Ray J Kicked Out Of Hotel; Caught With Drugs?According to TMZ, Ray J got himself into a little trouble over the weekend. Check out their report:

R&B boy toy Ray J was tossed out on his behind early Saturday morning from the Hyatt Regency in D.C., because Brandy’s bro allegedly had a stash of marijuana and a drug called “Boat” (a club drug) … this according to TMZ sources.

We’re told Ray J went to his room after partying it up, when hotel management got a complaint. It appears security went up to the room where they allegedly found all the drug stuff.

Our sources say the singer tried to bribe hotel security so he could stay but they didn’t bite. We’re told Ray J went crazy, arguing like a mutha. Eventually, Mr. J’s own security came to the hotel and carted him away.

Police were called, but no one was busted.

And the supreme insult — Ray J had to check into a Holiday Inn down the street. Oh the humanity.

Ray J’s rep tells us “The altercation did not directly affect Ray J — it was people in his entourage. But he did the gentlemanly thing and left the hotel anyway.”

A mess.

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Ciara - 'Click' Ciara’s contribution to the ‘Sex & The City’ soundtrack, a track titled ‘Click’, has surfaced. Written by Rico Love and produced by Salaam Remi, the whimsical cut is a solid effort. My only gripe is that the song sounds near identical to Fergie’s hit ‘Glamorous’ – to the point where it’s unavoidably obvious. I had to double check that it wasn’t that song’s producer Polow Da Don recycling beats again (lol). Still, a pretty good track all the same.


Hit or Miss?

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Missy Elliott Names New Album 'FANomenal'After lengthy hiatus, Missy Elliott is set to release her new LP ‘FANomenal’ later this summer. . Addressing the reasoning for choosing the album’s title, Missy said the following:

“I had a contest and we had so many people taking part. There were so many fans and I decided I wanted to dedicate it to my fans and spell it with F-A-N, FANomenal. I have had so many people sticking with Missy from day one. So this album is for them.” {Source}

Word has it the album will be preceded by the first official single ‘Act A Fool’. I’m not really feeling the album’s title, but I guess she justified her reason pretty well. ‘Ching-A-Ling’ wet our appetite earlier this year; it’ll be interesting to see what Missy serves up with the record itself.

Any thoughts?

Sad Xzibit News... Rapper Xzibit posted the following on his official MySpace yesterday:


AS you all know, I shared with you the announcment of my newborn son Xavier Kingston Joiner on may 15th and also informed you that he was born prematurly. well this week was extremly difficult for him because his lungs were not strong enough to handle regular oxygen on his own. Xavier passed away this morning at 3:30am and I must tell you this, It is unatural for a parent to bury a child. I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when im having great times, life is too short to be fake. Hold on to your kids if you have them, protect them and show them you love them everyday you wake up and see them, dont take a second you get to hug them teach them and care for them for granted. You can have all the material wealth in the universe but it is NOTHING compared to having your family. I am thankful for all of my blessings and im not one to question God’s perfect plan, so I leave you with great love and thanks for the love that was sent earlier on my pervious blog to my son. Of course I need to take some time and handle my loss, STAY FOCUSED PEOPLE. Its not promised to any of us.
R.I.P Xavier May 15th 2008- May 26th 2008

Our condolences go out to Xzibit and his family…

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Win Signed 'Ms. Kelly: Deluxe' CD!Many thanks to all of you who entered our ‘Signed Ms. Kelly: Deluxe CD Give-Away’
The correct answer to the question:

What was Kelly’s first Number 1 outside of Destiny’s Child?

c) Dilemma

The winners, who are listed below, each win a copy of ‘Ms. Kelly: Deluxe’ which has been personally signed by Kelly Rowland herself (email confirmation has also been sent out):
1) Ashleigh Yu
2) Maciej Terka
3) Nathan-Devonte
4) Kwabena Boateng
5) Terrance Walker
Congratulations to the winners! Remember to keep it locked on That Grape Juice for future competitions…
While Rihanna gears up for the release of the the revamped version of her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded’ LP, a video preview of the tour DVD (which comes packaged with the set) has surfaced. Check out the German ad below, which includes footage from the 20 year old’s tour which took place internationally from December last year till early this year:

Can’t say I’ll be checking for this one. Prior to the release of ‘Take A Bow’ (which I still think is rubbish), I questioned what the point of a re-release was in the first place. However, ‘Take A Bow’s’ #1 charting both in the US earlier this month and over here in the UK now kinda answers that.

Will you be checking for the ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ re-release?

Keri Hilson - Energy (Full Version)The full version of Keri Hilson’s first official single ‘Energy’ premiered today. Some of you may remember, a snippet of the cut had been floating around a few weeks back. Having heard The Runaways produced track in its entirety, I’m a little more optimistic about Keri and her team knowing what they are doing with the project. Much of the material I’ve heard from Keri thus far appeals to me more than this, however it’s evident they are going with a radio friendly, hook-heavy, crossover cut to cater to the masses – hence broadening her appeal.
Saying that, I’m pretty anxious to see which direction her debut LP ‘In A Perfect World’ (due September 23rd) will venture into.

Hit or Miss?

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'Here I  Stand': Will You be Buying? After a near 4 year absence from the music scene, R&B star Usher is back with his much anticipated new album ‘Here I Stand’ – which hits stores worldwide today.

The massive success of the set’s first single ‘Love In This Club’ shows that there is evidently a thirst for the 29 year old Grammy winner’s latest material. That Grape Juice wants to know, though, whether you will be picking up ‘Here I Stand’? If so, why? If not, why? Heard the album already (lol lol)? What do yo think of it? What are your favourites etc? Feel free to drop your views in the ‘comments’ section…

Your thoughts?
That Grape Juice Interview: TamiaThat Grape Juice caught up with R&B songstress Tamia last month as she prepared for the start of her North American tour. During the course of our conversation, the mother of two talked, among other things, music, her role as a mother and wife, the highs and lows of being an independent artist as well as living with Multiple Sclerosis. An insightful listen, if I must so myself 🙂 Enjoy.


Part 1

Part 2

Click here to order tickets for Tamia’s North American tour

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Nelly, Ciara & JD On Set Of 'Stepped On My Jays' Video Check out these pics of Nelly on the set of the video for his upcoming single ‘Stepped On My Jays, which was filmed last month. The song’s producer as well as feature artist Ciara also appear in the vid – which should be premiering anytime from now.
Nelly, Ciara & JD On Set Of 'Stepped On My Jays' Video

What do you think of the pics?

This week’s From The Vault video comes in form of Jodeci’s 1995 smash ‘Love U 4 Life’. Arguably one of the greatest R&B groups to emerge in the 90’s, Jodeci delivered what many believed to be their career defining LP (their last) with ‘The Show, The After Party, The Hotel’ – from which ‘Love U 4 Life’ – a personal favourite of mine – was lifted. Check out the video, which features cameos from TLC’s T-Boz as well as Rev Run below:

Watching this back and reminiscing on some of their other hits such as ‘Freak N You’ ‘Lately’ and ‘Cry For You’, really makes the group’s current predicament (cash strapped and drugged out) all the more unfortunate. Still, the legacy they left behind, as evidenced by the string of hits they racked up, will ensure that they will forever have a place in R&B history.

Your thoughts?

Usher & Justin Timberlake To Collaborate?Though Usher’s much hyped new album ‘Here I Stand’ isn’t due in shops for a few more days yet, the Grammy winner is already talking about the projects re-release – revealing that a collaboration with old rival Justin Timberlake is potentially in the works. Some of you may remember, in response to a Rollingstone cover hailing Timberlake as the new King of Pop (nonsense anyway, as MJ has that title forever IMO), Usher said: “There simply is no comparison between me and Justin. He can’t even stand in the same lane as me, ever.”.
In an interview with The Daily Mail newspaper over here in the UK, he seems to have changed his tune:

“I regret it, because he’s a great friend of mine now. I was young and didn’t know better. We were both being kids and he turned out to be a really cool guy, and we’re talking about doing something together for the repackaging of my album. If we ever worked together, though, it would be the biggest record ever.”

This talk of a re-release prior to the original album even hitting stores kinda leaves a salty taste in my mouth. After all, why not deliver the best product you can to begin with? Anyway, I’m indifferent to the idea of a Justin collabo. Not to beat on a dead horse, but the Superbowl aftermath has made for me to lose respect for Justin both artistically and as a person….

Any thoughts?

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