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Watch: Rihanna Struggles At ‘The Monster Tour’

Diva Doesn't Deliver / Eminem Set Praised

rihanna monster tour thatgrapejuice Watch: Rihanna Struggles At The Monster Tour

Almost two years have passed since Rihanna last released an album. As such, one would be forgiven for assuming that she’d be well-rested and refreshed.

Sadly, as attendees at the opening of ‘The Monster Tour’ in LA learned last night, that was not the case.

The Mattel Model served up limp, lazy, and lifeless showings of her hits, leaving many wondering whether she’d rather be in bed.

See what we mean below…


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Drake Clarifies Claims He Branded Rihanna A “Devil”

drake rihanna thatgrapejuice Drake Clarifies Claims He Branded Rihanna A Devil

As a musical wordsmith, Drake is no stranger to clever metaphors. Yet, the rapper is taking a literal approach to defending himself against claims that he depicted ex Rihanna as a devil.

The Canadian MC sent the net into a frenzy during his OVO Fest in Toronto. For, while performing the song ‘Days In The East’, the screen behind him juxtaposed images of the Bajan beauty and a multitude of 6’s – prompting many to speculate whether he was branding Rih in a satanic context (see: historical use of three 6’s).

Hoping to clear the air (and rumors), Drizzy took to Twitter to offer his two cents. See what he had to say below…


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Drama: Drake Brands Rihanna A Devil During OVO Fest?

drake tgj that grape juice 1 Drama: Drake Brands Rihanna A Devil During OVO Fest?

Rihanna‘s vocals may be unholy, yet few have gone as far as to deem her devilish.

However, that’s exactly what the star’s former flame Drake appears to have implied during his set at OVO Fest last night in Toronto.

For, while performing ‘Days In The East’, the rapper stood in front of screen which beamed a fiery 6; this was followed by a flashing image of Rihanna, another 6, RiRi again and…you guessed it… a third 6. For the uninformed, the lining up of three 6’s has historically been attached to images of Satan

rihanna drake devil thatgrapejuice Drama: Drake Brands Rihanna A Devil During OVO Fest?

No word on why Drizzy would go as far as to brand his ex in such a way nor why the couple went their separate ways in the first place.

What is certain is that this should be filed under “Nothing Hurts Like Love”. 

Watch Drake’s RiRi roasting below…


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Rihanna Glows Green In New MAC Cosmetics Ad

rihanna mac thatgrapejuice Rihanna Glows Green In New MAC Cosmetics Ad

Usually a new candy colored wig on Rihanna means a new album is nigh. And while it’s already been confirmed that the star is cooking up her next McAlbum, her latest look is instead for her next MAC Cosmetics campaign.

Unwrapped moments ago, the print ad is more specifically being rolled out in support of Viva Glam – the sales from which go towards support for those affected by HIV and AIDS. Look out for the new range in September.

Say what we will about Rih, kudos to her for supporting a worthwhile cause.

Your thoughts?

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Slim Shady & Slim Talent: Eminem & Rihanna Perform ‘Stan’ At Lollapalooza

Model Struggles To Dupicate Dido Magic On Hit Song

rihanna eminem stan thatgrapejuice Slim Shady & Slim Talent: Eminem & Rihanna Perform Stan At Lollapalooza

Eminem and Rihanna are warming up the masses for their Summer ‘Monster Tour’.

The pair offered a preview of what to expect from the trek during their set at day one of Lollapalooza 2014 in Chicago last night.

Slim Shady, who headlined the bill, brought out Slim Talent to perform ‘Stan’ in the absence of original singer Dido.

Perhaps Em hasn’t heard the monstrous vocals that have flown out of RiRi’s mouth over the years. Because, it’s clear she was far from equipped to do the track justice. Indeed, at points, she sounded like she was sleeping.

The performance after the jump…


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Rihanna Announces New Male Fragrance ‘Rogue Man’

rihanna rogue man Rihanna Announces New Male Fragrance Rogue Man

Rihanna may have the vocal range of a dial tone, but her brand is booming.

Today saw the seductive songstress announce her latest fragrance, which this time is geared towards men.

Aptly titled ‘Rogue Man’, the scent follows the female-focal ‘Rogue’ which arrived last Fall.

Peep her elated announcement below…


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Rude! Rihanna Yells At Fans Following Photo Request

rihanna that grape juice 2014 vogue brazil1 600x562 Rude! Rihanna Yells At Fans Following Photo Request

Bajan beauty Rihanna wasn’t in the best of moods when she touched down in NYC’s JKF airport hours ago, returning to the city after rehearsing for her forthcoming tour with rapper Eminem.

Unfortunately, said mood saw the singer lash out at one of her fans in the city, whom she yelled at when he asked if he could take a picture with the Pop princess!

What went down?

Watch below…


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