Ne-Yo Address Gay Rumors

Published: Friday 24th Aug 2007 by Sam
It’s no secret that rumors about Ne-Yo’s sexuality have been circulating for a while now. The singer was asked how the rumors began in the current issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t know. To this day I’m still trying to figure it out. You know what I think it is? It’s because when you see me, when you talk to me, my mannerisms are not-I’m not that. So people see me and they don’t see something that they’re accustomed to and people feel the need to have to categorize stuff. They just can’t let it be “I don’t know what that is.” So they got to do something. He’s not rough, rugged, and raw, so he must be gay”.

Though I will never forget the lipgloss he donned for the ‘Because of You’ vid, he does have very valid points…

What do you think about his comments?

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  1. Angel August 25, 2007

    I think Ne Yo haz about most women are used to seeing these thugged out ghetto dudez and if they see a man with manners they swear he’s gay cuz i know i do it.

  2. Josh August 25, 2007

    So let me get this right – he’s been asked why people think he’s gay and totally fudged (oh ha-bloody-ha!) the answer. If he aint, why didn’t he say ‘I don’t know, ‘cos i’m not’?! hmmm…..

  3. Anonymous August 25, 2007

    Sorry Ne-Yo but that’s just not true.
    It’s not the fact that you’re not a thug. We think you’re GAY because of you’re mouth. LOL…GAY men have a funny way of fixing their mouth & lips when they pose for a picture. Not to mention you usually are (pouting) and wearing Lil Mama’s lip gloss.

  4. Anonymous August 26, 2007

    lol @ the last comment. he sure as hell has been wearin that lip gloss loud n proud for a some time. He’s lying!

  5. Anonymous August 26, 2007

    I wouldn’t have thought so, having and open mind and all, but those pictures that he took for that mag was pretty convincing and that’s when they were letting him choose his own frames and what not and he chose the “happiest looking ones out of the bunch.”

    This is about as much as I will comment on this subject, but if you honestly think about it no one asked him to become a star, and I don’t think no one person was approached on that tip, like, “come with me and become famous and you’re orientation will not be a subject of topic.”

    He chose the spotlight, and so did that little boi for B2K now that there biz is out they wanna release statements. Save your ink people, bottom line is, you ask for the life you living so just live it.

    He got me messed up, I wish I was making what he making. Ya’ll could talk about me all you want, but I wouldn’t care.

    It just goes to show if you have nothing to address, don’t address it, because everyone knows the truth has a funny way about coming out and when that does it’s gonna be, o so messy!

  6. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    Neyo, there are other R&B singers who are not rough and thugged out and no one calls them gay. You know why? Because they don’t act gay and they definitely don’t wear lip gloss. Just come out the closet before one of your gay lovers puts you on blast on TMZ or something.

  7. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    Some of your show your age by your comments. Grow the heck up. Does every black entertainer have to to wear Timbs, and let their pants hang down their knees to have so called street cred? Let the talent speak for itself.

  8. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    To the last commenter: No one said Ne-Yo has to “wear Timbs, and let his pants hang down”, we’re saying that we see what we see and we’re calling it! Those GIANT magazine pictures, his responses over the past year and a half about the “rumors” and just his whole look and vibe–is gay. I’ll give him some slack though; maybe he’s bisexual.

  9. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I really don’t know what to say about the ‘ne-yo being gay’ rumors and whatnot, but whatever the case, he really is a talented songwriter. But if he isn’t he really messed himself up with the way he answered that question, kinda leaves any answers open…

  10. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    i believe he is gay not because of the rumors just because he looks gay to me. i mean doesn’t he just gay to you. hello look at him

  11. Anonymous August 28, 2007


  12. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    if neyo is gay let him be gay he is minding his own damn business so everybody should just mind theirs! you dont see him pointing the finger at omarion even though he looks gay too with that lip gloss he was wearing on that video o and the way he shook his head like a f** at the end of the video!

  13. Amberly August 29, 2007

    After reading all of these slanderous comments regarding Ne-Yo, I am comletely disgusted by everyone who is STILL accusing him of being gay. He has repeatedly acknowledge that he is not gay. Grow up and let it go. In case you didn’t know, he was raised in a house full of women. I know countless straight men who grew up in a house with a female majority who have female mannerisms. Who cares if he wears lip gloss, have you seen how big his lips are? With lips that big it is safe to reason that he needs some moisturizer. How is it you can accuse Ne-Yo of being gay without ever considering if Omarion is gay. He is the most feminine R&B singer out there. Have you ever seen him with a chick you believed he was with. I think he and Chris Stokes have something going on.

  14. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    How old are ya’ll DAMN…!
    Either buy his music or dont….! LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE ALREADY….!
    It’s about the music.

  15. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    Gay Gay Gay…… Blah Blah Blah..

    Thats all you assholes have

    interesting to say about this

    young man who is trying to do his

    best at entertaining you morons.

    Damn !!! I know I wasn’t f******

    dumb,when I was a teenager… And

    I ask this question to all of you

    imbeciles….. Ask yourself ” What

    Difference would it make to you

    if he is Gay or Not Gay?” Because

    he will never sleep with any of

    you pickaninnies….. Dumb Asses!!

  16. Anonymous August 31, 2007

    So what if he’s Gay, He makes Great music. And that’s all I care about. GOOD MUSIC

  17. Anonymous September 9, 2007

    It’s ashame African Americans are so ignorant and behind the times they feel it is news or newsworthy to know if someone is gay. It’s more ashame when talentless people and lazy people are the ones who start these rumors with no proof. Actually, even if they have proof why would a person care? I feel the ones who say a person is gay are the ones who are gay themselves and hate the fact they are so much they must find someone else to share in their lust for the same s**.

    African Americans need to wake up. Your white counterparts have gotten past that already. When yet another African American tried to out one of their own they fired his b*** off a TV show. Mind you were you aware the show was PRODUCED by an African American woman. But the show was still on a White owned station.

    Wake up brothers and sisters. Sitting home miserable, spiteful and unhappy with your own life is only hurting you. We already killed one great young songwritter because of our African American ignorance (Kenneth Green from Intro) guess some of YALL feel it is ok to kill another.

  18. beza aka bb July 28, 2008

    well keep talking my boy well still be #1 you all never be as beautiful and as talented as ne-yo em am he is just soooo d\f its good to know he is worth talking about anyway.

  19. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    please the guy is beusy making his dream come true he wont listen to u so go get a life what a useless peoples.

  20. Anonymous August 31, 2008

    I never though of him as gay, but that guy, LLoyd, he is one to question. I swear he sort of looks like Jermain Stewart from back in the day.

  21. Anonymous September 8, 2008

    im from mozambique and if he’s gay, ill vodoo him to turn straight that wil break our hearts. He is not supposed o be gay. God brought him to us (women) so that we can feel good about us. But i dont believe it. Hell NO!

  22. Anonymous September 8, 2008

    he’s gay, he does not know any of us exists in this world so SHUT uP! Its not like he is going to show up on ur doorstep and ask u to marry him. One who started all this should go play with him~herself.

  23. Anonymous September 28, 2008

    Ne Yo….is Gay..and there is no question about it! Ne Yo likes ass…. but it’s not gonna change the way I feel about his music. He is still in the closet…. just like any of you black brothas out acting all ghetto with your pants down your d***…and your cheap ass boxers what the hell! N***** be acting all ” yo waddup ma’ dude” and talking about how he wants some p**** when he really means d***/ass…what the hell.

    Let Neyo be
    it’s not the way he dresses that make him look gay as f***…
    NeYo could be walkin down on Douglas Fredrick and 125th street in Harlem and I could be probably on 135th street and Douglas Fredrick… I’d still see the flame…ya feel?
    Neyo is not Bi
    neyo is not straight.
    Ne yo is gay…. and he is a top.
    Any of you still living in denial… get it together ’cause your boy is gay.

    when I first listened to his first song…..I knew from that moment that I was listenin to another part of the family lol.
    I can’t wait for him to actually have the freedom to hit Splash, xes, Escuelita….and all that hot GAY Spots. I’d give this s*** up so easily Just for him and any other hot black brothas.

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