Usher & Tameka’s Wedding Off

Published: Saturday 28th Jul 2007 by Sam
In a statement to the Associated Press today (July 28th), Usher’s publicist announced the singer’s marriage to fiance Tameka Foster has been cancelled. No reason was cited for the cancellation of the ceremony -which was set to take place today – however the statement plead for the privacy of the pair during this time. The couple’s first child is due in the fall.
Though the circumstances surrounding the cancellation are unknown, one has to wonder if Usher succumbed to the pressure and pulled the plug. With the way Usher’s been on a war path to defend Tameka, I’m kinda surprised by this all. This whole situation gets weirder by the minute…

Why do you think the wedding was called off?

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  1. Anonymous July 28, 2007


  2. Anonymous July 28, 2007

    i hope the child isn’t his because if the wedding is really off, the child will suffer! 🙁

  3. Anonymous July 28, 2007

    He found out who she truly is!! A gold digger that tried to tramp him!! And disrupt his family because her family is so disfunctional. I bet he found out about her previous arrest via the internet just like the rest of us. Good Luck Usher I have faith that you will overcome this. You have a very strong an supportive family.

  4. Anonymous July 28, 2007

    Well most people don’t take being married to serious. That’s something a person can’t just break out of. Hopefully he’ll get himself together. This are sad times for blacks folks to get married. Let’s get it together my people.

  5. SwéZi July 29, 2007

    The answer to that question is the same answer to this one:

    How do you top Confessions?


  6. Anonymous July 29, 2007

    You’re right! It looks like ‘Meka was a pawn in Usher’s plan to have some material to sing about on his new album.

    He sold Chili out for Confessions now ‘Meka.

    Watch out black women of the world…NO ONE IS SAFE FROM USHER. LOL..LMAO at his almost gay wedding.

  7. Anonymous July 29, 2007

    THANK THE LORD!!! She a sneaky a** b****..if she can’t tell him everything about her. That goes to show Momma is always right!!! LMAO!! Good for her a**. Now he don’t have to pay alimony later on when he find out shyt. Just child support.

  8. Anonymous July 29, 2007

    I wonder if it has anything to do with chilli, How she reacted when she saw chilli talking to usher’s mom in usher’s mother’s house.

    Either that, or he’s bi sexual and can’t really get married to a female. Who knows. They didnt give a reason why, tameka knows because i think he HAD to have gave her a reason. They’re just not telling anyone

  9. MissVicious July 31, 2007

    The baby must not be his.

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