Joss Stone Responds To Dallas Austin Accusations

Published: Saturday 9th Jun 2007 by Sam
R&B/Soul singer Joss Stone has finally responded to producer Dallas Austin’s much publicised claims that she ‘F*cked For Tracks’. Speaking to Metro New York, Stone had the following to say:
“I’m gonna let you decide. I never met him. I don’t know what he looks like. What can I say about that except for, ‘What an interesting high little man!’ I guess he was being a young boy and a little childish. What can I do? I don’t want to date any of them. I don’t want a boyfriend. Rather than be mad for that, I probably should pray for him because he’s got to have some issues. I think he needs to get a little help. He’s not well.”
….Ok then. I’m not convinced by her denial; she sure did take a long time to respond.

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  1. Lo’ June 9, 2007

    She is a nasty ass tramp. Ughh

  2. Anonymous June 9, 2007

    HMMM she never met him,thats funny cos it was Dallas that hooked her up with both NOVEL and SAADIQ for her album!!
    Its NOVELs songs that are the best on her album,and he is signed to Dallas’ label!!
    She doesnt sleep with producers?? Hmm,I think her track record speaks for itself..BEAU DOZIER,NOVEL,SAADIQ

    And ”a high lil man” thats rich coming from a self confessed dope smoker!!
    This lil girl has just had to apologize to Christina Milian and her mother for making accusations about them [they had contacted a lawyer],and now mighty-mouth Stone opens her big mouth again!!

  3. Anonymous June 9, 2007

    She keeps putting up this fake ”never met him” routine,when his artist is getting paid for tracks on her album!!
    she KNOWS she’s been sleeping with producers,Beau/Novel and lately Raphael,there’s a pattern that cant be denied!!
    Its funny she likes to call ppl SAD,when in fact she is a bitter little girl.This little tart has based her whole album promo on slagging her ex [Beau],she is STILL doing that in her interviews/onstage,and its 2 YEARS since they split!!!
    Dallas may have ”issues” but Stone has just as many,including her liking of the weed,so she needs to put her hand over her mouth there.
    At the end of the day,she is a little weed smoking w****.

  4. beezyfied June 9, 2007

    It doesn’t matter now. We know you’re a liar , stoner.

    Dumbass, thats why I f*** with Amy Winehouse.

  5. J June 9, 2007

    She blatantly f***** for tracks. Why is the b**** lying for?

  6. Anonymous June 9, 2007

    B**** please, she’s full of crap. F****** for tracks is the way to go, especially if you can’t sing. I’ll give her credit for being able to sing in addition to f****** for tracks. As for Dallas Austin, he just snorts his tracks….lol

  7. Anonymous June 10, 2007

    Oh shut the f*** up y’all! I bet y’all f*** for tracks too if you were in her position but she doesn’t ok! She is great and her album is too! So shut it! This s*** supposed to be over! F*** Dallas! Joss Stone is great leave her the f*** alone! She’s very sweet ok!

  8. Anonymous June 10, 2007

    She’s a lil tramp,WILLFUCKA should be her name!!!
    Her music is crap,she looks and acts like a hussey!!

  9. Anonymous June 11, 2007

    you guys are pathetic…Austin made a press release sayin he was sorry for lyin about that s*** like three months ago.
    are you that bored?

  10. Anonymous October 10, 2007


  11. MillAustin May 16, 2019


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