New Song: Rihanna – ‘Take A Bow’

Published: Friday 14th Mar 2008 by Sam
Seemingly out of nowhere, the latest single from Rihanna ‘Take A Bow’ premiered this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s ‘On Air’ radio show on 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles. The mid-tempo R&B/Pop cut, from the re-release of ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ (due May 27th), is pretty much standard ‘Rihanna’ fare, so nothing groundbreaking here. Having said that, the 20 year old’s ‘studio’ vocals seem to have matured and she holds her own vocally on the track more so on this than I’ve heard before. It’ll be interesting to see if she can pull this off live….

Hit or Miss?

Now, my rant. How in the hell is she releasing another album already?! Before the stans chew me out; yes, it’s almost a year since ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ was released, but considering she’ll likely be dropping the album soon after her ongoing tour (in support of her current record), it’ll still IMO be a case of ‘Rihanna dropping an album every 5 minutes’. Not even the arguably ‘over-exposed’ Beyonce drops albums so frequently. I doubt a new Rihanna record, at this stage, will offer any real artistic growth…just more microwavable nonsense. SMH… All of this still applies…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    who said it was from her fourth album? rihanna has a four album deal with def jam, she has the damn right to release an album when she feels like doin it.

    hypin up ms backup singer to beyonce kelly rowland is not goin to make her any better from wat she is now.

    btw, the track is okay but should be released, i think LEMME GET THAT should be her next single.

  2. Anonymous March 14, 2008


    release LEMME GET THAT, take a bow is good song but not as good as lemme get that.

    MAKE THESE HATERS YOUR MOTIVATOR, u r young u have the strength and energy to release albums when u feel like. the mainstream audience loves you, keep givin them wat they want.

  3. Anonymous March 14, 2008



  4. Anonymous March 14, 2008


  5. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    i dont see why ur complaining about a new album..this song is from the rerelease from gggb and rihanna said herself she wont release an album in 2008

  6. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    beyonce or ciara need to release thier album on that same day and put that b**** in her place. she will neva debut #1.

  7. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    All the ‘artists’ mentioned in these comments should bow down to Janet. They’re all just imitators.

  8. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    @somebody mentionin ciara.

    lol, ciara could have the number one album if she wants cause rihanna already left that girl in the dust. rihanna is an INTERNATIONAL POP STAR, ciara is pure urban artist who is just a mix of janet and aaliyah.

    ciara is on her second album called evolution and she has not evolved, she still with the same thing she did on her first cd, the same dance moves, the same vocals, etc. NO EVOLUTION in ciara. rihanna has EVOLVED tremendously for 2007, if rihanna gets her vocal game up she will be up there.

    @BEYONCE, please she is busy gettin producers for a dance album like britney and rihanna, her producer said it himself that it would rival wat rihrih and brit brit are doin with dance albums. lindsay lohan also wants an album like rihanna and kylie minogue.

  9. Philly March 14, 2008

    Not many people go from the longest number 1 standing single (in the UK) in 14 years to a new album less than 12 months later.

    It’s still way WAY too soon.

  10. Anonymous March 14, 2008


  11. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    This song is cute and Rihanna sounds a little bit better vocally but honestly this s*** sounds like Irreplaceable 2.0, With You and Tattoo all together. Neyo and Stargate really need to try some new ish but I’m sure this will be another hit for Rihanna. She’s on fire right now.

  12. Lola March 14, 2008

    This is a new track from the upcoming RE-RELEASE of Good Girl Gone Bad

  13. Mateo March 14, 2008

    Go Rihanna!

  14. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    rihanna is an INTERNATIONAL POP STAR

    ….WHo doesn’t sell….

    keep up with the hype…

  15. Random J March 14, 2008

    Rihanna needs to take her own advice and “Take a bow” and go sit down.

  16. DeeDee March 14, 2008

    It’s not a mega hit, but it will grow on teens. Rihanna rules forever… Because, she CAN sing, she has the quality voice… Way the go, girl!!!

  17. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    Why is she trying to rip off Leona’s “Take a Bow” track?

  18. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    this blogger is such an asshole..

    rihanna is doing fine. she can release what she wants when she wants. what the hell kinda right do u have to “decide” when she should release an album. get over it.
    u just scared she gonna knock beyonce ass off the throne.

  19. Felecita March 14, 2008

    Trash…… Trash…… What mess is this,, like someone said Rihanna needs to take a bow and go get some vocal lessens……

    She needs to do that before her next album Please…….

  20. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    Hmm, where is Jordan Sparks when you need her…

    She got that Pop/R&B thing on lock for me right now…

    Take a break Ri, Ri star in a few movies then comeback and wow us with your growth…

  21. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    o ri….well can’t hate, she’s getting paid!

    but if she’s not careful (well looks like its happening already) people are gonna start hating on her for being in their faces way too much.

    ummmm i say get some training (singing) and a better choreographer….watch some janet/madonna (she wants to be the black madonna right??) and cop some of that charisma …. then she’ll be good

  22. auntie March 14, 2008

    funny this dumb s*** mentioned beyonce, who re-released “b’day” seven f***** times and still no one cared

    i hope chris brown calls your ass out when you interview him

  23. Anonymous March 14, 2008

    First off, please stop comparing Rihanna to Beyonce! They are two totally different artist to me. RiRi is more international pop and Beyonce is R&B/Pop. Thats why Rihanna is successful because she branched out and did something different adding her own twist. Personally I’m sick of Beyonce and shes not even the best singer! Fantasia, J Hud,Jordin,Mariah, and many more will smoke Beyonce when it comes to vocals!She is just an entertainer, nothing new on her end at all. On this new track RiRi voice has grown tremendously thats for sure, but I’m not sure if this is the best choice for her new single because she do have other bangers on there. But best wishes to her of course. Do you Rihanna and laugh at these ignorant people.

  24. OLW March 15, 2008

    first : I’m a Kelly Rowland fan and I think that it’s lways f****** bad to hat an artist because we don’t know how to defend his favorite one !


    I love what Rihanna do. Just don’t like her so much live and I think she have to work her perf !

    THIS IS A HIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a new WW hit for RIRI !
    GO GIRL AND BLOW US LIVE (because you have to make me change my mind about you)!!!!

  25. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    I like this song. “This just looks like a rerun/Please/ What else is on?” LOVE IT!!!!

  26. Nisha March 15, 2008

    Beyonce AND Rihanna are just f*cking wannabe’s Beyonce wants to be Tina Turner, Britney Spears and Shakira and Rihanna wants to be Madonna and Beyonce. None of them are original, Rihanna just can’t sing and Beyonce whines all f*cking day. I’m sorry but the only reason they are big is cos they take their clothes off….period.

  27. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    Me again…
    Ok what’s the deal with releasing another album? Now. i’m sure Mariah used to do this back in the day… Hell! can’t say i’m a big fan but instead of bitching and moaning…if you don’t like it, don’t buy it! we all have choices

  28. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Over exposure is a bad thing. She really needs to sit down for a while. If she did that, maybe she’d have a successful album. I mean, lets be honest…its a struggle for this girl to sell a million copies of an album. I know GGGB has barely gone platinum. Check the charts if you don’t believe this ish.
    And if the none of the other songs she has for the rerelease are better than this, its gonna be pointless. While you can tell she has gotten better vocally, that doesn’t change the fact that the song sucks.
    And please, comparing Rhianna to Beyonce, is like comparing Paula Abdul to Janet Jackson. One is legendary and the others secondary. It’s mad stupid. Beyonce has better vocals, better stage presence, and more charisma.

  29. PoeticJustice March 16, 2008

    Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….the Comments here are Funny as HEll…………..but anywayz I HATE the Song…………i dont like it!!! but hey wat can i say she does it for her fanz!!!!………Ciara cant sing well neither but Shes an entertainer, i get distracted by her dance moves,Rihanna on the other hand cant dance or sing……..but i do like her song lemme get that!!!!

  30. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    i like the song and she sounds really good…i think the reasons why everybody thinks she cant sing is because of the tone of her voice and her heavy accent…if it wasnt for that nobody would really have a problem with her singing…just listen to “the last time” off of her first album…the girl has a voice…just not a powerhouse one…and i dont know why people keep saying she needs to take a break…a certain singer hasnt sat her ass down in 10 years…so if rihanna or anybody else wants to release an album every year then so be it…and if everybody else can re-release their albums then so can rihanna

  31. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    I think the songs good & rihanna is hot right now…but she cant really sing live so she defo needs 2 step her game up if she wants to carry on..she cant ride the ‘umbrella’ waves her whole career! Shes basically getting by on her pretty face & by the fact that shes different from other people right now.

  32. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    beyonce sold 6 mil albums worlwide in 1 year and 5 months

    in less than a year rihanna has sold 4.4 million records worlwide, now i know why beyonce syans hate rihanna

    go rihanna, this song is a hit!

  33. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    this song will be a hit..

    only ignorant assholes cant see this.
    the song is one of her best.

    and it doesnt sound like anything she has done before. so i dont know what this unintelligent blogger is talking about “typical rihanna” this is a brand new type of song for rihanna..
    and she’s killing it.
    beautiful song

  34. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    This is not a new type of song for her. It’s the same ole ish she always does. Beyonce fans have no reason to be jealous of her, simply because 2 or 3 years from now she’ll no longer be relative. She is simply the Paula Abdul of this generation. Cute for a second, but all the copycating is not a good look.. very tiresome.
    If perhaps she got her own identity, it might help. But her obvious admiration of Beyonce shows through, and not in a good way.
    Her name won’t be on anyones lips for a while. Mariah will own the next few months, by that time Beyonce will be ready to release her cd and she’ll run it from there.

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