Mary J. Blige – ‘Stay Down’ Video

Published: Thursday 17th Apr 2008 by Sam

After months of next-to-no word on the status of Mary J. Blige’s ‘Growing Pains’ project, the video for the album’s 2nd single, ‘Stay Down’, premiered today. While the song is a personal favourite, I can not defend this mess of a video. The cheap, uninspired vid, which was directed by Hype Williams, has me thinking the budget for the whole project must be drying up fast. Odd, considering she’s only released one single from the record prior to this. On a more positive note, Mary looked great.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Jelena April 17, 2008

    as i said b4…this song is OK, nothing more than just OK, not single worthy AT ALL, there are MUCH better songs on the album such as roses and nowhere fast, fade away etc… but this one is at the bottom of my list…
    even though the vid is kinda boring, mary is lookin GREAT, as usual…but mary…the winter is O-V-E-R :):) u shoulda done a nice spring video instead 😉

  2. k April 17, 2008

    The video is beautiful and I love the song, one of faves off the album.

  3. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    BORING!! this video sucks..MJB needs to step up her vid game, last few vid’s she’s made have been s***, she fronts her s*** too much in her vids. We get it u love urself some you but girl needs to add some story or flavor to add something to the song. Its too predictable with her, she needs to choose better directors and or story tellers to convey the message of her songs. This vid is just like enough cryin’ and so many of her other boring videos (Ride, Everything etc).
    Mary’ all frontin with nothin to bak her s*** up with but some whack lyrics and a decent played out hook. The woman needs a break to return with another breakthrough, she gettin tired and whack!

  4. Stein April 17, 2008

    Still love the song and I’m glad it’s here next single.

    The video reminds me of the landscape shots she did in ‘Everything’. Beautiful.

  5. Anonymous April 17, 2008


    Stay down as in stay in antarctica!? ROFLMAO That is well ugly!

    I love this song, and she ruined the song by this vid ^^.

  6. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    i love mary and she looks beautiful in here.


    the vid is kinda boring (which isnt all her fault but the directors fault too.) but why everytime she sing “Stay down” it flashed to the ice. anyone else notice that?

  7. Skittles25 April 17, 2008

    This song is hott!! The video is okay, kinda mellow, yet flawless at the same time. I still would give it about a 7 on scale 1-10. Plus Mary is hott!!! Its alot better than the long, boring “I remember” video by Key-LoLo… I still say its hott!!!

  8. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    I like the song and all But I have to agree the video is completely underwhelming. I mean what does standing on a glacier in different wigs and fur coats alone have to do with the song at all. I would have preferred a simple story video

  9. JustCuz April 17, 2008

    Ugh the video sucks. Hype williams did this and it looks almost exactly like the ‘So Sick’ video he did for Ne-Yo. The wardrobe look is boring and typical Mary and the song is whatever. She needs to come harder than this mess.

  10. TJ April 17, 2008

    Why it take her soooo long to make another video? I guess she was too intimidated by Janet and Mariah…. Anyways the video is blah. Typical Mary video just like “Everything” back in ’97. Love the song, but the video sucks!!!

  11. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    I like the song but the video was boring. A man(eye candy) should have been in the video with her.

  12. Robbie April 17, 2008

    I love Love love Mary, but this video is a mess, she couldve tried harder. What is hype up to these days, does he think his name alone carries a video? Mary needs to get with the season and take off those minks and furs, and that Gelled down do is horrible!! I love mary and this song but couldve waited for something better. Did she forget how long its been since we got Just fine? and that one had to grow on me but this one looks too similar to we ride for my taste

  13. jjlova06 April 17, 2008

    Love Mary, but the video sucks and its not winter anymore so I don’t know what she’s doing with that. Hype needs his ass whooped and she needs hers whooped too for allowing it.

  14. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Is there anyone with a mind of their OWN on this site? EVERYONE is copying off what someone else is saying. NONE of you broke bastards can afford nor make a video, period! Let alone critcize a LIVING LEGEND! This is the BEST video out and it will be played in heavy rotation by IMPORTANT people, not a bunch of broke n****** who hate on their own kind.

  15. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    lol at the post above me, i know thats right, mary is a living legend the queen of fashion, no one does it like mary, not even offkeyshia coles lollool……

  16. Philly April 18, 2008

    At least there was no borders that Hype loves so much.

  17. Anonymous April 18, 2008

    EVERYone has there own mind and this video it is what it is BORING!!! why the f*** do you think everyone thinks this s*** is whack! Cuz its the same ol tired out lazy ass MJB jus cuz she sold 2 mill and she knows she aint sellin no more she aint goin try cuz she knows her s*** is whacked up recycled beats from the Breakthrough. Atleast she could’ve tried with this video (some story line/mini movie). instead she goes off and does the most predictable s*** shes capable of, and people are tired of it! I like MJB but she seriously needs to step her game up and s*** on her wannabes such as KC like mariah is doin to leona. MJB is a LEGEND and she needs to live up to her status dont let no fake asses take her shine and why’d it take her so long to release a next single she needs to fire her manager and stop working with HYPE, he tired and played out trynna bring the 90’s back, it aint happenin!

  18. Anonymous April 19, 2008

    No sir. That song is terrible, if you minimize the video and just listen to the voice you cannot tell that it is a woman singing. Gross.

  19. caprikorn313 April 20, 2008

    I feel like Ive seen this Video from Mary before….just a different song, costuming choices, season.

  20. brick yard 5 star January 31, 2010

    i think i love it

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