‘The Relativity Of Mariah’ Performances

Published: Thursday 17th Apr 2008 by Sam
With ‘Mariah Week’ in full swing, the diva’s BET special ‘The Relativity of Mariah’ (taped back in March) aired today. Check out performances of ‘Migrate / Touch My Body’, ‘Love Story / Shake It Off’ and ‘We Belong Together’ below:

Migrate / Touch My Body

Love Story / Shake It Off

We Belong Together

Wow! She sounded great. Watching this kinda has me thinking she either had a few extra days “vocal rest” or that she’s only capable of delivering live vocals like that in front of her fans. Whatever the case, the performances were on-point. More of this, please.

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    I Luv her!!! She’s wonderful…i really enjoyed her performances of Love Story n We Belong Together…

  2. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    You know what amazes me…Mariah Carey may not be consistent (meaning, she has an average performance every now and then), but when she is on point, SHE IS ON POINT!!!

    She can sing circles around the female artist out today, and people may not realize, but some of the full-voiced higher notes that she’s hitting in Love Story, and even Touch My Body or Migrate are unbelievable (most girls can’t hit the notes above a HIGH C, and here is Mariah hitting a freakin’ HIGH E in Touch My Body).

    WOW, That’s all I can say.
    She is phenomenal!! The little girls singing at the beginning of Love Story are so cute. That song on the actual album is HOTT!!! The entire E=MC2 album has really grown on me, I even think it’s one of Mariah greatest works!!! WOW!!

  3. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    love mariah performance she always shines on BET and the crowd are amazing I wish I was there ya e=mc2 is hot album love migrate tpain is the bomb on that track

  4. ASHANTI IS KILLIN DEM H*** April 17, 2008


  5. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Wow she nailed it

  6. K April 17, 2008


  7. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    ^ Nah, the others may have been but these performances were the real deal…

  8. Anonymous April 18, 2008

    STOP PROMOTING HER??? i think you need to go lick up ashanti’s crack! Mariah is the only chick in the game killin all these h**’s. Ashanti’s gonna flop like always she faded. no one give’s a s*** bout her and her song aint the business like some people are frontin it is. Mariah is killin the charts lookin fyne and soundin on point! she deserves all the damn promotion not that she needs it, shes just that good and there aint no one else worth praisin at the moment. Its Mariah’s time and let her get her shine hater! Mary’s new video is stank and Ashanti’s song aint doin nothin for nobody and Keshia is jus ownin the urban market as usual. Mariah is runnin every market every demographic, she’s takin the world like its 1995. So get your shanti cracked out mind out of the gutter and go buy E=MC2 and tell your shanti to go learn the real business of a DIVA. She’s all frontin on that cover it looks like a used up mariah/beyonce pose that they threw out.

  9. Anonymous April 18, 2008

    the performances were aight; just always have a problem with BET and how they cut off the songs at the end. who was the queen backing her up on stage; can u say a little too over-excited? the dancers looked like somethin out of a mental hospital. i didnt quite understand the sunglasses but i was sooo glad when she gave em away. MARIAH ROCKS

  10. AnGeL April 18, 2008

    two thumbs up to anonymous 5.59AM…..

  11. Anonymous April 19, 2008

    She was actually sick when she did this. She had the cold and was talking about it when she was calling in to radio stations at that time (mid March).
    She is way more comfortable in front of her fans and also, since this was pre-recorded, if she messed up, she could just re-do it.

  12. Anonymous April 21, 2008

    hmm well she can sing but she no longer appeals to me like that.. her songs although very well sung are just boring.. goo RIHANNA lol that the it girl right there lol

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