Kelly Rowland Performs On Kimmy Kimmel

Published: Thursday 28th Jun 2007 by Sam
R&B star Kelly Rowland stopped by Jimmy Kimmel with Eve to perform her current single ‘Like This’. She also performed her international smash ‘Dilemma’ which didn’t air in its entirety. Check of the performance:

Kelly must be feeding off her BET Awards energy because this is definitely one of her best performances of ‘Like This’ yet. Her stage presence and vocals have both been upped a notch. Having Eve there was great too – she amped up an already-hyped crowd even more. Great stuff.

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  1. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    can you stop posting kelly performances? im getting tired!!

  2. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    to the poster above, ummmm..this isnt ur blog how u gon tell the peron who runs the site not to post something

    SMH @ u

  3. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    ok now sum1 tell me dat ma gyal it on fire…dat is her best performance eva..i tink afta cumin out in da BET she realise dat mayb she gt sumting…boi i bought da album and i love it hope she brings LOVE or STILL IN LOVE WITH MY EX as her second single cuz her vocals sounds tight on it

  4. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    i really liked that performance, it was better than the BET performance. i like seeing her so happy now. I think she knew she did a good job. Cop the album July 3!

  5. david June 28, 2007

    that performance was really good i tought she was going to do the same but she surprised me im starting to like this girl maybe i’ll buy the album who knows

  6. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    you really should david! her new album is AMAZING!!!! you wont be disappointed! i PROMISE!

  7. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    Kelly is about to FLOP so hard next week with that album. Would it be mean if I laughed my a** off? ROFLOL

  8. Nicole June 28, 2007

    Continue posting Kelly Rowland performances! I love to keep updated on what she is doing. We have to give these artistes a chance to shine. We can’t be narrow minded and focus on one or two artistes.

  9. joejoe June 28, 2007

    Wow it was much better than the BET Awards performance. She is getting so much better with her performances and feeling more comfortable being solo. I love this. Keep posting!

  10. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    TO THE 1ST POST… good thing noone asked.. cos we beg to differ… loved that performance ma gurl is on fire!!! hav to get 2 copies special premium and regular… am so proud of her…

  11. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    Yeah Her best ” Like This ” Perormance This Is The Way How She Should Perorm This Live Her Vocals Were Amazing!

  12. Jacob June 28, 2007

    I was there.
    It was a small set for such a long wait.
    She’s SO SKINNY in person.

    But she did Like This, which was hot. Eve is thick, which is nice. She’s got those curves.

    Dilemma was good too. Real great feedback from the audience.

    When she “premiered” Comeback, she tried teaching us the lyrics. But there were like five gay guys and me singing the words while she’s trying to teach.

    I guess she didn’t anticipate that some people already had the album. WINK WINK. But she’s like, “Wait a minute! Okay this is how it goes.” So we shut up.

    But she’s great. Comeback is SO MUCH BETTER live. She could release it as a single, even if the live version is better than the album version.

  13. Jacob June 28, 2007

    Haha I’m in there. At 00:23, I’m the face under the black sign!

    AHAHAHA. The deormed face to the left of the girl holding the sign.

  14. DaTruth June 28, 2007

    I’m still in awe….THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!! She really is emerging as a STAR!!!!!

  15. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    get the album! out in the uk, and on july 3rd in the us! don’t bootleg it!

  16. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    thats what im talking bout.. kelly had them hype.. she had me hype tooo im so proud of her

  17. Anonymous June 28, 2007

    Your not the only one. I love that joint. Kelly and Eve were looking fabulous as always. They were great. I loved the hell out of the song. Kelly is shining so much their day. Another one of my favorite songs of Kelly was dilemma I played that song over and over because I related to it. Keep doing your thing Kelly

  18. J July 3, 2007

    That shitted all over her BET performance. Her vocals were on point and she had so much more energy and a greater stage prescence. Great performance. I haven’t stopped listening to ‘Ms. Kelly’ since the day I bought it.

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