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Lady Gaga Opens Up About Madonna Feud / Hoped To “Piss Off” The Pop Queen?

Untitled 2 Lady Gaga Opens Up About Madonna Feud / Hoped To Piss Off The Pop Queen?

And…the claws are out yet again.

Indeed, it’s been two years since Queen of Pop Madonna took her first jab at pop princess Lady Gaga - labeling the young Grammy winner’s 2011 hit ‘Born This Way’ as “reductive” for its similarity to her 1989 hit ‘Express Yourself’.

What came after were months and months of Madonna doing just that – expressing herself via interviews and a highly publicized “Born This Way/Express Yourself” mashup performed live on her blockbuster ‘M.D.N.A.‘ world tour that courted much attention from her fans and Little Monsters alike.

Unlike Madge, Gaga has kept fairly mum on the topic since its beginnings, but now the ‘Poker Face’ performer is dealing a new hand to reheat a battle some thought had cooled.  Her newest statements below:

MadonnaGaga Lady Gaga Opens Up About Madonna Feud / Hoped To Piss Off The Pop Queen?


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Madonna Bares All For Harper’s Bazaar / Details Traumatic Rape

madonna harpers bazaar cover that grape juicejpg Madonna Bares All For Harpers Bazaar / Details Traumatic Rape

 As talk of an ‘MDNA‘ follow up heats up on many a fan forum, Madonna graces the pages of Harper’s Bazaar’s November issue next month, hitting the magazine for a spread that will no doubt shock some, but inspire many.

For in this spread, she details a story oft overlooked in the story of her rise to the top, explaining how she was raped at knife point months after moving to New York City.

Her story below…


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Interscope To Recall Madonna’s ‘MDNA World Tour’ From US Shelves

madonna that grape juice Interscope To Recall Madonnas MDNA World Tour From US Shelves

Jimmy Iovine‘s Interscope is gearing up to recall every single Blu-ray copy of Madonna‘s ‘MDNA World Tour’, it has emerged today.


All the details below…


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Delusion: Miley Cyrus Compares VMA Performance To Britney Spears And Madonna

miley cyrus we cant stop thatgrapejuice e1376315943550 Delusion: Miley Cyrus Compares VMA Performance To Britney Spears And Madonna

‘Take your medication Miley…a short vacation Miley…’

For one reason or an unfortunate other, those who either were too young to remember or yet to be born when Madonna and Britney Spears enjoyed their respective peaks, have been fed a gross mistruth by in recent years.

A mistruth, that claims that controversy and ‘rubbing critics the wrong way’ saw both ladies afforded the praise and acclaim they enjoyed then and still enjoy today.

Perhaps in trying to justify the messiness and lack of musicality that stops their favourite acts from reaching icon status, the misinformed willingly overlook the dedication both women showed to their craft on and off stage when deciding that ‘this talentless one’ and ‘that talentless one’ have what it takes to be the next ‘insert name of icon’.

Now watch the confused soul that is Miley Cyrus compare her VMA performance to that of Britney Spears‘ and Madonna‘s, in an interview with MTV below…


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Winning: Madonna Tops Forbes Top-Earning Celebrities 2013 List

madonna forbes Winning: Madonna Tops Forbes Top Earning Celebrities 2013 List

All hail the Queen!

Madonna may be 55-year-old, but she’s proving that not only is she one of the world’s top performers, she’s the most bankable.

Forbes have unveiled their list of The Top-Earning Celebrities 2013, with the original Material Girl coming out on top.

Find out why after the jump…


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Billboard Names Madonna Top Solo Act In History As Rihanna Threatens Her #1s Record

ec756ef4c3e959732cfe681daa5d982e Billboard Names Madonna Top Solo Act In History As Rihanna Threatens Her #1s Record

Last week Billboard unveiled a series of countdowns celebrating the 55th anniversary of the ‘Billboard Hot 100′ – the standard chart ranking system of today’s popular music.

Highlighting everything from the top 100 songs to every #1 song since the tally’s 1958 inception, the article courted little backlash given the fact they were based on legit statistics and not popular opinion…that is, until they unveiled the Hot 100′s top acts.

Now – days after the listing first hit the net – some fans are still up-in-arms about how pop icon Madonna landed as the top solo act in history, beating the likes of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder.  A feat all the more alarming when some recount the number of chart-toppers rivals Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have had as well.

So, as always, we turn to you – That Grape Juice faithful – for your input.  Is this worth the fuss?


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Natalie Cole: ‘Beyonce Is The New Madonna’

natalie cole that grape juice Natalie Cole: Beyonce Is The New Madonna

Natalie Cole has showered praise on fellow icon Beyonce this week, billing her the ‘new Madonna’ in an interview with The Grio.

Want to know what she said?

Peep her accurate assessment of the ‘Standing on the Sun‘ star below… (more…)

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Forbes Release ‘The World’s Most Powerful Celebrity’ List

c0dadc7cfec0035f97b2310440cc9ef1 Forbes Release The Worlds Most Powerful Celebrity List

Measuring a public figure’s fame, wealth and influence- Forbes ‘Most Powerful Celebrity List’ is a tally many-if no most- performers hope to find themselves.

Now, in what can only boost their stock in the eyes of those who invest in them, the likes of Lady GaGa, Madonna and Beyonce have scored big on this year’s tally- released to the world today!

Find out where your favorite act came in below…


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