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Published: Sunday 26th Aug 2007 by Sam
{Danity Kane and Diddy backstage at the finale}

All five members of Danity Kane made a surprise appearance at tonight’s’ grand finale of ‘Making The Band 4’. Sitting alongside Diddy, the ladies – as well as the Bad Boy head himself – reaffirmed that the group is still together despite the rumors and misunderstandings. Diddy went on to announce that the girls will be heading into the studio in the coming weeks to start recording the follow-up to their Platinum selling debut ‘Danity Kane’. The album is set to be released early next year and will be followed by a tour with the winners of the current season of the hit MTV show.
It was good to see ladies put on a united front after what has been a pretty messy few months. Considering it’s common knowledge that Diddy screwed them over, I’m glad he’s re-focusing on the group. A sidenote: It was great TV watching them fake-smile their way through the interview with Diddy; something made all the more evident by Dawn’s distant body language (I’m gonna try and have a video up soon). Still, it’s good that they’ve ironed out their differences.

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  1. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    let me just say i LOVE danity kane, i bought their album and was sooooooooo happy when they debuted at number one and went platinum! and i was pissed off when there was drama in the group! i hate the fact that people always try to blame diddy for everything that goes wrong with his artists. they KNOW what they are getting themselves into when they sign with diddy but some people are just hungry for that 15 minutes of fame that they go ahead anyways! they could have gotten control of the album and done something instead of bitching publicly! i’m glad diddy straightened them out! they need to put energy into making a new album of getting control of the group! come on danity kane, you guys are talented, give us something, not drama!

  2. TJ August 27, 2007

    yeah they had the same look as Kelly Rowland when pretending everything is ok when deep inside your hurting.

  3. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    and what does this have to do with dc3???? oh gosh people i swear

  4. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    I was impress with DK album. Each of the ladies has talent that can be compared to Beyonce (Destiny Child). I really hope these ladies remain professional and realize that they are bless with an opportunity to show their God given talent to the world. I’m sure each of them want to explore other projects; however, the comment to Danity Kane should be number one. Young Ladies do not allow this group to be added to the list of groups that no longer exist. Lets keep a positive image for our young generations. And lets strive for another Great DK Ablum!! Peace Out!

  5. Anonymous October 22, 2008

    i watched the finale of making the band 4 and all 5 women didn’t appear on the show. diddy was there via satellite chillin’ @ a spa in miami. d.woods wasn’t there @ all. she had an “engagement”. dawn, aundrea, and shannon came out 1st then aubrey came out. diddy basically said he would work wit all women except aubrey. he’s not feelin’ her energy and i don’t blame him.

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