Keyshia Cole Shows Diva Side On Radio

Published: Wednesday 3rd Oct 2007 by Sam
Despite selling close to 300,000 copies of her sophomore album ‘Just Like You’ this week (debuting at #2), R&B singer Keyshia Cole was not in high spirits during a recent radio interview. While being questioned on the Big Phat Morning Show to promote the CD, Cole came across snappy, rude and very unprofessional. Thankfully, the radio host called her out and let her know that her attitude was unnecessary considering that they were showing her love and support.

Though the situation was ironed out before the end of the interview, Keyshia really needs to fix up with her attitude. It’s not the first time her unprofessional behaviour has been brought to light. With her increased success, you’d think she’d be humble, but obviously that is not the case. She really needs to remind herself of the industry she is in, because an attitude like that won’t go far.

Your thoughts on the interview?

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  1. Dee Man October 3, 2007

    I heard the interview and honestly i dont think she was being “Diva” like. She is just too “real” for the industry. When she came in she felt like they came at her wrong and she had an attitude. Normal people do it all the time. In the end, she didnt know what was going on and the people approached her about something she had no idea about. True enough her attitude was unprofessional but hey thats what we love about the girl. She is real.

  2. Anonymous October 3, 2007

    She weren’t being a diva she sounded tired and miserable and come on now, most of us are like that, when were tired were miserable that’s life, during some of the interview I was like damn Keyshia check the attitute but like I said above she sounded tired and when your over tired your likely to have an attitude

  3. Anonymous October 3, 2007

    does anyone know who came in number one unstead of keyshia

  4. Anonymous October 3, 2007

    She’s being Keyshia Cole. I love that about her. If she has an off day she’s not gonna cover it. EVERYONE has off days & that just happened to be one of hers. She ain’t being no diva. She came back afterwards and cleared it up.

  5. Anonymous October 3, 2007

    I fo real dint think mah gurl Keyshia was actin lik a Diva…lik otha ppl said she waz tired n she waz having n off dai. She certainly dint act all Diva cuz a Diva wudnt care about how she comes across to ppl byt keyshia did she came bck n apologized fo her attitude n dats sum dat i admire frum her…cuz signers usually dunt admit wat they did wrung but she did so BIG UPZ to Keyshia Cole

  6. spontaneous October 3, 2007

    She has to learn to suck it up, cause as a member of the public I’m not interested in buying a CD from someone who says their album is “aight”. Glad she was able to clear the air but she At that moment she should’ve held it together for the fans that she says she appreciates, then let the staff have it off air. Or really be “real” and let us know up front hey I’m a lil pissed about some stuff that didn’t go down the right way and I’m trying to hold it in!

  7. Anonymous October 4, 2007

    She did seem uniterested … but I don’t think she was being a diva. She is human and is entitled to her bad days … of all times I have seen her heard her she has always been pretty nice and cool … I’ll chalk this one up to being tired.

  8. Anonymous October 11, 2007

    Well I listened to the interview and Im not saying this b/c I love Da Big Phat Morning Show but it was unneccessary. Ok everybody knows Keyshia is hood thats something u cant take from her. But yet Mary J is hood and shes still professional and humble at all times. And she shouldn’t have had an attitude n e way cuz 92.Q play the hell outta her songs and they really do support her success and frankly I’m tired of hearing her songs. They play Love like it’s brand new or something!!!!

  9. Anonymous October 13, 2007

    I know this is late but she’s a diva…a ghetto diva. I saw her at the Essence festival in Houston and she got pissed at the crowd because we didn’t want to hear her sing “I’m going down”. She want audience participation and the crowd wasn’t feeling it. She looked a hot mess, like she just rolled off the bus and came on the stage. She’s got talent but she needs some molding and etiquette training. Her being tired and not know what was going on is no excuse. You say you’re a business woman, act like it. She was rude and seemed uninterested. No matter what time of day, where you had to drive from, how you may be feeling inside, you have to be on-point because you chose the “life”. I wasn’t surprised to hear how she was being in the interview, especially after Essence, I’m more disappointed because she should know better and her management should know better. It’s ok to be “real” but you can also be “real” polite and “real” professional. She was acting like a “mefessional” in that interview. Girl humble yourself for the 1.5 mil fans that bought your last cd so that 2 mil can buy this one. I won’t be one of them because she just turns me the hell off with all that “I’m mad dammit” attitude. Get your ass of your shoulders.

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