Eve Album Pushed Back To 2008

Continuing what has become a trend this year, Eve is the latest in a string of artists to push back her upcoming album. ‘Here I Am’ was originally scheduled to drop on August 7th..then September 18th and most recently October 16th. The album now has a tentative release date of ‘2008’. No word yet on the reason for the delay. {Source}
Is there even a point anymore? Not one of the albums that have been serially pushed back this year ended up shifting (m)any units. Like with the Kelly Rowland’s and Mya’s before her, public interest will start to wane (if it hasn’t already), hence making the album’s chances of success slim to none. These artists, labels or whoever really need to fix up.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Luke October 1, 2007

    Total joke, it’s like you said, they’re just gonna lose money the more they delay it, you need to make the most off a short few weeks of anticipation and excitement to get people impulse buying the CD. Look at how Kanye and 50 sold records with a gimmick that got everyone excited and saying “I’m gonna buy one or both of those CDs”.

    Not to mention its not fair on the fans who’ve been told an album’s coming out this date then that date, its taking advantage of our good nature that makes us want to go and buy the album and support the artist.

    Sorry for the essay but your post really got me to thinkin’! Excellent blog too btw, I’m subscribed so keep updating!

  2. Lauren October 1, 2007

    I never saw her really do any promotion for the singles or the album, so I’m not surprised at this. Tamobourine should’ve had a remix video (I keep thinking about that Busta “Touch It” Remix” video for some reason…. must be the colors) and she definitely needed a hot hot 2nd single. Give It 2 U just popped up and faded away as fast as it came.

    I like Eve’s music, but I don’t think she would’ve moved many units anyway. For some reason, she seems stuck in that “C-List” artist area.

  3. Anonymous October 1, 2007

    I was totally angry about her pushing it back again… i mean i was excitied after hearing Tam and it could have went a lot further if she would have released the CD… now i am at the point where i could care less about the cd.

  4. Anonymous October 2, 2007

    IK agree
    People will forget about “Here I Am” album…

  5. vanessa October 2, 2007

    dis website is soooooooooooooo s***…..how long ago was da jagged edge inerview meant to be posted….its terrible man….fix up

  6. Anonymous October 2, 2007

    Hmm next!

  7. Anonymous October 3, 2007


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