50th Annual Grammy Award Nominees

Published: Thursday 6th Dec 2007 by Sam
The nominees for the 50th Annual Grammy Awards were announced just a few short hours ago and it’s rapper Kanye West and UK singing sensation Amy Winehouse who lead the field. West notched up eight nominations, whilst ‘Rehab’ singer Winehouse clocked in with an impressive six nominations. The news is likely welcomed by both artists, who have each been through a difficult few months – West losing his mother and Winehouse’s much documented drink and drug issues.
Both West and Winehouse are nominated in the coveted ‘Album Of The Year’ category for their ‘Graduation’ and ‘Back To Black’ albums respectively. Winehouse is also nominated for ‘Song Of The Year’ and ‘Record Of The Year’ for her smash ‘Rehab’. In the latter category, Winehouse faces competition from Beyonce’s ‘Irreplaceable’, Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ and Justin Timberlake’s ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’.
Winners will be announced at the live show on Sunday February 10th 2008. The show will take place at Los Angeles’ Staple Centre. Keep it locked here for all the latest in the run-up to the big day.

What do you think of the nominations?

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  1. Anonymous December 6, 2007

    the grammys have gone considerably downhill…anything that nominates Soulja Boy loses all credibility with me. That being said congrats to all the ppl I like and even the ones I don’t…being honored for what you do is a big deal, whether I agree with the bulls**t or not. Kanye, FTW!

  2. Anonymous December 6, 2007

    Song of the Year better go to Beyonce for Irreplaceable. She made billboard history by having the her song at #1 on 12 charts all in the same week. That never been done before in Music History. It was the longest-running number-one single of the year as a result of its ten-week stay atop the Billboard Hot 100. It has sold over two million copies in digital sales.[1] It was the last U.S. #1 of 2006 and the first of 2007.
    As of November 2007, the song had sold over 2,141,276 copies in digital downloads and a further 180,000 across various other formats in the United States. “Irreplaceable” sold 267,000 copies in digital downloads in a week of January 2007, surpassing Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”, which sold 265,000 copies in a week in June.Irreplaceable” passed the 200 million audience impressions mark in the United States, according to Mediabase Outside the U.S., the song had major success. It reached number one on the Airplay Eurochart (based on airplay charts from seventeen countries) in January 2007…………………..she earned the right to have this GRAMMY!!!!

  3. zachri December 6, 2007

    its amazing RIHANNA doesnt get the same attention an amy whine house i mean they both got 6 nominations…even though everyone was hatin on Rihanna she proved all the haters wrong…GO Girl

  4. Anonymous December 6, 2007

    ^^^That’s because Amy has talent and can actually sing unlike Pon De Forehead Rihyawnna. Amy may be crazy but she makes REAL music unlike the garbage Rihyawnna puts out with her non-singing ass.

  5. spontaneous December 6, 2007

    Congrats to all the nominees.

    I hope Tank wins for best R&B vocal for please don’t go that is the best song in that category and his album is off the hook but slept on!

    I hope Alicia wins for best R&B song with the current #1 song in the country for the third week that would bring my girl to 10 grammys.

    Bey deserves record of the year I don’t know about the other songs in that category, but I knew it was a wrap when I heard a late thirtyish looking white woman’s ringtone in a store as irreplaceable! Neyo wrote a great song.

    Kanye may actually get album of the year this time. There is always someone who gets a lot of nominations but wins none or maybe one award I think that honor will go to Rhianna this year! Yes umbrella was popular but that is not award winning work if you ask me. that song will get no love 10 years from now. for that matter it barely gets love at this point, and her and neyo’s song is not original enough. they coudl’ve at least changed the beat a little more I can’t tell the diff btwn because of you, s*** love, or hate that i love you when they first come on.

  6. Anonymous December 7, 2007

    I hope the winners of the awards are REAL ARTISTS, who write and sing their own ish.

    Not the media savvy folk

  7. Anonymous December 7, 2007


    He was up for two rnb nominations BUT …if U WHITE u dont get nominated in an rnb category…..daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  8. Anonymous December 7, 2007

    more than likely Kanye will win something big due to his mom passing people feel sorry for him and they will give him an award although someone better may have deserved it.

  9. Anonymous December 7, 2007



    IRREPLACEABLE HAS SOLD 6 MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous December 7, 2007

    To Zachri, Rihanna got 3 nominations, not 6. And remember that Amy is new to the US market unlike Rihanna

  11. Anonymous December 7, 2007

    LMAO @ Amy has talent

    talent being what? a DRUG ADDICT?


  12. Anonymous December 7, 2007


  13. tegris December 18, 2007

    Robin Thicke must be feeling as if hes been served a personal diss.

    I presumed he would receive at least one nomination.

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