First Look: Janet’s ‘Discipline’ Cover

Published: Tuesday 15th Jan 2008 by Sam
Janet Jackson ' Discipline Album Cover' Artistic, edgy, and ‘out there’, Janet Jackson’s cover art for her latest offering ‘Discipline’ is fantastic. The album is really shaping up to be her ‘comeback’.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Luke January 15, 2008

    So cool. She forgot to combine the image with the music for her past few albums (who can forget the fantastic “Janet.” and “Velvet Rope” covers? Compare them to “All For You” & “Damita Jo”) I am so impressed with how she’s taken this up this time, I even love the title, it sounds so epic!

    She seems real passionate about the project, maybe the new collaborations have inspired her to go somewhere different. Although I was against the Jam & Lewis break, I think its a great thing now. They always ease back into each other on her next album and create something more edgy, because all 3 of them are edgy together, I think they just became too comfortable with each other.

    Can’t WAIT to cop this CD!

  2. Anonymous January 15, 2008

    from the nech down the cover is AWESOME, but her face looks a lil manly. Apart from that, it’s hot!

  3. Anonymous January 15, 2008

    DEF. out of the box….


  4. SwaderCat January 15, 2008

    Love the cover…Can”t wait for the Cd to drop….Go J

  5. Anonymous January 15, 2008

    I love it, FIRECE.

  6. Anonymous January 15, 2008

    Janet is about to show those b’s how its done. this is janet doing janet! and when she does that you learn!!! Now females gone start having edgy covers. Beyonce copy cat self will be the first.

  7. T January 15, 2008

    TOOOOO FIERCE!!! I love this and i am sooo going to get the cd, JANET BETTER WORK THIS S*** CUZ SHE IS NOOOO OTHER!! i can’t wait until other females copy this from, JANET GET IT!!

  8. Anonymous January 15, 2008

    i like the cover. hopefully the album will be able to revive her career to where it was.

    and to the comment above,
    *and how is beyonce a copy cat?

  9. Anonymous January 15, 2008

    AWW S***! IT IS DEFINITELY ON! Now this is what i’m talking about! These young BIATCHES need to get to school early and take some DAMN good notes because Janet is fixin ta break this s*** down fya ass!
    Go get em Go get em Go get em!

  10. Mateo January 18, 2008

    Like y’all said above, it’s FIERCE (but in a good way), so fierce! Now that’s an album cover. Fierce!

    9 out of 10!!!!!

  11. Anonymous January 19, 2008

    so original like the video i’m so excited by this new project!! but where is janet?? when does she begin the promo?????

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