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Watch: Kenya Moore Falls Flat During ‘Real Housewives’ Runway Challenge

 Watch: Kenya Moore Falls Flat During Real Housewives Runway Challenge

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ actress Kenya Moore was one of a few ‘Housewives’ to take to Vegas’ ‘Caesar’s Palace’ for a fun-filled promotional appearance in support of the series.

There, as ‘Bravo’ gears up to shoot the show’s seventh season, the ‘Atlanta’ star suffered her latest low, when gravity- standing in for Porsha Williams-pulled her to the ground as she walked the runway!

Watch her fall and its epic comeback below!


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Tinashe Tops ‘Rhythmic’ Radio With ’2 On’

Tinashe that grape juice 2014 tgj Tinashe Tops Rhythmic Radio With  2 On

Congratulations are in order for R&B newcomer Tinashe today, who now reigns supreme on ‘Rhythmic’ radio with her infectious single ‘2 On’!

Why the bop will now become unavoidable on Urban radio?

Good news below…


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He’s Coming: Kanye West Announces New Single ‘All Day’

Hip-Hop Titan

kanye west single all day 600x399 Hes Coming: Kanye West Announces New Single All Day

Despite hitting a commercial iceberg with recent album ‘Yeezus’, rapper Kanye West remains one of Hip-Hop’s most titanic forces.

As such, anticipation for his follow-up project is at fever-pitch and looks set to intensify after his revelation today about its lead single.

Details after the jump…


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New Video: B.o.B – ‘So What (Ft Mila J)’

bob mila j that grape juice 600x197 New Video: B.o.B   So What (Ft Mila J)

B.o.B teams up with Mila J to release his ‘So What‘ visual today, lifting it from the ‘No Genre Pt 2.

Dropping as the LA beauty whips up bangers for her forthcoming ‘M.I.LA‘ EP, the video precedes the release of ‘Champion‘, which features on said EP and packs a verse from B!

Check ‘em out below…


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Watch: Beyonce Performs ‘Get Me Bodied’ On ‘Beyoncex10′

beyonce hbo beyoncex10 3 Watch: Beyonce Performs Get Me Bodied On Beyoncex10

The countdown continued for Beyonce‘s HBO mini-series ‘Beyoncex10′ last night.

Aptly titled, ten performances from the diva’s recently wrapped ‘Mrs Carter Show’ have been awarded a coveted slot on the network’s schedule – and air in the five minutes before each new episode of ‘True Blood’.

The latest to wow the masses? King B’s high octane showing of ‘Get Me Bodied’ from 2006′s ‘B’Day’.

All the action below…


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‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Tanisha Thomas Joins ‘Orange Is The New Black’

orange is the new black that grape juice 9 600x399 Bad Girls Club Star Tanisha Thomas Joins Orange Is The New Black

After bumping actress Dascha Polanco to season regular status for its next season, the Jodie Foster-directed series ‘Orange is the New Black’ has called on a former ‘Bad Girl‘ to join its third cycle!

Full story below…


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From The Vault: Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted

Way before she was a judge on ‘American Idol’, the ‘X Factor’ and the Australian edition of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ and not long after blessing Janet Jackson with a few signature moves, Paula Abdul was a popstar in her own right. This week, From The Vault is celebrating one of Ms. Abdul’s finest visual works –  the magnificent ‘Cold Hearted

Pulled from Paula’s blockbuster debut ‘Forever Your Girl’ as its fifth single, ‘Cold’ is a Pop number with sprinkles of New Jack Swing wherein the singer warns a fellow female about a heartless, womanizing man that she compares to a “cold hearted snake “.

It was produced by Elliot Wolff – who was also responsible for the entertainer’s breakout single ‘Straight Up’ – and was one of her six Billboard chart-toppers. Unfortunately, its home soil success never translated into an overseas one.

As many of you would know, we love ourselves an epic video here at TGJ. Therefore you’ll understand why this one has a very special place in our vault. The work of Academy Award-nominated director David Fincher, the visual serves as Abdul’s homage to legendary choreographer Bob Fosse, most particularly his work on classic musical ‘All That Jazz’. The all-dance affair perfectly embodies Paula’s proposition as a “Popstar”: hook-heavy edgy Pop music, enchanting choreography, and high-octane music videos.

With Paula waving goodbye to her singing career almost two decades ago, we feel it is a shame that the current generation only knows her as a TV figure and not the award-winning stage blazer she once was. Just to express how inspiring and trend-setting she and this video have been, here’s a few well-known visuals which take inspiration from ‘Cold Hearted’: Janet Jackson’s ‘If’, Christina Aguilera’s ‘What A Girl Wants’, Britney Spears’ ‘Slave 4 U’, Ciara’s ‘Promise’.

Paula Abdul 1989 Coldhearted video her 3rd 1 single 300x181 From The Vault: Paula Abdul   Cold Hearted

Can you name more?

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Former Destiny’s Child Star Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

farrah franklin 600x436 Former Destinys Child Star Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Fans of Destiny’s Child have watched its members blossom into classy and successful young women. Well, most of them. Indeed, while Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle, and co continue uphold the integrity of their respected brand, the task is proving difficult for former member Farrah Franklin.

For according to TMZ, the aspiring solo star – who was part of the mega-selling group for five months from 2000 to 2001 – has been arrested for disorderly conduct.

Details below…


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Beyonce Teases Possible Involvement In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

beyonce fifty shades of grey Beyonce Teases Possible Involvement In Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Beauty, brains, business, and of course, stage blazing; Beyonce has become synonymous with them all.

However, in the last year, “stealthiness” has been added to the singer’s repertoire.

Indeed, from surprise albums to unannounced performances, King B appears to have mastered the art of the “shock factor”.

It’s for this reason, then, that many are wondering whether the star dropped a major hint about her next ambush on Instagram today.

See what we mean below…


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Hot Shot: Elijah Blake & JoJo Hint At Duet?

elijah blake jojo that grape juice 1 Hot Shot: Elijah Blake & JoJo Hint At Duet?

If you’re on the hunt for wafer thin voices cooing meaningless lyrics over Hip Hop beats, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, should you be in search of powerhouse vocals, meaningful top-lines and stellar production, you’ll already be aware of ‘Andre’ singer JoJo and ‘Strange Fruit‘ vocalist Elijah Blake, two peas in a hyper-talented pod.

So, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to learn that the pair caught up together recently, teasing fans with a possible collaboration with a snap uploaded to Blake’s ‘Instagram‘ page.

A simple pic or the teasing of a brand new duet?

You tell us below!

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