Before she exposed herself as an undercover racist and called African Americans “dirty blacks”. Anymore questions officer?

      • Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

        So shes a racist Ciara Gomez stan?

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Didn’t Career Ender literally just use that exact same punchline to drag Molly the Maid? You’re WEAK lol. Try again understudy.
        March 9, 2016 at 1:28 pm
        Career Ender says:

        you had no gravatar nor relevancy in 2014

        I remember my first reply to you was ‘and you said all that to say what’

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Do you have a brain of your own? Career Ender just dragged you for FILTH. Now you are stealing his punchlines!? LOL Understudy’s loose points for that.

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        LMFAOOO @ dragged for filth. Absolute DEATH @ stealing punchlines. A fūcking mess @ this fruity bottom. Btw Tryphina do you remember this troll account you used to dedicate to me?

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Career has drags to steal? Lmao!!!!! Sit your bad breath/bad built ass down Tyra spreading all these damn LIES. Find a bottle of bleach & chug…

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Career Ender was right! People liked you so much more when you were TROLLING this site as I Stan(d) For Talent lol. Now you have to steal other people’s drags and “use Molly the Maid for relevancy”.*sigh*

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Tyranny bitchhh no one cares what your old bitter ass got to say tbh…. Centurion shitts on you and you know dat

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        Someone must be paying Tryphina to call people lap dogs and Understudies when this bish used to like a piece of gum stuck in everyone’s stiletto. He got an avi and a new email last year and started feeling himself.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        LOL You dont even believe that. You’re just clinging to that b**** because you CAN’T cling to me anymore ????

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        Oh Tryphina, why are you talking about stealing drags when you were following me around like a lost puppy and had no avi in 2014?

        This lessor is doing too much and trying way too hard. ?????

      • Queen Phaedra March 9, 2016


      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        WOMP! WOMP! WOMP! The moral of the story is, you might of actually had some significance if you wouldnt have switched your user name from I Stan(d) for Talent to Centimeter #PoorDat:/

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        Keep clinging to that “stealing people’s drags” argument like the weak āss bìtch you are.

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        LMFAOOO! You’re still trying? Tryphina my former s****, show some respect for your former master. I cannot take back the fact that I dumped you, fired you, kicked you out, and had you deported to the nearest s**** trade vendor right after I broke your legs and gouged your eyes out.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        In order to “dump” someone, you would have actually had to be cool with them at some point on time ya big dummy.
        I’ve hated you from DAY 1,understudy.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Why am I still talking to this groupie!? LMAO #DISMISSED

      • .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

        Bìtch still mad that I fired its s**** ass in 2014 without getting a severence package.  ??? ???

  47. Smh March 9, 2016

    LMAO Mollyester used to cling to Rosie even though she drags Ciara like a dirty mop.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      Rosies a legend on this site #loveha

  48. LB March 9, 2016

    Well, it’s not like she can act or anything, no loss here.

    She is not exactly Oscar nominee material, hell she is not even MTV Movie award material.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

      Didnt jhud slay her at oscars?

      • LB March 9, 2016

        SCREAMING at Yonce trying it with a fake smile that night

    • Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

      Lmfao Ciara and her struggle vocals will never win.

      • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

        And Porsha Special Ed Williams will never be smart

      • Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

        Your fav is broke and just got dropped by her label. Tap out flop squad.

  49. Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

    I don’t like Molly but my GOD she has everyone going crazy these days.

  50. Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

    @Porsha Williams Stan, Lol. You wish Ciara was broke. She has million dollar modeling contracts with top designer Roberto Tissci, Top Shop and Keds. She’s in Paris at Fashion Week hobnobbing with the elite and her handsome wealthy smart successful boyfriend is by her side. Meanwhile, your fave, is a low budget Instagram models selling her low budget products online and also selling her sloppy dumb a## to the highest bidder. Bloop!

    • Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

      Manaras career is done.. The Prince Heara is officially dead haha. Your mad because Porsha is actually relevant , on multiple shows and can sing better than weak vocalistara.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Let me ask you a question.
        How did you know than The Maid and I were supposedly “bff’s” but some how unaware of the fact that she was a closet white supremacist?

      • Porsha Williams Stan March 9, 2016

        I haven’t commented in like 2 mons

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Lol ohhhhhh

      • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

        Mad? Why would I be mad about a retarded prostitue?

      • Annalise March 9, 2016

        I’m almost certain that PorshaWilliamsStan IS @Moldy-Vadgina ?. She got exposed as the NeneLeakesStan last year and she names all of her troll accounts after rhoa women. Then she rarely comments on here but knows all of @Maid’s comment history. Plus the only person that would say she isn’t a racist, is @Moldy-Asshole herself.

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Jackie got exposed as nene leakes bitttch know your TEA before you fuckiiing try me you bitterr broke bitttchhh btw :Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #4(+4) Formation, @Beyonce [3 weeks]. *new peak* ???

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        YOURE RIGHT ! Did you see how that b**** was asking me 21 questions?
        I knew she seemed suspect lol

      • Annalise March 9, 2016

        YAWN… And all of the slavi accused you of being jackie tho ??? nice try hœ but I got your m’fvckin ass! [JACKIE – 19K ???] Lmao even the indie girls and newcomers are slaying Cyrus/Ci-Error so shut that beefsucker up!!!

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        That b**** stays trying to accuse everyone else of being a troll when she is one!

  51. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    Tyler stopped trolling under his Gaga account I see sis @Centurion

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

      Why are u here? The Ku Klux Klan Committee is about to report you missing

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        You’re pathetic and the true racist.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Coming from the same person who labelled African Americans as “dirty blacks” and called me a “dark b****” a few days ago * eye roll *

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Forgot about what!? Me calling the Maid a blond hair blue eye racist ass devil?
        You don’t have to forget! I’ll say it again…

  52. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #4(+4) Formation, @Beyonce [3 weeks]. *new peak*

    #WorkWorkWorkWorkWork ????

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

      You know what’s been Bubbling Under for the past few years?
      Ciara’s career ?????

  53. Annalise March 9, 2016

    *Floptasy Ride – US: 195,000
    * Basicness – US: 116,000
    * Cyrus – US: 133,000
    *Crackie – US: 62,231


    I can’t at Beyonce’s lowest selling album (4) outselling Cyrus’s last FOUR albums put together ????

  54. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    Wow Annalise the lengths you will go to try and bring me down. Thanks for using your porsha account and switching names to set me up.

    • Annalise March 9, 2016

      LMAOOOOOOOOO get a grip you psychotic bįtch! I’m screaming!!!! This is the same Porsha Account that has apparently been commenting for months, and you’re now claiming it’s me?! It’s been around for months, so how can you claim that I created it to set you up… especially since I was nice to you (since you were my lapdog) a few weeks ago. SEEK SOME HELP B*TCH!

    • Annalise March 9, 2016

      KIII you didn’t have to green-arrow your own comment tho!!!!! That’s how I know you’re a petty ass psychotic hœ with no life aspirations or goals, outside of being the slavi’s new pet.

  55. Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

    @Molly the Maid
    “Tyler stopped trolling under his Gaga account I see sis @Centurion”

    The irony! YET you’re the one being clocked by David, not me. The people who run this site don’t even like your racist ass lol. Once they expose you, there is no turning back!

  56. Smh March 9, 2016

    Anyone notice that #JACKIE has stop commenting ever since Annalise clocked and dragged her bipolar ass for being Molly. The Z Squad clearly invest a lot of time creating 253562278 troll accounts it’s a pity they can invest all that energy into creating 24163563 iTunes accounts so their fave can atleast scan 50K

    • Cinnamon Girl March 9, 2016

      She is not a part of the C squad. We don’t fawk with folks who support Rihanna

    • Annalise March 9, 2016

      LMAOOOOO I’m telling y’all I’m ALWAYS right about these things! I stay scalping these hœs. The irony is that fake ass @moldy-vägina tried to come for me under the @PorshaWilliamsStan account back in january, even though she was kissing my ass under her main account. She could never outsmart me. After all she was my employee for an entire year.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Molly should already know that s student can’t f*** with a teacher

  57. HailBeysus March 9, 2016


  58. King Mark111 /.\ March 9, 2016

    Remember when the Pest were bragging that Beyonce grossed over a billion dollars in the box office. And then I hit ’em with her having like 8 films, that’s not a great number. She only got most of those films for promo for the soundtracks, back when she had hits. Now what’s the point? So the soundtrack single can chart at #7 on the bubbling Under chart?

    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

      Kiii so Beyoncé grossing a billion dollars with 8 movies isn’t impressive. Lets have a look at some of Hollywood’s biggest stars all time grossings.

      Ben Affleck
      35 movies, 2.7b
      Jennifer Aniston
      25 movies, 1.4b
      Leonardo DiCaprio
      27 movies, 2.5b
      Cameron Diaz
      34 movies, 3b
      Jennifer Lawrence
      16 movies, 2.2b
      Chris Hemsworth
      16 movies, 1.8b
      Ryan Gosling
      18 movies 500m
      Angelina Jolie
      32 movies, 2.1b

      But according to Marsha having 7 movie’s that aren’t huge blockbuster productions gross a billion dollars is nothing. LMFAOOOOO YOU TRIED WITH THAT ONE. THE NAVY STAY GRASPING AT INVISIBLE STRAWS!!

    • HailBeysus March 9, 2016

      Also Marsha it’s 7 movies not 8. Carmen wasn’t a movie released to theaters nor is it listed as one of the movies that bring her movie grossings to 1 billion.
      4.The Pink Panther
      5.The Fighting Temptations
      6.Cadillac Records
      7.Austin Powers in Goldmember

  59. MsYonce March 9, 2016

    Wait Molly is a troll ?????

  60. Anti lesson back to sleep rihkaurrechb March 9, 2016

    Another actress will come in and take that role of this movie and Beyonce carter will be fine

  61. Pat Schwab March 9, 2016

    There was already a remake of the original in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. It is a great story and both movies were great.

  62. Navy Captain March 10, 2016

    I’m so tired of the Beyhive bringing Rihanna into every post. Guess what beyhive? Rihanna and Beyoncé have been making music in the same industry for the past 10 years. And what are they doing? COEXISTING. Why can’t we let that happen?

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