Bobby Valentino Leaves DTP

Published: Friday 11th Apr 2008 by Sam
Bobby Valentino Leaves DTP In a recent interview with, R&B singer Bobby Valentino confirmed that he is no longer signed with Disturbing The Peace (DTP) or the label’s distributor Def Jam. The news comes just three weeks before the digital release of his new EP ‘Come With Me’:

“The decision to leave [the label] was totally mine,” said Valentino. “I sat down with Ludacris and Chaka Zulu, and I explained to them that it was time for me to venture out on my own. They had no problem with it; they are cool with it, no beef at all.”

I’m not buying the whole ‘it was my idea’ to leave the label thing at all; they’re probably just allowing him to save face. I guess the news of LA Reid clearing house over at DTP a couple of months ago was accurate. The hunger for a record deal must be at an all-time high these days; as more and more seem to be signing to these artist-led labels, only to receive 2nd-rate treatment i.e. DTP, G-Unit, St. Lunatics etc.

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  1. Anonymous April 11, 2008


  2. k April 11, 2008

    About time they got rid of him.

  3. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    hope he invested his show money from his last album tour.

  4. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    maybe he shoulda really come out with A VALENTINO JEANS line for the ladies

  5. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    LOLOLOL @ comment above!!!

    I woulda bought dem!!

  6. jo April 11, 2008

    someone said he did bring out a jeans line….????

    sam ‘sit down’ he’s got amazing talent and can sing live ..unlike alot of these so called rnb singers…unfortunately the publicity was crappp and we all know bad management and bad publicity means u tank…..where as good publicity and good management = rhianna lol

  7. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    You’re right not to buy it. The talentless midget played a show-case for the head of Def Jam in NY; he was his usual dreadful, unmusical self and was instantly dropped. The guys at Def Jam realised that they had signed a turkey.

    It probably didn’t help that he had stolen the name from a fabulous UK singer,songwriter and violinist.

    Check out

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