Making The Band 4: Your Picks

Published: Thursday 23rd Aug 2007 by Sam
The ‘Making The Band 4’ finale is set to air this Sunday (August 26th) at 10.00pm. I’ve managed to catch the majority of this season since being out here in US (the show hasn’t started back home yet) and think it’s been great. Of the 10 finalists left, my picks for the band are:

From left to right: Brian A, Willie, Qwanell and Mike

I’m really hoping Diddy doesn’t screw over whoever is picked to be in this group as he has done with so many before them; the majority of the guys this year can really ‘sing sing’ and are some of the best vocalists on any season the popular MTV show. Click here to check out the Bryan Michael Cox produced track that will serve as the group’s first single – ‘I Want You Exclusive’.

Remember you can vote for your favourite(s) – which could influence who makes the group (not sure how legit this is though lol). Click here to vote


Who do you think will make the group?

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  1. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    am hooked on this show (kinda spoiled it tho by revealing the finalists lol) – it has started here tho think we’re on about the 4th episode? sunday at 8pm on MTV & its repeated on thur nights at 10 pm… encourage every1 to check it out the talent is high Q – makes american idol look lame lol, vocals mumbo jumbo compared to this

  2. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    i’m actually loving this season so far! i think ur kinda rite with ur picks – i would love big mike, willie, q and robert! if theres 5 then between d-angelo and brian a i think! the guys are so talented that they all deserve it! mayb he can make 2 bands? lol

  3. Shontreikah August 24, 2007

    I’m not sure q will make it cause of his massive teef. Diddy is really big on appearance.

  4. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    Well I Mike is in. He has the stongest voice. Diddy better push this band. I love this year with the guys. There is real talent in the present with them. Diddy don’t push his artist. That’s sad. If you’re a producer, then where are all your groups and singers at. I don’t care for Diddy. To be wise, do your contract with diddy, after your time is up, then go to a better producer who will get talent out here for all to hear.

  5. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    how exactly does the voting work? wasn’t the show pre-taped? i know good n hell well they were not waiting 2 tally up votes before picking the band .

  6. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    awww i wanted robert to be in it…

  7. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    Willie!!!!!!!! and Robert, Mike, and DeAngelo

  8. MIZZO August 24, 2007

    I love all the men on MOTB.Come sing to me anyday
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  9. Anonymous August 25, 2007

    Sam you suck!!!!

    You know it only just started in the UK that Laurie Ann thing ain’t been showed yet!!!

    Man yall ruined it for me, I’m gonna watch though but cha, why do we have to wait so long for things in the UK? I know who won America’s Next Top Model and it ain’t started over here yet!

  10. Anonymous August 25, 2007

    Out Of Your Picks.. I Only Like Will That Seeexxyy Muh`Fugga ;]

  11. KidKlassic91 September 7, 2007

    This song is hot. I didnt really care about FattyCoo*(sp) or Danity Cane… This new group really caught my attention. I just hope they keep this up and only get with the best producers…

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