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Published: Sunday 17th Feb 2008 by Sam
Tyra Covers Entertainment WeeklySupermodel turned chat show host, Tyra Banks appears on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Check out an extract from the feature, which can be read in full by clicking here, below:

Banks considers herself more akin to Martha Stewart and Donald Trump. To that end, her latest development is Bankable Enterprises, created to move the mini-mogul into arenas like real estate…

”There’s a fear I have with success in the business world,” she admits. ”People have this image of women, especially in business — that they have to be ballbusters, and that’s so not what I am.” That said, the woman whose company logo features a shiny bank vault is not going to stop growing her media empire. ”I’m not afraid of wanting money at all,” she says. ”Money will give me more power to do things that are truer to my spirit than what I’m already doing.” Still, she adds, ”I don’t think I’ll always be on television. I don’t know whether it’s 10 or 20 years, but I know it won’t be when I’m 60.”

More power to her.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous February 17, 2008

    R&B singer/songwriter Keri Hilson debuted her first single Friday night at a pre-Grammy party co-hosted by Verizon Wireless and PEOPLE magazine. Timbaland and Keri recorded two tracks during a three-week period last month, one of which will be available to Verizon subscribers within a few days.

    the name of Keri’s first single, which is called “Return the Favor” and features Timbaland. Look for Keri’s debut album In A Perfect World… this summer.

    People from the Verizon party have said it will be a smash hit…Timbaland premiered it their.

  2. Anonymous February 18, 2008

    What do these first 2 blogs have to do with Tyra? Anyways….just want to give props to Tyra cuz she doin’ her thang!

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