Meeting Kelly Rowland

Published: Thursday 7th Jun 2007 by Sam
{More pics below}
I managed to meet R&B star Kelly Rowland today in London. This took place at the taping of Loose Women which she was performing on (airs tomorrow). I didn’t attend the show, but caught up with Kelly afterwards.

I’ve seen ‘Ms Kelly’ in concert etc before, but she is STUNNING in person – a real beauty. She was so gracious and down-to earth. Smiling and being very friendly with everyone. Her minder allowed the waiting crowd full access to Kelly, so along with an autograph, hug and many pictures, I was able to speak with Kelly in some detail.

Many were acting star-struck, which to some extent I was too, but I said to myself ‘you don’t see Kelly everyday…you better ask her something!’ I proceeded to wish her luck with the project and asked her what the 2nd single will be – to which I got a ‘hmmm’ as a response. I informed her that alot of people are feeling ‘Work’ (someone else screamed out ‘Still In Love With My Ex’) and then lol…*crickets* she (and her entourage) stared at me right in my face for like 5 seconds straight. I had to ask her ‘why is everyone looking at me? lol’ She was shocked and said that she didn’t know people knew of ‘Work’ etc like that. She was really flattered, so much so that when she was about to leave she called me out personally – by name – and thanked me for the info and said ‘it’s really useful’. I’m guessing their still mulling over which single to pick and it was good for her to get an idea of what people are liking.

All in all, a great day…

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  1. juiicySCOOP June 7, 2007

    Awww.. I love Kelly, she seems like such a doll!! I’m HAPPY you got to meet her, great pictures!!!!

  2. Anonymous June 7, 2007

    lol…that was so funny…I’M so 100% jealous of you! i want to meet her too, she’s my favorite female singer!

  3. J June 7, 2007

    I’m glad you told her that everybody is feelin’ “Work”. đŸ˜› That is definitely single material. Judging from the silence, I’m guessing she had no idea that a chunk of that song had leaked onto the internet. *lol* She seems really sweet. She really does deserve some big success with Ms. Kelly. Hopefully it’ll happen. Releasing “Work (Put it in)” with a BANGIN’ video would help no doubt.

  4. Anonymous June 8, 2007 met Kelly..I’m extremely jealous. haha. I hope whatever single she releases next will help a great deal with her album. [=

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