Making The Band 4 Winners!

Published: Sunday 26th Aug 2007 by Sam
*Please don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know who wins*

Boy, I’m good! I called it exactly how it turned out (well sort of). The winners of ‘Making The Band 4’ were just announced in a one hour special on MTV. Instead of creating a four-piece – as originally planned – Diddy opted to make a five man group. The following guys made the final cut:

From left to right: Willie, Brian A, Qwanell, Mike and Robert
In a shock twist at the end, Diddy announced that Donnie, who (rightfully IMO) didn’t make the band, will be offered a solo deal with Bad Boy.
I definitely feel the right guys made the group, they’re all real talented. As I keep saying, I hope Diddy does right by them because they have the potential to be big.

What do you think of the winners?

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  1. Anonymous August 26, 2007

    Omg!!! I am so excited about the boys who made the band and Donnie omg… He’s sooo positive he truly deserves it. The only person I wish he wouldn’t have let go of is Brian H. His voice is beautiful but I still think Diddy made a great band their gonna be hott!!!

  2. Tyra August 27, 2007

    That slow ballad version of “Exclusive” was fire! Me and my sister were groovin’ so hard to that. I’m a little upset about Diddy’s choices though. Michael is weak (vocally), Brian’s voice ain’t all that either, and Robert is cool but corny as hell (as far as swagger goes and not to mention him ridin’ his girlfriend’s c*** all season). I like actually Q and Willie, but WHY THE F*** didn’t he choose Deangelo?! That dude has such a great voice! Whatever…..

  3. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I’m so happy for Q! Great band. I hope thry’ll be succesful as Danity Kane

  4. Tyra August 27, 2007

    Typo! I actually like…

  5. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I thought they were great choices overall. . . the only one I wouldn’t have chosen was Brian A. – I would have had Brian H. or Jeremy in his spot.

  6. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I knew Robert was going to make it , yeah Rob reppin’ the D

  7. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I like all the people he chose but I wish D’Angelo could have been picked. Willie has a nice body, but his singing isn’t anything special. I’m glad Donnie is gonna have his solo deal because I love him. I just hope they don’t end up like O-town and Da Band. And I don’t care how successful he says Danity Kane is, they released two singles and then disappeared, and they got all these people trying to go solo.

  8. Anonymous August 27, 2007


  9. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    loved it! so happy for q and big mike! and donnie! yes i’m so glad that he was offered a solo deal because he’s talented! damn he’s foine, plays piano, has a rocking voice and a positive personality! can’t wait for the album! danity kane made it big but they could have been bigger if diddy had devoted more time to them! i’m so happy for the five guys though and for donnie, and for the fact that i’ll be seeing both groups on tour! hell yes! mtb!

  10. 3 August 27, 2007

    they’re gonna flop

  11. Jerome Thompson August 27, 2007

    Everyone who won is exactly who I wanted to win Congrats Fellas

  12. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I love all the guys that won. Brian A., Willie, Robert, Mike & Que. They Deserve it. Congrats Fellas!

  13. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    To the person who said that Michael is weak vocally”: you must be hard of hearing. Michael is nowhere a weak singer. Plus, he is great at harmonizing which is ideal to have a successful group.

  14. Anonymous August 27, 2007


  15. NiCOLE AKA NiKKi F. BABiE [ 585 ] !! August 27, 2007


  16. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    omgh! this season of talent was through the roof, i loved the fact he picked my s*** favs in the band(que & willie) and i deff wanted mike to win and donnie i think deserved the solo, but i hated that he chose brian a. he shouldve chose brian h. hes way betterm but u guys r talented cant wait to hear ya music 🙂

  17. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    SMDH @ Brain H. and Deangelo not getting picked. Now watch Diddy do them like he does the rest of his other artists.

  18. linds August 27, 2007

    I am happy with everyone that was chosen. Yes Brian H. ripped it up last night but i still prefer Brian A. I loved DeAngelo but I had a feeling diddy wouldn’t pick him but now he gets to go home to his newborn baby! Diddy knew that he could make money off Donnie but I personally never liked him. I wish all the guys success!

  19. Anthill August 27, 2007

    Mike cant sing yall say? Wow. What ears yall got. He is the classic church singer. Every good group has one

  20. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I picked 4 of the 5. There are only 3 that have talent. Michael, Robert, Brian in that oder. I knew Diddy would pick Willie (for looks only)he is not a singer.In a couple of years Willie will have to come out the closet because he is sooo GAY. Qwanell is to dramatic and over the top and needs braces.

  21. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    dag…i’m noticing that everybody’s saying that they shoulda switched brians. i guarantee u if one of them had a different name, ya’ll would be saying that they both shoulda been in the band. i don’t think THEY needed to be switched…but willie surely does. he’s a good singer and whatnot…but as somebody has mentioned earlier…he’s only liked cuz of his looks. his voice really is nothing SPECIAL. but he can sing (don’t get me wrong)…but he shouldn’t have made it. robert…he really is corny. his performance last night…wasn’t natural. he tried WAY too hard and overdid EVERYTHING! i was annoyed by his performance; therefore, he should’ve been cut. DeAngelo shouldn’t have been cut either. so i say drop willie and robert and add brian and deangelo and THEN the band would be phenomenal.

  22. lala August 27, 2007

    Brian H def shouldve made the group. His voice last night was off the chain. Him reaching all those highnotes. OMg. I screamed. His voice is better than each and every1 of them. and he is mad fine too. If you dont see that yall are blind.

    But i blame mtvs fault. They didnt give everyone equal show time on the tv you hardly even know brian h was there.

    But maybe if its better if he becomes a solo artist. so that i could see much more of him and only him. Who cares about the other members.

    Will last night stepped up his game he sang better than q in my opinion.

  23. Jazzyy <3 August 27, 2007

    I think everyone who made the group deserved it they all have talent. They were all my favs too. I wish D`Angelo would have made the band though! Que is reppin` the Roc right puttin us on the map. Hopefully this group does well and put out a few albums. Bad Boy & Groups usually don`t mix AT ALL. I hope they change that they deserve to go far.

  24. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I said a while ago Diddy was going to make a 5 man group. I picked 4 out of the 5, I had DeAngelo instead of Brian A. I think overall the talent level on this season surpassed all the other seasons combined. They all brought different things to the table. I must agree with the person who said they didnt give Brian H enough air time, I really didnt know he could sing like that, he killed it last night. Jeremy is one of the top singers he just didnt have the bad boy swag diddy was looking for. To whoever said Robert was extra, I actually think he has the best stage prescence out of everyone and he just really puts his heart into the performance. Im from detroit and i am happy with the representation given by him. My only problem with the band is that I wonder will they last, I think coming out if they live up to their hype they are going to be one of the best in a while, but you have 3 people who could go solo right now. Mike made enough of an impression on the show, definitely has the talent and the personality to go solo. Robert was hyped enough throughout the show, and especially the show every person picked him to be in the band, he probably could get a solo look right now. And Willie is a good not great singer but he has enough of a prescence and voice, and the marketing appeal to be solo. I think it will be interesting to see where they all end up. I also look forward to DeAngelo, Brian H, Julius, and Eric to see what they all do.

  25. NYs HoneyBee August 28, 2007

    Im so mad Jeremy didnt make the band… He KILLED it on Sunday nite… I dont really care for Brian, hes wack to me, DeAngelo shouldve had his spot….the other Brian deserves a solo deal cuz he is an amazing talent…and Robert is so corny to me with his dry ass ‘fro…

  26. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    haha, i have the exclusive ballad.

  27. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    Congrats to all the guys that made the band 4!!! I really like Robert, and Big Mike. I love Robert he has such a nice personality; such a good spirit. Big Mike had so much determination; so much fight to lose the weight. I think he really deserved it. It was kinda sad to see Brian H. go; he have such a amazing voice and the wrong attitude. I think the fact he got so upset about cuttin his hair could be one of his reasons for walking. Oh, Willie is so s*** to me!!! Congrats guys and may God continue to bless you all!!!

  28. Jaelisa August 29, 2007

    I Just Stop By 2 Say That I Love Brian A. And DeAngelo So Much That Whenever I See Them I Want 2 Cry

  29. michelle August 29, 2007

    Yeah i hope these guys last. cuz otown sure didnt and da band didnt. Its like where’s danity kane i dont ever see them doing anything.

  30. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    Think that Brian H. and DeAngelo shuold have made the band. They are such talented singers and even though Brian H. really got to shine on the season finale, first impressions mean everything. I really do think that he should have made the band. As for Jeremy he’s an O.K singer and he’s cute in a way. Though I think Diddy made a mistake letting Brian H. and DeAngelo go, I am however proud of the guys that made the band, they do deserve it and Donnie too, very talented guy. I hope they really do make it to the top, and the rest of the guys that didn’t make the band. Oh! I met Carlos yesterday.

  31. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    u people are soooooooooooooo wrong donnie ,willie,mike,q,and deangelo should have made the band both brians were baaaaaaaaaad! donnie and willie are the best and willie is NOT gay!

  32. Anonymous August 30, 2007

    I agree….Brian H. should have made the band.

  33. Milk Chocolate August 30, 2007

    I am so glad that Brian A, made the band cause like Diddy said he does have that SWAGGER, that is going to continue to drive the girls wild, he was my #1 pick, he is so s*** and he has alot of Thug Appeal, that means the way he talks, dress, and carries himself!!! Good luck to you all, can’t wait til the album comes out!!! Mike was my 2nd choice, he really wanted it, and did whatever it took to get it!!! Love Donnie too….

  34. Mrs. Myrick August 30, 2007

    Okay, so I am forced to break it down for everyone who keeps complaining about the “Brians”, and Willie being there for his looks, and any other complaints. So, the reason that Willie was picked, may indeed partially be for his looks, and he doesn’t have the phenomenal voice some of the other cats do, but…. he will be the glue that holds the band together. He will be the cool head, the “big brother” of the group. Now, on to Big (or Lil’ now) Mike; I don’t know that I would have chosen him. Don’t get me wrong, his voice is beautiful, and I couldn’t commend him more for not giving up, and losing all that weight, but from some of the scenes we’ve seen, the weight loss has kinda given him an ego, that I hope doesn’t get worse, and that he keeps his mind off all them females, and on making music, cause these men, their potential is BIG, and the music they make with their vocal instruments is so melodic, the harmony is crazy!! Qwanell; all I got to say, is WOW! He came from the depths of I don’t know where, and he shined so bright on the finale! I didn’t care for him much before, but after hearing him sing, he deserved to make it. Jeremy was too mellow and quiet for Diddy’s “swagger” band! Lol! D’Angelo; another great voice, great personality, but I see him on an Indie label, doing some great soul music that I will definitely purchase, not on Bad Boy touring, doing dance videos and stuff. Dyshon; I agree with the solo thing, just not sure he would do too well. Maybe a one hit wonder, cause his voice isn’t very strong. Robert; we all knew he would make it. Great stage presence, alright dancer, beautiful voice, hard worker. A bit of a drama king, but hey, it’s MTV and Bad Boy, what’d you expect? Donnie, he is so blessed. I agree with the solo deal there as well. He can play, he can sing, he can dance, he’s marketable, he is mature, all I gotta say is $$$$$$$!! And now, the “Brians”; Brian H. has one of the best voices, hands down. But, his bad attitude overshadows that. No matter how great you voice is, if you got a stank attitude and you whine all the time, ain’t nobody gonna want you around. THAT is why Brian A. made it, and he didn’t. Also, Brian A. has shown that he is a fighter, an underdog, but a team player, with a big heart, just like Julian had. A wonderful addition to the group. Ever group has to have a pretty boy, a great soul singer, the heart of the group, a great dancer who progressed vocally, and the performer. MKTB4 is complete. Good luck, and God Bless!

  35. ashly August 30, 2007

    yall get me tight when yall b saying brian h. has a bad attitude & he whines ; ok but when they showed that .. that was the most camrea time brian h. ever got on that show ; they wanted ppl to see that side of him u neva heard him sing by his self only when he auditioned & some ppl neva even knew he can sing like that till tha finale ; & i must add he rippppped it .. if u watch both those preformances that he did he out shinned everybody that was on that stage soo idc wat none of yall b****** say brian h. shoulda made that band .. or got that solo donnie is wackkk .. #1 ; he cant dance #2 ; he can sing .. but nothin special about it .. tha only reason why he was picked cus of his looks .. brian h ; will blow his ass out f***** water!!

  36. Mrs. Myrick August 30, 2007

    Whoa, don’t get ya panties all in a bunch ma, if you looked at everything I said about Brian H., you’d see that I said he had one of the best voices hands down. You are so right about us only getting to see a tiny bit of him till the end, but that’s the drama and unfairness of reality tv, especially with Diddy running things. Brian H. is gonna have a record deal faster than you can blink. Probably already signed to a label as we speak. Diddy is all about his money,just like the rest of us, and Donnie is marketable. Period. Brian H. had the solo mentality, and it will suit him better. Realistically,Diddy NOT putting him in a boy band, is a great thing, because it would have held him back. Put him in the group, and look at it; he would have stuck out. Yes, we saw him whining and stuff, but honestly he was the most talented and well-rounded, so he can be solo and make it. The others all had strong points, and weak points, so they balance each other out, they need each other,to make sense. Feel me? Not bein’ a b****, just looking at the bigger picture for ALL those men’s futures. Be blessed.

  37. Anonymous August 31, 2007

    I think it was kinda obvious threw out the season who was going to make the band. I find it funny people are complain. The only one that was a curve ball was Q, come on we all knew Robert, Brian A., Willie & Mike were going to make the group. Diddy always picked them to sing every time they were the first ones up. They were the standouts and we all know they were going to make it. I think I would have loved it if DeAngelo made it.

  38. Anonymous September 4, 2007

    I think that Diddy did a good job with the group. But one thing that pissed me the f*** of was how in Jesus name was he gone pick Mike ove Deangelo knowin damn well Deangelo would blo dat n**** out da water. But yeah I’m happy 4 Q and Brian Andrews. And whoeva da f*** said Q need braces, b**** get real wit ya self Q is s*** he can’y SANG but he can SING and I think he got picked because he will appeal more to the ladies than Deangelo and Jeremy but honestly I ain’t heard none of ya’ll ladies say nething about Deangelo that was bad and i aplod that because I was mad when he didn’t pick him. And besides let’s get real he should have got the solo deal not Donnie because Donnie is a cute, talented boy but like I said b4 ladies he only got picked because he appeals more to ladies and Deangelo should have got that record deal. But neways congrats to Willie,Brian.A,Michael,Qwanell and Robert. PS> To all ya’ll h*** who said Robert was tryin’ to hard and he corny, screw ya self because what would you do if u was in his shoes and you really wanted to make the band but had one obsticle: Diddy could choose some body ova u. He did tha right thing and i think they r way betta than Danity Kane!

  39. Anonymous September 25, 2007

    hey diddy wuts up that wuz one of the biggest decisions and i know it wuz hard cuz it wuz jus hard 4 me 2 wwatch it and i wuz scared 4 u and and nervous but at the end u made the right decision but i still believe wit all my herat that Julius should’t have left so soom because he wuz hurtin and when ur hurtin so bad it so hard 2 concentrate on ht eone thing that u have a passion 4 but recover soon from it but i can’t dwell on ht epast but u did ur thing and it wuz great 4 u 2 make donnie his own record deal cuz he deserved it so much but i don’t think he wuz band material but he wuz so good and he deserved it well anyways i g2g so by and good job on making the band

  40. Anonymous September 25, 2007

    hey diddy wuts up hits me again how r u i know u probably had 2 make one of hte biggest decisions thta u haven’t made in a long time and this will probably b the hardest one 2 and i lnow cuz there wuz so much talent i don’t know if i could even choose if i wuz in ur place cuz theirn all good and have realyyyyyyyyyyyyy! good voices but no one compard 2 Julius he was the best on ever i cried a his audition and cried when he left and when he hurt his knee and every time he would cry i would cry and everytime he was sad i wuz sad we r basically the same people he jus don’tmknow that even though im only 14 i know in my heart someday me and him will b 2 gether man i miss that show so much i can’t stand not showing that show so much i miss it and the week b 4 the Finale they showed like a marathon of the whole season i recorde every episode jus 2 c my boy Juliius and hear his s*** voice well i miss it so much and i can’t wait till next seaon and make another bot band because the boy’s band wuz much more interesting than the girl bad and im almost certain it wil make more money anyways yeahh this season wuz amazing i luvit so much but i still think u shouldn’t have found anyb of those new guys because no of them made it 2 the end and they weren’t good enough but the good outcome of that is that’s when i jus fell in luv wit him so much and im glad u did that cuz it made the season longer and i got 2 heard his voice more anyways ill talk 2 u later peace out ur home gurl Faith

  41. Nebbanezzir December 3, 2007

    Okay. I think no matter who in the hell made the group it would have been a flyy ass group cuz all those dudes can sing. Now to whoever said Q can’t sang check his myspace with vids of him singing (way better than what was on MTV)for a youngin he’z hella good and hella fine and probably one of the sweetest and most positive male artist ever. I happy and hope diddy wack ass promotes them better than he did danity kane. You’d think that n**** would be tired of losin money with artist.

  42. Anonymous March 3, 2009

    yop nice group

  43. BidNinja April 9, 2013

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