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Day26 Album Cover The official album cover for Day26’s debut LP hit the net recently. The guys, stars of MTV’s Making The Band 4, are set to release their self-titled album on March 11th via Bad Boy/Atlantic Records.
I hate to get on Robert’s case (first from the left), but he looks real awkward – definitely sticks out for the wrong reasons.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    What do you mean the wrong reasons? Is he extra tall or somethin???

    And I think the cover’s a loada crap. It looks cheap and they look boring. I don’t wanta group of R&B crooners…they look like a black Westlife – yawn!

  2. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    hater… i think it look great it just robert feet look weird

  3. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    i like it. 😀
    robert(?) needs to put his foot down & it’ll be perfect. haha.

  4. T February 8, 2008

    it does look boring and i think the dude in the middle, will, i can’t stand since the episode of robert and him not getting any parts. yeah robert’s foot should be down and THE PHOTOSHOPPED THE HELL OUTTA MIKE LOL

  5. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    i like it. simple, but nice.

  6. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    The cover is very boring and Robert and Mike look extra awkard.

  7. jarome February 8, 2008

    the cover is so new’s been done before.theres nothin about the cd cover thats make u wanna buy.the cd cover.plays a big part of buying..i just wish i seen there personality.and im not hatin

  8. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    What they mean by “standing out” is Robert is looking just like Bobby Brown. His whole posture. He gon’ be the one that tears that group apart.

  9. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    I like the cover it simple but classy…. It’s not the typical jeans sagging off the ass excessive amount of jewelry, and cash with the half naked chick. I say nice job Diddy.

  10. Anonymous February 8, 2008

    i like the cover…but robert does stand out and not in a good way…just look at him…why is his foot up?…why is he looking like that?…why is his hands out like that?…robert use to be my fav but he is way to cocky for no reason…q and willie look nice…they are the only ones who actually look like group members…i dont really pay attention to brian…and i know big mike aint that small lol

  11. Mateo February 8, 2008

    It’s a nice cover. It looks airbrushed to death (or is that just how the internet makes it seem.) I hope the album sounds as proffessional as the cover looks.

  12. Anonymous February 9, 2008

    Doesn’t that cover look like it should say 112 at the top instead of Day26? Robert does stick out for all the wrong reasons, something about his body language reads awkward and uncomfortable, and a bit negative. In addition they are a lil young to be in suits for the first album cover, some with a lil more color and youthfulness would have been better. If I saw this cover, I would walk right pass it.

  13. bebe February 9, 2008

    i dont know who the hell they are but the 1 on the left with his foot up looks cute 🙂

  14. Anonymous February 11, 2008

    I’m not worried about the cover, one can always up grade on something like that. I think Puffy wanted to present the guys in a mature way as to some of thier new previews of what’s going on, on the show. I’m more concern with them singing. I hate to say it, but if puffy play it right, these guys have more talent then the girls. And whatever happend to the first making the band. Take notes boys, if yall want to make it. Here today gone tomarrow.

  15. junior March 3, 2008

    i love how the freakin photoshoped mike a lot, i wish wen they go on there promo interviews that someone will call it out lol that would be hella funny

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