New Song: Mariah Carey – ‘Heat’

Published: Friday 11th Apr 2008 by Sam
As the release of Mariah Carey’s much-hyped ‘E=MC²’ album draws nearer, ‘Heat’ – a bonus track from the Japanese edition of the LP -has surfaced. Check it out:

Though this produced cut is far from being Mariah’s best effort – I’m really liking it for what it is – light, tongue-in-cheek, with enough hooks to have you humming along before it ends. I chose to interpret the song’s ‘I will hunt you down-esque’ lyrics comically; I mean she can’t really be serious, can she? LOL…

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous April 11, 2008


  2. Anonymous April 11, 2008



  3. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    It’s hot tamale!!!

  4. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    I agree with Sam this is a tongue and cheek song were Mariah is showing her fun side I don’t believe she was serious she seems more care free on this record which says a lot about spirit this time around love what you do or leave it alone.

  5. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    Mariah sounds great, but the music is horrible!!

    This would be a hit if Will.I.AM had taken this serious. It’s obviously the producer’s fault that this track is ugly!!

    I don’t think Mariah will be chosing to work with William anymore, HAHA!!

  6. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    There’s another Mariah Bonus Track on YouTube called “4Real”

    Go check it out … it’s 10 times better and sounds like an actual Mariah record, unlike the Crap that Will.I.Am destroyed!!!

  7. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    that was terrible

  8. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    OMG I love Mimi! She brought the house down when I saw her in concert. She so needs to duet with Eric Solomon. He’s my favourite, you guys should totally check him out:

  9. k April 11, 2008

    I love this song!

  10. jonnyhco April 11, 2008

    you know what maybe i am the only one to speak up about it.but i really like this blog but who is incontrol of this page.Mariah cant must be from the uk.who are you to judge talent.all you do is pass judgement on all of the people on your page.incase you didnt know mariah is one of the top artist in the world.who are sick of bloggers trying to be are not perez and no where near it.and if that’s all your gonna do is trash artist all day than i have no reason to come on this page anymore.there are millions of blogs just like this where they offer they same’ol just like this one.

  11. DeeDee April 12, 2008

    Johnny, shut ur stankin ass mouth. This is Sam’s page and it’s his views that will be put out. Who the hell are YOU, to come on here and start running your mouth. Like the many many others who I’m sure come here, part of What makes Grape Juice one of the best out there is that they aint on sum Perez’s entertaining, while informing. When has your dumb ass ever come on here (I’ve been a reader for over 6months)and seen Celebs blatantly lied about or cursed out like on some of the trash gossip sites like Media Takeout? That’s right never. GO SIT DOWN U ASS!

    Sam, keep doing what you do. Love me some Grape Juice!!!

  12. Anonymous April 12, 2008

    Oh Jonny please STFU i’m from the UK and what you trying to say we don’t have talent you moron!! Mariah can sing if you don’t like her that’s up to you you probably think Cassie’s non singing ass is the bomb once again moron!! and hey I suppose you think Leona Lewis can’t sing either and she’s from the UK, if you don’t like this site step the F off, moron!!!

    Back to the subject this song ain’t on her album so i ain’t listening to it i don’t want to be pissed like i was when she released Don’t Forget About Us that’s my song but a re-release pisses me off

  13. Anonymous April 13, 2008

    this song is bitching – it rocks!

    “what makes you think you fly enough to take my man?”


  14. dexter April 14, 2008

    word word word !
    this is da s*** man !
    i wish they also had a backstage channel like this one here.
    so we could also see them on this blog n`s*** u know.
    check it out:

    peace !

  15. Anonymous April 18, 2008

    -Member = Ash-

    I can’t believe you’re sugesting this isn’t ‘that’ good it’s only the best song on the album!! by far then side effects she’s mad to not have added it. go re-listen it’s the best I’ve heard from her in ages!


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