Janet: "Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Not On New Album"

During a recent press conference to promote her new film ‘Why Did I Get Married’, Janet Jackson was quizzed on her forthcoming new album. Surprisingly, Jackson, 41, revealed that long-time collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are, as of now, not working on her Island Def Jam debut. She had the following to say:

Janet, are you finished with your next album? What direction are you taking?

Janet Jackson: “No, I’m working on it. It’ll be out probably first quarter of next year. I’m doing something, still being who I am, I’ll never shy from that. I’m working with a few people. I’m working with Ne-Yo, I’m working with Jermaine, working with Rodney Jerkins”

(Tyler Perry points at himself and everyone laughs)

Lamman Rucker: “They’ll be doing a duet together.”

Janet Jackson: “This is something different for me because normally it’s myself, Jimmy [Jam] and Terry [Lewis] and always writing music and myself writing the melodies. This is a bit of a departure from [that].”

So Jimmy and Terry are not involved?

Janet Jackson: “As of now, no.”


I’m all for Janet working with fresh producers, but I don’t know if it’s a wise choice to drop Jimmy & Terry at this stage of her career. IMO, the duo have brought the ‘classic Janet’ element to her more recent efforts – which have seen her try and switch up her musical style. Time will tell if the change will work in her favor.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Luke October 8, 2007

    Its not even that they’ve brought out a classic Janet sound its more that they’ve all grown together and every album we hear something new and unexpected from the 3 of them, especially now they’re working with Bobby Ross Avila & IZ on a lot of tracks.

    I really hope she reconsiders because Janet’s not one of those artists I imagined would just do a project with a load of star studded producers and not think about if its good for her music. I guess LA Reid is overseeing this project and I betcha he had something to do with this like “Janet if you want to avoid the flop that was 20 YO you better get Ne-Yo, Akon and T-Pain on your project” whatever LA!

  2. Anonymous October 9, 2007

    I think she will work with them for 2/3 songs maybe they go in the studio later. she said “as of now”…still time

  3. Anonymous October 9, 2007

    another FLOP…..

  4. Anonymous October 9, 2007

    i am looking forward to this new CD… everyone needs to stop giving my girl Janet a hard time…remember people change is good. i have enjoyed all of her album most people past judgement without even hearing them.

  5. Anonymous October 9, 2007

    I don’t get why people are against Janet working without Jimmy and Terry for an album. What is wrong with branching out trying something completely new and different.

    New producers could bring out a side of Janet we havent yet seen as all her other albums she has worked with J&T to some extent. I would never want an artist I loved to ALWAYS work with the same production their entire career. Talk about stale and boring.

  6. Anonymous October 21, 2007

    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis still
    have it, hitmakers never go
    away. They had new artist in
    their studio last November…
    Adriane aka “AO” next super-star
    artist with MLG/Capitol Records.

    “AO” says they are true hit-makers
    that still have it. These are
    my mentors, they will produce
    more hits.


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