Eddie: "I Was Tricked Into Getting Mel Pregnant"

Published: Friday 14th Mar 2008 by Sam
Eddie Murphy According to The Daily Mail, actor Eddie Murphy has claimed the reason he refuses to be a part of his daughter Angel’s life is because he was ‘tricked’ into conceiving her with Spice Girl Mel B:

Although Eddie accepts that Angel is his daughter, he has said that he won’t see the little girl, because he doesn’t want to set eyes on Mel.

A source said: “He says he will have to wait until Angel is older before he can get to know her without any interference from her mother.”

Secrets behind the couple’s doomed three-month fling have been revealed in legal papers in which Eddie, 46, states that Mel allegedly asked him for a $9 million (£4.5million) house, plus living expenses for 18 years in exchange for her silence while she was pregnant.

But Eddie baulked at the demands and it is claimed he has since refused to see the baby and the Spice Girl.

What little respect I had for Eddie disappeared by the time I finished reading that. What an idiot.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Major Giggles March 14, 2008

    Not surprised if Mel B did trick him, anything to grab the media and a load of cash.

  2. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    b****** aint s*** but h*** and tricks.
    There’s a bunch of gold diggers running around trying to get pregnant for actors and ball players, i would put it past her to do somehting like that. TRINA started dating DRUG Dealers so that she could maintain her lavish lifestyle. Mel B could have done the same…spice girls aint been s*** since lord knows when

  3. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    It doesn’t matter how his daughter was conceived. He is still the father and he should act like one. In the end it’s not about the parents it’s about the child and until they both grow up, their daughter will suffer the consequences.

  4. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    Eddie, is a piece of s***… His daughter is innocent and has nothing to do with his relationship with Mel… Why should the child be punish for there fuckery.

  5. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    If he didn’t want her to be pregnant, he should have either not had s** with her, or taken responsibility for protecting himself.

  6. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    the child doesnt get punished mel b is the dumbhead and eddie did notin wrong

  7. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    Eddie is a fool! so, Mel tricked him into having unprotected s**, parading in public as a couple in front of the media. He should get an STI, how dare he take no responsibility for any of his behavior! So who’s fault was his break up with Tracy Edmonds? Im guessing she tricked him also. This man is gong nowhere but down

  8. MissOMyGoodnezz March 16, 2008

    Why is everyone forgetting that A) Eddie and MEl were dating and B) Mel has her own cash. That Spice Girl money is running long I’m sure..I highly doubt she would trick Eddie “What What In The B***” Murphy into getting her pregnant. I doubt she’s a gold digger because she has HER OWN!

  9. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    You must be a kid if you think not having your father acknowledge your existence is not a form of punishment.

  10. Daniella March 17, 2008

    Mel allegedly asked him for a $9 million house, plus living expenses for 18 years in exchange for her silence while she was pregnant.what the hell! that dont seen a little suspect to anyone? Mel was trying to come up! Especially when she secrectly got married to some other dude right after she had her baby.A far as Eddie goes, since he’s been proven to be the father of her child, he does need to step up and see his kid. what if he did agree to the house and the living expenses? that means he would have been taking care of not only his daughter, but Mel B. and her husband! that is not cool.

  11. Tramier March 18, 2008

    1st of all, y’all r b’n dumb as hell! Mel did not trick him n2 having the baby. They were an item, PUBLIC @ that. they had s**, which was obviously unprotected. so duz that sound like a trick 2 u. LOL. if nething, it shows how dumb Eddie is. he obviously had problems when he 1st found out she was pregnant, so she was the smart 1. well if u want me 2 b quiet about OUR baby, which i’m sure she was happy, she said u buy me this and that, i won’t say a word. he wasn’t down w/ dat, so she went public. i honestly believe the only reason she went public was b/c Eddie left her hangin 2 take care of da kid herself. sounds like another deadbeat dad 2 me.

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