Cast of Girlfriends Sue The CW

Published: Saturday 5th Apr 2008 by Sam
Cast of Girlfriends Sue The CW Following the abrupt axing of popular CW show Girlfriends a few months, the show’s stars have decided to sue the network for not honoring their contracts and refusing to pay them the money they’re due. Check out the report by our friend Jawn Murray over at AOL Black Voices:

The CW apparently only offered to pay the actors half of their episodic salary to shoot the makeshift finale, thus the stars collectively opted not to participate.

In addition, several people close to the show tell me that The CW refuses to honor the contracts of the principal cast members and does not intend to pay the actors for the nine episodes that will not be taped.

Now the show stars have hired a litigator who will file a joint lawsuit on behalf of the talent, suing the network for the money they are due.

“The network told them point blank, ‘Sue us!’ After using this show to help build its name, The CW has turned their back on them and disrespected them in the most horrible way,” said someone associated with the show, who spoke under the condition of anonymity. {Click here to read more}

Without even considering the fact that the show was one of the network’s flagship offerings, treating anyone as such is not a good look. I’m glad to see the cast standing up against such nonsense.

Any thoughts?

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  1. tia April 5, 2008

    i am sooo glad they are sueing…i mean the cw is axing all of the black shows and putting on this b*******….i was sooo through wit the cw when they took away “all of us” s*** even veronica mars was my s*** and they got rid of her too,i am sooo not happy about it,and then they dont even give us a good finale,uh uh we aint having it…

  2. T April 5, 2008

    CW f***** up, i mean this show without Toni was boring but the history it had, the longevity, isn’t it, if not the longest, one of the longest black sitcoms ever?? and veronica mars and gilmore girls, DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE CANCELING OF THEM, I DON’T BANG WITH CW, I CATCH EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS THO, LOVE THAT SHOW!

  3. Joseph April 6, 2008

    You guys need to realize that Gilmore Girls wasn’t cancelled, the lead actress’ didn’t want to return, so that wasn’t The CW’s fault. But I do blame them for being so disrespectful to Girlfriends. I personally don’t watch it, but it shouldn’t be treated this way. I like some of the programming on The CW, but honestly, the network isn’t all that great.

  4. David April 6, 2008

    Jill Marie Jones got out just in time! She already knew what was up when she left.

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