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New Video: Tyga – ‘Senile (Ft Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj)’

Tyga that grape juice entertainment 2014jpg New Video: Tyga   Senile (Ft Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj)

Into cholas and hookahs?

If the answer to the above is yes, you’ll no doubt feel right at home tuned into Tyga‘s ‘Senile‘ visual, featuring Young Money compadres Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj!

Weird, wild and wacky, the video drops in aid of its supporting album ‘Rise of an Empire‘, which features original material from ‘Money’s hit-makers, responsible for Minaj’s digital smash ‘Lookin’ Ass.’

What director Colin Tilley cooked up for the crew this time?

Find out after the jump…


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‘The Breakfast Club’ Roasts Mimi Faust Over Sex Tape Scandal

mimi faust that grape juice entertainment 2014 9 The Breakfast Club Roasts Mimi Faust Over Sex Tape Scandal


That, according to Power 105.1‘s ‘The Breakfast Club‘, is the most fitting way to describe Reality TV star Mimi Faust, after having a third party film a ‘sex tape’ starring she and partner Nikko Smith.

Now, after selling the professionally shot flick to Steven Hirsch‘s ‘Vivid Entertainment‘, the 41 year old mother now finds herself on the receiving end of ridicule launched at her by the show’s fans and social media at large.

So, as the world points and laughs at the fame-thirsty pair and supposed attempts to use the tape to boost their public profiles, the ‘Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God weighs in on the matter, billing Faust his ‘Donkey of the Day.’

Listen below…


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Confirmed: Brandy Splits From Fiancé

Couple Became Engaged In 2012

brandy ryan press 13 600x577 Confirmed: Brandy Splits From Fiancé

For months, speculation has been rife about the status of Brandy relationship with fiancé Ryan Press.

Indeed, there has been strong suggestion that the Vocal Bible was no longer with the respected music exec.

Sadly, the rumors have been confirmed as true moments ago – with the diva’s rep releasing a statement addressing the pair’s split.

Details below….


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New Video: Estelle – ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)’

estelle make her say video New Video: Estelle   Make Her Say (Beat It Up)

Estelle ups her edgy in the video for racy new single ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)’.

The controversial cut has generated debate aplenty since hitting the net earlier this year – and it appears the London-bred/New York-based beauty is keen to capitalise on the buzz by cooking up an equally “engaging” visual.

See what we mean below. {Video may not be suitable for younger readers}


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Watch: ‘The Fabulous Life Of…Mariah Carey’

mariah carey youre mine that grape juice 2014 81 Watch: The Fabulous Life Of...Mariah Carey

Fans may yet to learn the name of her new album, but that hasn’t stopped Mariah Carey continuing on in her efforts to push the project, due out May 6th.

So, before its material gives fans access to her mind, VH1 makes its way to her pockets with the launch of ‘The Fabulous Life of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’, now available to watch in full…below!


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Watch: Rita Ora Dines At ‘Chateau Marmont’ Following ‘MTV Movie Awards’ Appearance

Rita Ora Zac Efron That Grape Juice Watch: Rita Ora Dines At Chateau Marmont Following MTV Movie Awards Appearance

If you tuned into the ’2014 MTV Movie Awards’ on Sunday night, you would have seen Rita Ora fling herself towards US household name status when she pulled the headline grabbing stunt above.

Shortly after trending on Twitter and outshining Rihanna‘s appearance at the ceremony, Ora made her way to Sunset Boulevard, dining at the ‘Chateau Marmont‘ and later caught outside the spot by ‘Pop Candies TV.’

Press play for paparazzi footage below!


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Teaser: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past (Opening Battle)’

halle berry x men days of future past that grape juice entertainment 13 Teaser: X Men: Days of Future Past (Opening Battle)

While appearances/performances from the likes of Rita Ora and Rihanna stood as two of its highlights, the ’2014 MTV Movie Awards’ had many a fanboy glued to their screens when it launched a brand new teaser pulled from ‘X-Men: Day of Future Past.’

Lifted from its opening scene, the teaser below sees a number of the movie’s leading characters engaged in its opening battle, setting the pace for Bryan Singer-directed project, which stars Halle Berry, ‘True Blood’s Anna Paquin and ‘Skins‘ star Nicholas Hoult, who plays Beast.

Why this movie is one not to be missed?

Exciting footage after the jump!


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New Song: Jason Derulo – ‘Bubblegum (Ft Tyga & Timbaland)’

jason derulo talk dirty album 600x600 New Song: Jason Derulo   Bubblegum (Ft Tyga & Timbaland)

Consider yourself a fan of Jason Derulo?

If so, why not head to iTunes to pick up the star’s latest album ‘Talk Dirty‘, now available to enjoy in its entirety courtesy of Stephen Cooper‘s ‘Warner Music Group.

Going head to head with August Alsina‘s debut album ‘Testimony’, the LP’s launch brought with it the jam that is ‘Bubblegum’, featuring ‘Rack City‘ rapper Tyga, and produced by ‘Are You That Somebody‘ producer Timbaland.

Does the cut have what it takes to take ‘Dirty’ to the top?

Find out below!


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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Joseline Hernandez Mocks Mimi Faust / Tweets Links To Star’s Sex Tape

joseline hernandez that grape juice entertainment 11 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Hernandez Mocks Mimi Faust / Tweets Links To Stars Sex Tape

Yesterday evening, the unveiling of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s season 3 trailer saw fans discover that cast member Mimi Faust would spend the bulk of the season dealing with the release of a sex tape shot alongside boyfriend/supporting cast mate Nikko Smith.

Now, after keeping mum on the x-rated matter for months, the trailer’s unleashing prompted a response from Faust’s onscreen nemesis Joseline Hernandez, who took to Instagram to mock the star and her “Christmas package” packing partner!

Her words after the jump…


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Watch: The Word On…The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

What Are The Streets Saying About The Bravo Hit

After bidding farewell on Sunday night, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ gave many a fan much to talk about this season. Indeed, while the Bravo smash served up LOL’s aplenty, it also delivered drama that went some way to tear once unbreakable bonds between the ladies.

Now, before its fiercely anticipated reunion touches down this week, we hit the streets of LA to see what you thought about the likes of Nene and co, finding out which of the ‘Wives’ get your vote, and which you feel need the boot!

Check out ‘The Word…On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’.

Your thoughts?

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