50 Cent Talks ‘Curtis’

Published: Sunday 30th Mar 2008 by Sam
50 Cent Talks 'Curtis' After 50 Cent’s loss in the high-profile September 11th album showdown with rapper Kanye West last year, much, if not all, promotion surrounding his ‘Curtis’ LP ground to a halt. In a recent interview with MTV, the G-Unit leader spoke candidly on the album and what went wrong:

“It was a blockbuster that I lit, and it didn’t explode. I felt like it should have went a lot further than the results I received … Publicly, I feel that 50 Cent fans don’t believe it was a dud. It did have ‘I Get Money,’ it did have ‘Ayo Technology,’ ‘I’ll Still Kill,’ ‘Follow My Lead’ with Robin Thicke. These records were hit records, but the timing they came out was wrong. If the first record you heard off Curtis was ‘I Get Money,’ it would have shifted more millions in sales.”

Granted 50 can be overly egotistical a lot of the time, I actually agree with some of what he’s saying. While I don’t look at ‘Curtis’ as any kind of ‘blockbuster’, I do feel things may have gone differently had the single choices been better. I guess he won’t be so fast as to run his mouth next time around…then again, it is 50.

Your thoughts?

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  1. T March 30, 2008

    i agree so much and when i’m at the club and i get mney, ayo tech, even candy shop and in da club come on it goes wild, so if that was lead it was have done much better, it came out to late and the wack singles already made people doubt it!

  2. tia March 30, 2008

    50 knock it off….you decided to go against someone who came out wit a song evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrrybody could relate to “cant tell me nothing” and you lost…..if ye didnt come out wit his album and you was goin against fat joe or someone then maybe you would of had much more success…but you didnt,you was goin against the louie vutton don…u lost one fif…listen to jay-z hahaha lol…there will be time to redeem yourself…or just go with something different for a couple of years (or a decade) i mean you got enough cash lol

  3. Anonymous March 31, 2008

    when he realised straight to the bank, people hated it, he realised ayo technlogy around same time as kayne stronger, and at the time kayne stronger was lways being played eeverywhere, while after stronger got played the radio played ayo technolgy…

  4. Anonymous March 31, 2008


  5. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    you look handsome

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