DJ Premier Lifts Lid On New Aguilera LP

Published: Tuesday 4th Mar 2008 by Sam
DJ Premier Lifts Lid On New Aguilera LP In a recent interview with our friends over at SOHH, producer DJ Premier revealed details on Christina Aguilera’s new LP:

Currently working on projects for his label, Year Round Records, DJ Premier shared plans to head back into the studio with Christina Aguilera soon.

“I’m definitely working with her on the next album,” Premier said. “She’s doing an all pop album again, but she wants me to keep the tone like what we did before. She’s ready to start next month…She’s so cool, she’s like my little sister now.”

I’m assuming by ‘all pop’, he means something in the vein of what Christina did with the ‘Stripped’ record. A smart move IMO, as her last album, the throwback/concept LP ‘Back II Basics’, was the pits.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Luke March 4, 2008

    I thought the throwback element was awesome on the last album, at least on the first disc which is the only one I actually listened to! Kara DioGuardi penned nearly all the tracks on the first disc (and nailed every one) and there was awesome production combined with this on DJ Premier and Big Tank’s tracks in particular. I can’t wait to hear what Christina has to offer this time around I loved “Stripped” to. She’s one of those rare artists who are innovative and successful in the mainstream with it.

  2. Guadalupe March 4, 2008

    Ive gotta say i disagree with the first comment. I hated Back II Basics and one of the reasons was the production. It was all so minimal and in my view boring. I really hope she doesnt go down the same road again. I would of thought by DJ Premier’s comment that she’d be doing another album like the last. Hopefully she works with a range of producers and writers and not limit herself to a few. Without a doubt Sripped was her best album so hopefully she goes down that path.

  3. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Back To Basics was a genius album and the best of 2006, I guess people are too simple minded these days to really take hold of what she was doing with the album. I’m glad she’s working with DJ Premier again, it speaks to her talent when a hip hop producer who don’t even work with R&B singers wants to work with a pop singer. I believe she’s going for #1 hits on this next album, Stripped & Back To Basics proved her talent without a shadow of a doubt that she is our generation’s Mariah Carey. Can’t wait Christina!!!

  4. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    ^^^ Umm, Boo Boo.. Mariah Carey is this generations Mariah Carey! damn the b*tch just came out in 90-91 lol.. Christina is not on Mariah’s level, but I enjoy some of her material. I also have Back II Basics and I only like 1 song with the “throwback” feel.. All the other songs I liked were pretty up-to-date production wise. She does NOT need to go that route again..

  5. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Christina was taking folks to school with back to basics. It was a concept album folks…whens the last time you guys heard of a pop diva successfully having a album with all different genres of music that was a double disc? UH HUH..THOUGHT SO!

  6. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    yay. i did like a few tracks off “back to basics,” and i appreciated what she was trying to do w/the whole concept album idea. but overall, i was personally disappointed. can’t wait for the new one!

  7. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Back to Basics was the best crafted album of 2006.

    You let me know when Mariah can hit a note above 3 Octaves without sounding like Macy Gray, THEN we can argue about Christina and Mariah.

    Go check Adventures of Mimi DVD before you fans fire back.

    wait… don’t cuz half of the concert was pre-recorded and lip synched.

  8. King March 4, 2008

    Emancipation was amazing and I bought it. But all her performances including and following the Grammy’s have been pre-recorded at some parts.

    She sounded terrible on her tour.

  9. T March 4, 2008

    OOOK, listen if you wanna compare Mariah and Christina, MARIAH IS ONE OF THE BADDEST, compare 24 y/o Christina to 24 y/o Mariah, that’s the Mariah Carey LP, Emotions and Music Box, WHAT!!! Vision of Love, Emotions, Dremlover, Hero, I’ll be there, COME ON!!

    her voice may have withered but her talent is what it is!! Good Christina is back, B2B was a good concept but wasn’t executed that well in terms of songs i wanted to continue to here, Stripped was WAY better!!

  10. TJ March 4, 2008

    I don’t think BIIB was the pits. It was a great album. Still, it wasn’t better than Stripped. But still good. I can’t wait for the new record. Come on X-tina!!!

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