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Confirmed: Madonna Set To Perform At Grammys For First Time In Nearly A Decade

Madonna super bowl feb 3 2012 cr kevin mazur 460x340 Confirmed:  Madonna Set To Perform At Grammys For First Time In Nearly A Decade

Two of the music industry’s biggest rumors of the week have both proven themselves true.

Yes, last week we reported that Beyonce and Madonna were set to hit the 56th annual Grammy Awards stage this Sunday as surprised performers.  Not even 3 days later, the ‘Drunk In Love’ diva and her hubby co-star Jay Z were confirmed as featured performers for the show.

Now, in a move that rocked fans further, the Grammys committee have confirmed that Queen of Pop Madonna will indeed take the stage at this week’s ceremony – her first performance since 2006 when she brought down the house with her comeback hit ‘Hung Up’…


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Revealed: Where The Stars Are Sitting At The 2014 Grammys

grammy seating 2014 1 Revealed: Where The Stars Are Sitting At The 2014 Grammys

The countdown to the 56th Annual Grammy Awards is officially.

This Sunday’s extravaganza is poised to make quite the impact with performances from some of music’s biggest names – a list that is reported to include Beyonce and Madonna.

And while speculation mounts about the divas involvement with the show, the evening’s seating arrangements only pour fuel on the flames.

Access Hollywood have been on-hand at the venue of the spectacle (LA’s Staples Center), and today shared snaps of who is sitting where on music’s biggest calendar night.

As you see above, Mr and Mrs Carter have – naturally – been awarded front row spot. Where will everyone else be placed?

Find out after the jump…


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Wendy Williams To Madonna: ‘Sit Your Old, Wrinkled, Desperate For Attention Behind Down’ [Weigh In]

Screen shot 2014 01 21 at 12.53.53 PM Wendy Williams To Madonna:  Sit Your Old, Wrinkled, Desperate For Attention Behind Down [Weigh In]


Well, it appears that Queen of Pop Madonna, hasn’t exactly found a friend in Queen of All Media Wendy Williams. Indeed, the 49-year-old talk-show maven weighed in on Madge’s recent Instagram posting where she referred to her son Rocco as the “N-word” – a stunt that landed the Grammy winner in freshly poured hot water.

Granted, it’s a splash she’s often made her in storied 30 year career, but the controversy courted by this incident has given the ‘Hung Up’ hitmaker a backlash she probably wasn’t expecting.

Yesterday, Williams weighed in on Madonna’s comments, her relationship with her son, and so much more shortly after breaking down about her relationship with her own son.  The words that followed saw the controversial television host spew words like ‘old’, ‘wrinkled’, ‘stupid’, and ‘dumb’ toward the way of the 55-year-old pop icon.

Were they deserved?  You tell us below:


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Kanye West: “Madonna Is The Greatest Visual Music Artist That Ever Lived”

kanye west 2014 thatgrapejuice Kanye West: Madonna Is The Greatest Visual Music Artist That Ever Lived

Kanye West is renowned for endorsing few others beyond Kanye West. As such, it’s both surprising and warming to see that the Hip-Hop titan has shared his love for Pop queen Madonna in the latest issue of Interview magazine.

The outspoken star not only expressed his admiration for the diva, he deemed her “the greatest visual music artist that ever lived”.

His words below…


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Sorry: Madonna Apologizes For Using N-Word

 Sorry: Madonna Apologizes For Using N Word

Over the years, Madonna‘s racy antics have been rendered even more so due to her unapologetic stance. However, it appears the Pop princess isn’t afraid of saying “sorry” when the occasion calls for it.

After causing furore last night following an Instagram picture which saw her use the “N-Word”, the singer has released a statement denouncing her actions.

Madonna’s apology after the jump…


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Madonna Sparks ‘N Word’ Controversy With Instagram Comment

 madonna she is diva that grape juice tgj 31 Madonna Sparks N Word Controversy With Instagram Comment

In recent years, Madonna‘s ‘controversial nature’ has leaned towards ‘altruistic’ territory- using her star power to defend the likes of Malala Yousafzai and Moscow’s ‘Pussy Riot.’

Unfortunately, in a move that some are already billing an attention-seeking ploy, the ‘Like a Prayer‘ performer has sparked controversy today, by using the ‘n word’ in a comment she left on Instagram minutes ago.

Why the digital community are up in arms this afternoon?

An unfortunate message below…


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Report: Beyonce & Madonna Lined Up As Surprise Grammy Performers

beyonce madonna grammys Report: Beyonce & Madonna Lined Up As Surprise Grammy Performers

In the world of music, few names rival the individual star-power of Beyonce and Madonna. It’s a memo the producers of the Grammy Awards 2014 seem well-acquainted with; for, it is being reported that next week’s extravaganza will see both Pop queens take to the stage.

Details after the jump…


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