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Published: Wednesday 11th Jul 2007 by Sam
So the numbers are in, and its not particularly good news for Kelly Rowland. According to Hits Daily Double, the Destiny’s Child singer sold approximately 83,000 copies of her new album ‘Ms. Kelly’ in its opening week. Despite charting at a respectable #6, the sales will obviously come as a disappointment to Kelly and her fans. There inevitably will be fresh calls for Kelly to leave the Knowles camp and spread her wings elsewhere. For, perhaps, the first time I agree.

Unlike many, I don’t lay blame on Matthew Knowles or Beyonce; in fact I don’t lay specific blame on anyone. However, there are a number of factors that have contributed to the current situation. Fact is, Beyonce is a major money generator for the label, explaining why they pump so much promotion and funds into her. Kelly, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well with her debut effort ‘Simply Deep’, hence she would not have been as high a priority with the label. It’s all business – Kelly most likely understands this too. Having said this, by not giving Kelly the platform to do better – via inadequate promotion – the label were (in)directly hindering her chances of success from the outset.

According to industry sources, Matthew Knowles and Music World, stepped in when they realised the label weren’t handling the project as it should – hence the recent increased presence of Kelly on TV, radio and magazines. Therefore, accusations of Matthew trying to sabotage the project etc are unfounded. Still, for many – as the sales show – his interjection may have come too little too late.

So what does the future hold for Kelly Rowland – the solo artist? I expect it to be business as usual – the video for the album’s 2nd single ‘Comeback’ is set to be shot in the coming weeks. Assuming the following singles achieve major-moderate success, the album may continue to sell steadily (ala Amy Winehouse); a re-release similar to that of Robin Thicke may also be a step in the right direction. Looking further ahead, it may be in her best interest to quietly (without controversy) leave the Knowles’/Music World and start afresh elsewhere – which may be inevitable if the label decide to let her go. I’m sure Kelly’s Destiny’s Child repertoire will ensure other labels’ interest. ‘Ms. Kelly’ proved that Kelly can deliver and is on par with her industry contemporaries; all she is in need of is the platform to showcase her full potential. There’s a time for loyalty and a time for business – now’s the time for Kelly to handle her business.

What do you think Kelly should do next?

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  1. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    She should leave the singing to real singers and leave the game. When she “sings” it sounds like she is talking in a melodious way, kinda like cassie.
    She is trying to beat beyonce too much by showing of her body, and the way she is dancing.

    Kelly just hang up the towel.

    Michell on the other hand is a true singer. Cant wait for her next upcoming solo album..

  2. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    I honestly feel that Kelly Rowland isn’t where she needs to be at the moment. I don’t think God has called her to be a solo artist at this time. The music, although ok, isn’t Kelly. She needs to take some time, Really seek God’s direction, and find herself as a solo artist. Then she can decide her next step.

  3. D. Lewis-Thompson July 11, 2007

    Kelly is good in Destiny’s Child. She is okay by herself. The girl will always draw comparison between her and Beyonce. And the fact of the matter is that she is not a great singer lives. (Especially when she attempts to sing and dance at the same time). This has nothing to do with management. She should stick to singing ballards.

  4. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    anon1 and d. lewis y’all said alot but it’s complete bull. you are judging her based on one performance (BET) where her mic was giving trouble! she performed while singing and dancing in soldier, survivor, lose my breath live! and she sounded fantastic! and how are you gonna say she can’t sing? did you not hear her on stand up for love, bad habit, emotions, girl and others live? y’all feeding into the bull! and obviously none of you bought miss kelly because she really shows off her sanging voice on this album! get off the girl! if you aren’t gonna support her, don’t talk about her! seriously! i don’t think the problem is matthew or bee! i think the problem was destiny’s child’s set up and the bad member drama, and the fact that kelly is loyal to them! people see that as weakness and try to downplay her talent and call her second best to beyonce! i thin she needs to leave SONY and go over to jive or j records! matthew can try all he wants but he can’t control what sony does!

  5. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    I like Kelly, but the truth is the album wasn’t that good. Her lead single is the best song on the album. It’s rather disappointing to buy an album hoping for more bangers only to here a bunch of songs that sound like they should have been left on the cutting room floor.

  6. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    I knew this was gonna happen. She’s nothing without the group. She should just stop. Wait a couple of years when the world needs her talent, when a whole bunch of other stupid singers sing about mindless crap, then she can come back. Or just wait until Beyonce slows down a bit (which happens once and a lifetime) then she can come out. It just wasn’t her time…

  7. WHATEVER July 11, 2007

    To the person that said her album was wack…. You Crazy as hell the album was hot!!!!! and tempting to say it was better than… B-Day yes I said it B-Day! Ciara pointless album and all the other singers that came out recently… It is Kelly time it has always been her time Kelly is the s***! and although alot like to down play her MS. KELLY IS CLASSIC….

  8. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    I really like Ms Kelly and it is a fantastic RnB album. BUT i dont think it matches up to Rihanna’s latest effort. Half the tracks were just reworked tracks from My Story!! I dont think she should leave Music World because that might ruin the chance of a Destinys Child reunion. And plus the Knowles are pretty much her family.

  9. Whatever July 11, 2007

    Wrong!!! Rihanna record was a hot ass mess…. If it had not been for Hov to come in on that track it would not have gotten so much hype!! Boo her she could not even top at#1 people only liked 1 song of hers…. Wow and that speaks for itself….. Oh yea where she at now? major promotion numbers could not even match up!

  10. Anonymous July 11, 2007


  11. Anonymous July 11, 2007


  12. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    Selling records has nothing to do with actual talent and I think that is what yall are failing to realize. Rihanna outsold kelly not because she has more talent but because she was marketed to a broader audience. More diverse people can relate to “umbrella” over “Like This” and that is why she didnt do as well as rhianna. I personally did not purchase kelly’s cd so I can’t speak on the quality of the album but I can say that Rihanna took a huge risk and stepped in a different direction than her past two albums and it definelty worked in her favor. Congrats to both artists but as far as knowing how to sell records rihanna did her thing

  13. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    The album is awesome!! Don’t know what none of ya’ll talking bout “It’s not her time”. IT’S BEEN HER TIME. People need to stop comparing her to Beyonce. With Vibe magazine & B being on the cover instead of Kelly was a major flaw! Beyonce hasn’t even done anything new in awhile!! Kelly should have her spotlight but people will look at B over Kelly. Kelly needs to keep putting stuff out there, She’s gon’ have to climb her way to the top. Ya’ll go buy Ms. Kelly cuz it’s a HOT album. All the tracks are hot except for, max, two. I’ma agree with “Whatever”, this album was better than B`Day, Especially since Beyonce had fame already, for Kelly she really did match up to Beyonces album. So don’t hate & support her.

  14. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    You made some valid points! I loved kelly’s album and I hope that it does get re-released in the future and ihope just once that she becomes all that she wants to be in th emusic career.

  15. jer. July 11, 2007

    The problem is Kelly’s album is predictable. It’s medicore urban floth expected of a b-list female artist, however Kelly’s was in Destiny’s CHild, a hue A-list act. Her on her own showcases her mediocrity, especially in the shadow of Beyawnce. I thought After “Her We Go” Kelly would seperate herself from Beyawnce, but she’s still on her labes in every interview, magazine, red carpet, and live performance. IT shows how Kelly KNOWS she can’t od it by herself– she has to remind people “Hey, remember, I know Beyonce… my record will be hott!” And it’s not.

  16. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    Thank you for this article. I might have to actually buy this CD.

  17. Rae July 11, 2007

    I encourage everyone to go out and buy this album, Ms Kelly. Who cares that she debuts at # 8 or whatever the position will be. The CD is really good and people should give it a try. AND PLEASE STOP COMPAIRING KELLY TO BEYONCE… their music is so not the same.

  18. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    I really like Kelly, so don’t get me wrong when I say the following.

    It’s easy to blame the album’s “poor sales” on a lack of promotion. Kelly did plenty of promotion. The truth is, however, that the album wasn’t that good. Kelly wrote/produced the majority of the album’s content. The material she created wasn’t fitting for today’s CHR. “Like This” was an R&B hit, but it failed to make any significant movements on the Hot 100. The upcoming single is weak and I doubt it will boost her sales. The music may be too urban for mainstream tastes. Urban female music does not fair as well as male urban music does. One poster had a good point when they said Rihanna’s album fit a wider demographic. Her album is a mix of R&B and pop, which allows her to reach crowds not thoroughly interested in urban music.

    That being said, Kelly’s album could still go gold…platinum looks unlikely. The album faired poorly internationally, only reaching one chart, the UK, where she has a top ten single. Kelly’s career definitely isn’t over. She is talented and she CAN sing. Whoever said that she sings like Cassie is tripping because Cassie can’t sing a lick.

    I think Kelly needs to re-evaluate the material she created and try to create an album more fit for today’s music landscape. She isn’t too far off. The truth is, she isn’t an accomplished enough solo artist to develop a style too far from the landscape yet. Look at Hilary Duff’s failure with Dignity. The dance-pop style she tried failed miserably despite it sounding quite good. Even Christina Aguilera’s album Back to Basics faired poorly by her standards after she introduced her “classics” style. Kelly Clarkson looks to be a victim of this, as well.

  19. Miko July 11, 2007

    You people are so silly that it actually hurts to read your comments. Again this is being said through out the blog so hopefully when I say it, you guys might understand BEYONCE KNOWLES and KELLY ROWLAND are two diffrent people. Everytime a blog is posted about Kelly you hear the ignorant tounge lashes as if your feeble thoughts can alter time. Ignorance Breathes Annomosity. One more thing may I remind you people that Beyonce knowles had a hell of a long time to perfect her craft. Did you Jack Asses forget that Destinys Child was formally known as “Beyonce and Them” She has bee singing lead since the first album, and started writing music and producing shortly after. Although they were in the same group, both girls had diffrent rolls. It’s not her fault she wasn’t given that much, but now and even after the circumstances Ol’Girl still tried to represent. Bottomline is if she don’t sing your music leave it alone. I don’t think anyone of you individuals here ever put a CD before, and until such time your limitless expressions just say one thing about your character, “UGLY!”

  20. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    Opinions are like b***-cracks…Every body has one,and most of yours are wrong. I love the music that Kelly has made. Both “Simply Deep” and “Ms.Kelly” are stand out albums. Kelly can sing better than most of the female artist that are out now,including Beyonce. Music today is generally dissapointing. Every now and then a ‘breath of fresh air’ comes along. At the moment, Kelly is the only fresh air in the modern R&B genre. I recognize that there are those who don’t mind being suffocated by the likes of Rhianna,Ciara,Beyonce and the others, but I for one prefer fresh air. I will take Kelly over these pop-tart princesses any day. I will continue to respect pure talent and genuinuity over relentless manufactured crap; which is why I respect and support Kelly. Now that I have said my piece, I shall go and listen to “Ms.Kelly” my favorite album of the year.

  21. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    OMG SHUT THE F*** UP! maybe its the fact that half the songs were recycled! and had been out for almost a yr or maybe its the fact that like this had a s***** ass music video! and rihannas album is light years ahead of ms. kelly! b’day and ms. kelly shouldnt even be brought up in the same sentence! B’day sooo much better! and ciara’s is even way ahead!!!

  22. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    although KELLY is a great singer, she doesn’t have popularities like BEYONCE. In this game, there are many female solo artists like beyonce, rihanna, amerie and kelly, etc. they’re all different. I mean, kelly needs to appeal her own charcter to the public. GO KELLY! DON’T BE DISAPPOINTED NOW! YOU WILL GET THE CHANCE SOMEDAY IF U SHOW THE PUBLIC SOMETHING F****** GREAT!

  23. D. Lewis-Thompson July 11, 2007

    “anon1 and d. lewis y’all said alot but it’s complete bull. you are judging her based on one performance (BET) where her mic was giving trouble! she performed while singing and dancing in soldier, survivor, lose my breath live! and she sounded fantastic! and how are you gonna say she can’t sing? did you not hear her on stand up for love, bad habit, emotions, girl and others live? y’all feeding into the bull! and obviously none of you bought miss kelly because she really shows off her sanging voice on this album! get off the girl! if you aren’t gonna support her, don’t talk about her! seriously! i don’t think the problem is matthew or bee! i think the problem was destiny’s child’s set up and the bad member drama, and the fact that kelly is loyal to them! people see that as weakness and try to downplay her talent and call her second best to beyonce! i thin she needs to leave SONY and go over to jive or j records! matthew can try all he wants but he can’t control what sony does!”

    At Anon #3
    First of all, I did get the Ms. Kelly album the day it was release. Second of all, I just saw her live at the Essence Festival. She was terrible live when she sung “Like This” She did okay when she sung Bad Habit and Dilemna. So I know what I am talking about. I am not just going by the BET Awards. Ms. Kelly is a really boring album and I am mad that I paid money to buy it. All the songs that I really liked, I could have just downloaded from the blogs. But I did not do this because I wanted to support her, but once I got the album I was disappointed. And when I saw her at Essence, I was disappointed even more.

  24. fergg July 11, 2007


    kelly’s cd i really good and i think much more needs to be done, early on we knew ‘like This’ wasn’t a hit, so BOMB next single, then video. gma, trl, today show, 106, everything i mean come on with another single. my ass would have that video done and be singing EVERYWHERE i can.

  25. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    Where Kelly is lacking is not in her voice it’s everywhere else. She, in my opinion, has a beautiful voice, but she constantly wastes it on these forgetable songs. What she is out there trying to do is being done .. and done well by others. I think Kelly needs to find a new direction … maybe get Diane Warren to write her a memorable song … one that makes sense in and out of the hood. Being young does not mean you have to be this definition of hip this industry has got going. Trying being the new Whitney Houston instead of trying to do it like Beyonce …’cause as much as I dislike that chic I will have to say that whatever the hell it is she does she is doing it well enough to have such a big following … or am I blinded by the hype?

  26. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    For the ppl who says Rihanna album is not good you’re either bias, crazy or dont know music. Rihanna album is one of the best album for your money . you can put that s*** in and listen from start to finish without skipping. She can release 7 singles if she wants and i bet they will all be in the top ten on the hot 100
    i love how the album is not straight RNB she has techno “dont you stop the music ” the next single she also directed the video for it. she has reggae, RNB & pop. the funny thing umbrella is not the best single on her album you have breaking dishes, rehab, sell me candy,GGGB , dont stop the music & let mi get that all solid songs . Kelly is not comfortably on stage unless beyonce is beside her.

  27. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    Okay, when did this turn into Beyonce and Rihanna? This ain’t got nothing to do with them. THE tittle obviosly has Kelly’s name in it. And the cd is good. Kelly can sing.

  28. DARIUS July 11, 2007

    damn kelly didnt even touch letoya number so why yall comparing her to bey kelly needs new management maybe then she can get a janet jackson start after her first 2 albums flooped

  29. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    Wasn’t really feeling the single but damn we gotta start supporting our artist, or else their all gonna get dropped.


  30. iSaidit July 12, 2007

    Kelly and LeToya are peers in R&B music genre. Confused Bore-yonce R&B hot-ghetto-mess Bore-Day was a disaster and unfit to be considered R&B! Kelly was content singing second lead in the group, she had ample time to prepare for this release with a fierce marketing plan. Afterall over exposure is primarily Bore-once’s claim to fame, aside from her stage c****** oochie antics. Kelly needs to act, she definitely has Bore-once beat in that realm! Kelly isn’t hungry for the mic!

  31. Me. July 12, 2007

    Personally, I don’t like the cd cover. Her expression is mature and sophisticated, her pose is awkward and the ensemble reminds me of a Hammer Pants. YUCK!

  32. Anonymous July 12, 2007

    @ TweetTweet

    I totally agree with you! LeToya Luckett sold $165 000 in her first wk, and Kelly has sold $82 000 in her first wk. Go Letoya! I hate Kelly, and I’m happy she’s a big flop because she is so down right evil. Letoya’s second album comes out in November, I am buying two copies. One for me, and one for my roommate. HAHAHA

  33. Anonymous July 12, 2007

    I am a DC fan, Beyonce fan, and a diehard Kelly fan. I purchased Simply Deep and knew she had potential. I purchased Ms. Kelly, and definitely see some growth and improvement. Many of you on here sound very intelligent. Not too critical, very reasonable. We should certainly support Kelly. She is certainly diff from Bey as far as singing style.

    Her album is slightly above mediocre, but she has so much unfulfilled potential. She was bread as a backup singer and it shows. She needs more solo expereince AND better songs as was mentioned by someone earlier. I was disappointed that Gotsta Go was not on the album, and that they changed the beat of In Love With my Ex. They threw some mediocre, poorly produced fast tracks on the album (Work: Put It In and Comeback)so it wouldn’t be all mellow ballads. They just had bad judgement about what fast songs to add. They meaning Kelly, her mgmt, and the label. I see why B recorded her album without telling her father or the label!

    It seems like she had a lot of advertisement and many supporters. I can’t figure out why she sold barely more that Styles P…a gangsta rapper that had no promotion!!! A good point was brought up that perhaps b/c the majority of the album has been online for over a year, this may have affected album sales. It was so anticipated that people downloaded tracks when they leaked and didn’t bother buying the album.

    I’m going to keep rooting for her though! Please support and go out and buy Ms. Kelly. We can revive her sales! Go Kelly!

  34. Not Gettin’ Bodied July 12, 2007

    She needs to release another single besides Comeback, because it’s nothing new. She should release a song, that shows off the real Kelly (maybe Still In Love With my Ex) instead of trying to release these club bangers.

  35. Anonymous July 12, 2007

    For more information about Ms KELLLY, Visit or purchase the June/july issue of GIANT.

  36. Anonymous July 12, 2007

    For more information about Ms KELLY, Visit or purchase the June/july issue of GIANT.

  37. Anonymous July 12, 2007

    Kelly album is actually good. You have to give her chance. Let us support her instead of degrading her talent. I know if it was you, you would what someone to give you a chance.(esp at work or school)… Buy her CD and show her the love she deserves. Like people always say” Good girls finish last”

  38. Anonymous July 12, 2007

    Yes her album may be good but the problem is she is always going to be in the same light as “Beyonce” and it’s hard to come from under that light .and i think it’s a valid thought she should really consider doing. Going on her own finding another record label that really going to truly invest in her
    It’s nothing wrong with loyalty but it’s a time to start thinking about one’s own survival

  39. Anonymous July 13, 2007

    Like many have already said the album is ok, but that is all it is. First of all alot of the songs were leaked ages ago in various forms in the first incarnation of the album that was later to be called Miss Kelly.
    Second the music just doesnt have a huge worldwide appeal that is going to get her a huge audience.

    Not everyone likes the female R&B chick thing. Like others have said Rhi RHi had the added bonus of being more pop reaching a much larger audience. I flat out dont think any single on Kellys album is going to be a huge success they just are not that hot they are ok for a passable female R&B album.

  40. J July 17, 2007

    Kelly should definitely leave the Music world camp. She should do it now whilst she has a career and she’s not in a complete slump.

    I think Kelly needs to start handling her own business and realising she can’t always be relying on management. Part of what ahs made B such a huge success isn’t just her father, but her hustle and drive. She gets s*** done. Kelly doesn’t seem to have that same work ethic and hustle.

    I hope her second single helps matters. Because “Comeback” is a hot track and if she delivers with a hot video then sales for Ms. Kelly could easily pick up.

  41. Anonymous July 23, 2007

    I don’t understand why there always has to be so much contraversy when it comes to the members of destiney’s child. Honestly Kelly Rowland is beautiful and has a great voice, and I will always support her. This is the reason why I went to the store and bought her records instead of just stealing them. One thing I cannot deny is that overall beyonce is a better singer and more of an entertainer, the numbers don’t lie!!! I love all three of the girls and will always be behind all three of them. If all you out there are really destiney’s child fans you would stop comparing all the girls and like all three equally for there own talents and not for who is better that who!!!!!!!!! How much drama would there be if Michelle came out with an R&B album?

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