Rihanna & Chris Brown Spotted In Jamaica

Published: Tuesday 26th Feb 2008 by Sam
Judging by this pic, taken in Jamaica over the weekend, I’m guessing the rumors about a romance between Rihanna and Chris Brown are true. Check out the report below:

“They were smooching in the pool and were really lovely dovey. They were playfully making out and he was kissing her on the neck.”

The attractive pair, who got matching star tattoos on their necks in January, got in the pool after a leisurely lunch yesterday at the Hilton Kingston Hotel in Jamaica. They were hanging out with friends and at about 3 p.m., Chris, 18, jumped into the water and waited while Rihanna went to her room and changed into a bikini.

“They were floating together with him carrying her and she kept saying, ‘Don’t get my hair wet.’ She was very soft and feminine but he was a big kid and splashing around.” {Source}


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  1. Anonymous February 27, 2008

    I believed it, but someone on another site said that Rihanna got the star tattoo ages before Chris did and I swear I remember seeing those star tattoos before Jan. Plus if they were all over each other, why didn’t they get a single pic of that?

    Basically I hope it’s false because he’s MINE!!!!

  2. Anonymous February 27, 2008

    Chris is so cute . Him and Rihanna make an alright couple. With this photo there’s no denying there going out. What friends act like that.

  3. Matthew February 27, 2008

    publicity stunt

  4. Telia S Battle February 28, 2008

    I think they counld be a great couple but they still remind firends!!!

  5. toons February 28, 2008

    thank you mathew. this is definitely a publicity stunt, just like half the other realtionships in hollywood. they are both extremely big right now in terms of celeb status and at the hieght of their respective careers, so hooking them up with their equals is only to keep their names in the press.

    their publicists made a good match, better than the staged ciara and bow wow relationship.

  6. msz.cbreezY March 5, 2008

    she best not be dating him. that’s my man!!!

  7. Anonymous March 12, 2008

    I think Chris Brown and Rihanna make a cute couple watch out Jay-Z and Beyonce

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